Digging a Hole

The Boston Celtics have dug themselves into a deep hole, and the Miami Heat may finish the job by burying them alive.  Boston, now down 0-2 in the best of seven series, showed serious signs on decay of what they once were on Tuesday night in South Beach.  I’ve heard the reaction from several analysts after game 2 pointing to Boston’s age factor, no ‘pep in their step’, or a lack of stamina in keeping up with Miami.  Of any descriptive label I could throw at Boston, it would be their lack of competitiveness thus far.  This, over anything else, to me is the most shocking.  I became used to Boston being that team that would refuse to give in, back down, or go away.  The team that you would have to over-kill just to make sure they were dead.  Instead, after two games Boston now looks like the team who’s shying away from a fight because they’re scared to get punched in the mouth.  Where was Paul Pierce?  After the double technical and ejection in game one, I would have bet my life savings that ‘The Truth’ would come out swinging.  Instead Inglewood’s finest came out… to lay down.  Pierce shot 0-5 in the second quarter and somehow attempted only four shots in the entire second half!  Four?  Where’s the aggressive and assertive nature we’ve grown accustomed to?  If you’re going to bark, you better bite.  And if Pierce is going to lay an egg, Boston certainly can’t afford to have Ray Allen take two 3-pointers in 34 minutes of play.  That being said, Miami had a lot to do with Boston’s struggles.  The Heat’s committment to team defense was popping out of the television.  Fighting through screens, communicating, and just an overall ‘togetherness’ was apparent.  On the other end of the floor, King James was earning his nicknames.  In the second half LBJ made 9 of 13 shots.  When ‘Bron is shooting 70% in the second half of a semifinal playoff game, you’re in trouble.  Like a headlining actor, LeBron stole the show.  James and D-Wade were literally one point shy of outscoring the entire Celtics starting lineup.  I’ve been of the belief that the Heat need at least one of the two most important positions on the floor in order to win a championship, that being a point guard or center.  They lack both, but somehow they’re still getting it done against a proven winner in Boston.  Maybe the Heat don’t need a PG or a Big.  Maybe being stacked at every other position will be good enough (like Jordan’s Bulls).  I’m not yet completely counting out Boston though.  If they go back home, take care of business, and let Miami’s old nightmares of close-game losses creep back into their frontal lobe, who knows what can happen?  Of course for that to take place, Boston will first need to get up off the mat before the ref counts to ten. 


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  1. Dennis says:

    And LA???????????

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