I want to comment on a conversation I heard on my way into work Wednesday and again on my lunch break.  The good folks on sports talk radio, both nationally and locally, were talking about the college basketball coaches poll and the lone vote that wasn’t cast in favor of UConn being the nation’s top team.  The conversation is ridiculous on a couple of levels.  First, the fact that Northern Arizona coach Mike Adras is in a position to vote for UConn as the nation’s top team or not is unproductive.  A coaches poll after the season?  For what?  For who?  I’m still struggling to understand the purpose of the poll, because I was under the impression we just had a 68 team tournament to decide the national champion.  Why would it matter to anyone where  a coach thinks that a particular team ranks after the national championship?  Secondly, why is there only 31 votes?  Who are these 31 coaches, and why is the coach at Northern Arizona one of them?  I’m of the belief that a post-season poll fundamentally contradicts the March Madness format.  The time for people’s opinions of who’s better than who is up.  There’s a concrete system in place.  We call it a playoff.  The Northern Arizona coach had Ohio State as “his” number 1 team in the country because of their “body of work throught the season.”  Really?  Why not just crown a regular season champ and call it a season then?  Whether you think O-State would have beat Kentucky in a seven game series or not is taking your imagination too far.  They didn’t, end of discussion.  Whoever is dealing with hypotheticals, please go play a video game where you can control the circumstances and results of your ‘reality’.  Al Gore didn’t win the 2000 election, 2012 isn’t our last year of existence and the Buckeyes didn’t even reach the Elite Eight.  Yes, having people vote on a post-season poll makes sense for college football.  But the fact that it even makes sense proves (at least to me) that there is something wrong with the college football/BCS format of crowning a champion.  What this entire conversation also shows me is that no matter what, people will never be happy.  Certain groups and personalities will always be picking and prodding, no matter how good of a concept or result we have, in this case the NCAA tournament.  The question: “Is this the best way to crown a national champion?” is tired.  So give it a much needed rest.


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