Very ‘Mets’ of Him

What in the blue hell was New York Mets principal owner Fred Wilpon thinking when he went on record in an interview and blasted his own players?  First of all, the article by the New Yorker was supposed to detail Wilpon’s own underdog story, not current Mets players, but I guess ‘ol Freddy had other plans.  I’m confused as to why he would put himself in this position, especially with the critics glaring spotlight already being shined on the Mets and Wilpon for being an investor in Bernard Madoff ‘s Ponzi scheme.  What was the point of throwing your own players under the bus?  To motivate?  To just be heard?  Wilpon came at his shortstop Jose Reyes saying he won’t get a large ‘Carl Crawford’ type of contract because “he’s had everything wrong with him.”  (In a year when Jose Reyes is on pace to have one of the best seasons of his career in terms of hits, batting average and slugging percentage no less).  Here Jose Reyes is not only healthy, but contributing, and he has to hear his very owner saying this.  What’s the upside?  I can’t think of one.  I’ve heard a reputable sports commentator saying he loved the honesty from Wilpon.  Honest?  Maybe.  Pointless?  Certainly.  You would think an owner of a Major League franchise trying to pick up the pieces from misguided decision-making would think a bit harder before making statements that he knows will turn into a national story.


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