Roy G.

I was leaving my apartment during Dallas’ comfortable 23 point fourth quarter lead in game 4 on Saturday afternoon and thought nothing of it.  The game was over, right?  And even if it wasn’t over the last dude that would come save the day was Brandon Roy, right?  It was merely 96 hours before that game when Roy was literally about to cry on the bench during a game where he registered a whopping eight minutes of playing time, had zero points, zero rebounds, zero assists and a turnover.  This is coming from Portland’s golden boy who averaged over 20 points a game for the two seasons before this one.  But of course double knee surgeries make for a steep fall from grace.  But Saturday B. Roy rose from the ashes like a Phoenix and absolutely Sargent Slaughtered the Mavs down the stretch.  Meanwhile, I was in my car singing outloud to some old Beatles track, unknowingly missing out on history.  So here for you…but more for me, are the condensed highlights of the Brandon Roy’s Magical Mystery Tour fourth quarter performance to tie the best of seven series 2-2. 

In an age when as soon as the horn goes off these players have camera’s and microphones in your face, you capture some raw emotion.  This interview below with Brandon Roy has all of that.  You can see it and hear it in his voice how happy and possibly surprised he is.  Check out his teammates and how happy they are for him.  That’s all I need to see actually.  You can really judge someone’s character when the other 11 guys who spend 200 days a year together, and want personal success of there own…the kind that Roy just had, are as happy for him as they were.  My junior college coach Andre Cook used to say how much he loved when good things happen to good people.  Here’s a guy who’s past year has been a living hell, and to play at that high of a level again is a story we all can love (minus fans of the Mavs).


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