First of a Few

Amare Stoudemire did just about everything in his power to put the Knicks over the Celtics Sunday.  And if it wasn’t for that pesky ‘Greatest shooter of all time’ Ray Allen, it would have been enough.  For most of the game Amare was the best player on the floor for either team.  Dude was hitting his jumpers, blocking shots and hitting the glass.  There were several moments where he literally made me say out loud: “Whoa”.  His ferocious driving dunk in traffic over Jermaine O’Neal in the fourth quarter has to be the top play in the early stages of these playoffs.  His play served as a reminder of just how good he can be when he’s active.  I just hope the rest of his Knicks teammates took notice for their own sake.  Down the stretch, when the ball wasn’t in his hands, is when New York went wrong.  STAT was in complete control of that game and why he wouldn’t continue to get spoon fed the ball is beyond me.  You could point at several different sources for blame, but the bottom line is it didn’t get done.  In the final minute and a half of the game, Melo went 0-2 and had two turnovers.  Granted, for as many times at that happens I’m sure Melo will win you nearly the same amount of games, but it was a rough time to have a lapse in judgment to not feed the hot handed Amare.  You have to imagine if Melo was having the kind of day Stoudemire was having, he’d be demanding the rock in crunch time.  Why isn’t that the case for Amare?  Billups and Anthony combined to shoot 8 for 29 from the floor and Melo was a dismal 1-10 in the second half.  Meanwhile, all five starters for Boston were in double figures.  And of course Ray Ray hits another game winner.  I’m not sure why we have a tendency to write guys off when they get into their 30’s but Ray is still killing kids at age 35.  “Mr. Shuttlesworth” doesn’t rely on his athleticism to maintain success, but rather his fundamentals.  That same silky stroke still nets him over 16 ppg and just won a playoff game for Beantown.  Both squads were extremely competitive Sunday and I can’t envision either side backing down.  I’m looking forward to round two between Amare and KG as they’ll chew it out like two Doberman’s inside the pit they call the paint.   I hope you packed a lunch, because we may be here for a while.  I can’t see this series going any less than six games and more likely seven.

Even though the Knicks lost, Amare’s move on KG and dunk over Jermain O’Neal deserves a second look…So here she be:


4 Responses to First of a Few

  1. Anonymous says:

    Gasoft is going to turn back into Gasol tonight. I look for a serious beatdown at Staples. And I agree with james, fish can hit a big shot on offense but his defense is horrible. He switches every time on the pick and roll and then leaves Gasol out to dry, even when there’s a quick chance for him to switch back.

  2. ByesLine says:

    Hey Nate, thanks for checking in. The Lakers did lose, thats true. They were outplayed, and had zero sense of urgency. While thats the negative, its also the positive because when the Lakers are plugged in, I don’t think anyone, let alone the Hornets can beat them. Aaron Brooks roasted Fisher a few years back, and so did Russell Westbrook last year….He cant stay in front, but the Lakers team D gets it done. (And I dont think Aaron Gray will continue to an effect judging on how he was grasping that ankle.) They’res nothing different about this team that won it last year, and the year before, and was in it the year before that. I just think that we’ll see the same result as we have been. CP3 will still play great Im sure, he’s one of the best PG’s in the league…but as I was saying in the last post, my favorite part of the the NBA setup is that the best team of the two will win because you have to do it for four games. You cant fluke four wins in two weeks. The Hornets in my opinion don’t have what it takes to do something that big.

    • James says:

      My fix: put Shannon Brown on CP3 near the end of the game. Heck even the few possessions Kobe guarded Paul, he did far better than Fisher. Fisher is fine on D against the J Kidds and Andre Millers of the playoffs, but throw a super athletic PG like Paul, Westbrook, or Lawson at him and he will get eaten alive every time.
      That said, even if Phil continues to leave DFish in down the stretch, I don’t see the Hornets winning any more than one more game against the Lakers. LA’s biggest problem in game 1 was a soft Gasol, but his vacillations between white swan Pau and black swan Pau aren’t new, particularly in the playoffs. My guess is that. just as he has done for the last two years, he follows a lackluster performance with a few straight 25 and 10s.

  3. Nate says:

    Byesline, Love the take on Knicks/Celts series, but what I really want is to hear something from you about your Lakers. You bleed purple and gold and both your blog and twitter are strangely silent on the matter. Kobe was Kobe but what happened to Gasol? He was outplayed by Aaron Gray! And what about Derek Fisher? He played like Jimmer… on defense. Are you at all worried that CP3 will continue to put up 30 and 10+ dimes with Fisher “guarding” him?

    Even if I can’t get a full blog post on the matter, can I at least get a comment reply from you with your take on the Lakers game?

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