The Gamble

Within the last few years I’ve gained interest in sports betting.  Nothing crazy in terms of the amount of money wagered, as I usually get a similar thrill betting 10 or 20 bucks as others would from betting 100.  Having constant interest throughout the games, a reliable tip or just a heavy hunch are usually my reasons for laying down hard-earned cash.  Over the last few years I’ve picked up hints or tendencies in line movements, and correlations with certain teams and sports.  A good example would be the NBA’s Boston Celtics playing the second night of a back-to-back.  The C’s have one of the oldest starting lineups in the league, so while they won 56 of their 82 regular season games, 12 of their 26 losses came in the second game of those back to backs.  That’s a huge percentage, so you learn to stay away or play off of it.  Another interesting example of betting trends came in late February the night after Melo was traded to the Knicks.  The Nuggets were scheduled to play the Grizzlies, and you could see all of the general public’s money was being tossed on Memphis.  Usually with so much money being tossed on one team, Vegas’s line of points given will adjust accordingly.  But for some reason, the points stayed the exact same.  You knew something was up.  Vegas had a good idea that the Nuggets were going to come out strong with a point to prove, much like the passionate Cleveland Cavaliers team stormed out of the gate without LeBron at the start of the season winning four of their first seven games.  So when my buddy said “Hey, lets load up on Memphis tonight,” I knew better.  Sure enough, the Nuggets played with a huge chip on their shoulder and pounded Memphis.  Vegas is good…No, Vegas is great at what they do.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times, in the last three years, the over/under and spreads have hit by half points and single points.  Just this past Friday night I bet the Spurs/Grizzlies over.  I bet that the two teams combined score would be less than 189.  The combined final score: 190.  Meaningless foul shots, field goals, and solo home runs in the 9th inning of a blow out are all critical to Vegas (and me).  So when I watched CBS’s flagship show 60 minutes this past Sunday highlighting a notorious sports gambler in Vegas named Billy Walter, I was sucked in.  Odd’s makers literally call him the most feared man in Vegas sports betting history.  Dude can’t even make bets with most of the book keepers in town because he’ll bend the house over.  Walter has never had a losing year and bets over a million dollars on games depending on the day.  Instead of making decisions based on the Vegas lines like you or I, Billy Walter makes his own lines, and Vegas will then adjust to Billy.  I posted the video below that will blow your mind just how big this is.  His home command center, his 18-man crew with code names that have all never met one another, and his 20 million dollar jet are all fascinating.  Besides the known fact that 60 minutes can make any subject seem interesting, I know you’ll love this video just because.


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