Bad Bynum

When I first heard play-by-play caller Mike Tirico refer to Andrew Bynum’s flagrant foul on JJ Barea as “One of the biggest bush league things I’ve ever seen” I thought he was using hyperbole for effect.  After watching the replays over and over, I stand corrected.  Bynum was handed a 5 game suspension, with a steep fine of over a half million bucks (Partly because he went G-unit and yanked his shirt off in front of the sold out crowd in case there was any doubt that “yea, I just did that”).  But on Tuesday I heard it being discussed on national radio how this was the way the NBA used to be.  The glory days.  The days when Bill Laimbeer would truck stick you because you even thought about coming in the lane, Rick Mahorn would sharpen his elbows and Kevin McHale tried decapitating Kurt Rambis.  I heard phrases like, “This was par for the course” when referring to Bynum’s foul in connection with the 70’s and 80’s.  I’m struggling to understand rationalizing Bynum’s foul.  You can plug what Bynum did into any era and it’s a flagrant foul.  The game used to be rougher?  Tougher?  Ok…and?  Those reckless plays from the hard-nosed legends I named were equally flagrant then as they are now.  None of it has anything to do with basketball.  If that happens at the local park, expect fireworks.  And furthermore, the league is lucky that Dallas isn’t a short fused team because that could have gotten ugly.  Barea’s teammates stood around like, “Damn, that looked like it hurt.”  You commit a foul like that on a teammate of KG, Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, Kenyon Martin, or a handful of others and David Stern’s playing Dr. Damage Control.  At the end of the day Bynum made a horrendous decision that literally brought zero positives to the table.  The worst part for me is I went back and looked at his other flagrant fouls and they all look similar.  Forearm extended, intentional shiver, no play on the ball.  Check out the 3 videos below.  Deja Vu for Bynum.


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