Got Em’

What a way to start a week.  I was laying in bed on Sunday night, kicking around ideas on whether I should highlight the fact that Russell Westbrook needs to fall back a bit on offense and remember that he has a top five player in the league on his team or talk about Zach Randolph’s all out takeover of the NBA playoffs.  These, and pretty much every other story, takes a back burner to the news of Osama bin Laden getting popped in Pakistan.  After ten years we finally got the slippery scumbag.  Are Navy SEALs not the baddest dudes on the planet?  I really don’t think there’s another line of work that’s even close.  I can think back 10 years ago, seeing the destruction on Sept. 11th followed by those home videos bin Laden would release of him sitting smug in a cave waving his finger, basically saying “I told you so.”  The hate we all felt has probably been a bit diluted over the years, but he’s always been in the back of my mind.  Think about the level of disdain we had for this man; In the entire planet, what other human being’s death could make you genuinely smile, fist pump, and cause the masses to break out in chants of jubilation?!?  You know you’re a scumbag when people chest bump over the news of your death.  I know this will sound a bit extreme, or morbid, but for years I was hoping that when we did find Osama, we would shoot him in the face.  I guess the Navy SEALs and I were on the same page.  The epic scene of the news hitting the Sunday Night Baseball crowd in Philadelphia, where the murmurs turned into cheers, evolving into a classic U-S-A chant, instantly gave me goosebumps.  And if that doesn’t make your hair stand up, we are not the same.

Check out this video of people going wild at the White House, Times Square, and Ground Zero over bin Laden’s death.  Like I said above, you know if this many people are getting off from the thought of you being dead, you probably should have been a better person.

Where was the officer from ‘The Hangover’ when bin Laden had his eye invaded by a Navy SEAL bullet?  I wish he was right next to Usama giving one of his classic lines like the one below…


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