About Zach


 My name is Zach Bye and I am currently a freelance blogger.  I first started writing publicly at Hudson Valley Community College in 2006 for the student newspaper ‘The Hudsonian’.  I then transferred to the College of Saint Rose in Albany New York to pursue a degree in Public Communications.  There I hosted a on-campus radio show ‘Golden Knight Athletics’.  At that time I also began working side by side with sports reporter/anchor Rodger Wyland from  the Albany affiliate of NBC, WNYT channel 13.  From there I pursued radio through FoxSports 980am as a sidekick to Rodger on the morning show ‘Big Board Sports’.  My next endeavor began in the fall of 2010 when my first submitted ‘Quick Take’ was published in the sports section of the Albany Times Union.  I continue to get published roughly once a week.  Currently, I serve as a sports-talk alternate on ESPN radio’s Albany affiliate (104.5 fm ‘The Team’) for both “Sound off with Sinkoff” (Hosted by Brian Sinkoff) and “The Noe Show” (Hosted by Brian Noe).

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