Creature of Hype?

I usually take all the views of radio and television hosts in stride.  After all, you’ll never find a host whose views are perfectly in line  with yours, and if you do, that show probably sucks and you’ll hate it shortly.  For example, someone like Skip Bayless is supposed to make your blood boil.  Executives that are smarter than you and I know this well.  So when I was in the car the other day and heard my favorite show host, Colin Cowherd, absolutely killing Jimmer Fredette, I uncharacteristically wanted to reach through the speaker and claw his eyeballs.  I couldn’t help it.  The idea of Jimmer getting slammed doesn’t bother me one bit, but it was actually Cowherd’s empty statements that set me off.  According to ‘The Herd’, it was Jimmer’s unique name that was a major factor in receiving all his praise.  Cowherd also claimed that all the love Fredette was shown was attributed to the lack of one dominant team in the tournament and subsequently the media needed a feel-good story to cover.  One of the characteristics that makes me a fan of Cowherd is also one of my biggest knocks against him: his idea that everything is black and white.  Only speaking in absolutes.  No gray areas.  This or that.  Period.  But in life, as we know, this isn’t always the case.  I understand Cowherd has to take a position, and he took it.  Fine.   But it wasn’t only Cowherd verbally mauling Jimmer.  Rick Reilly (Another one of my favorites for 10 years running) took to blasting Fredette as well in his article entitiled ‘Jimmer gets Dimmer’:  “So that’s the end of Jimmermania.  Saw it for myself.  Caught the closing act.  Not impressed.”  Now these are both men I respect and admire, but we couldn’t be further apart on this issue.  First of all, forget the NBA talk just for a second.  Not impressed by Jimmer?  Media creation?  Do these guys even watch the games?  Did the media create Jimmer’s ball handling?  The way he creates space?  Did it give him a helping hand when he put 49 on Arizona?  37 on Florida?  43 on SDSU?  52 on New Mexico?  No matter who you are, if you score over 1,000 points, in one season for a top 25 team in the countrym I don’t care if your name is Jimmer or Joe, you deserve every bit of glory.  Shouldn’t leading the nation in scoring on that ranked team disqualify you from ever being called a gimmick?  To say he was a product of a clever name is damn near asinine.  Last time I checked ‘Kemba’ or ‘Kyrie’ aren’t run of the mill names either.  Did those names also contribute to their stardome?  Why Jimmer?  Since that media “needed a feel good story”, did they plant their seed in the fall when Jimmer was voted as a pre-season All American?  Or after the regular season when Jimmer lead the voting for first team of All-Americans?  Can you imagine what BYU would look like without Fredette?  Probably similar to UConn without Kemba.  Instead of highlighting what he didn’t do against Florida, think about why that sweet 16 game ever went into overtime in the first place?!?  Not one other player from BYU was in double figures.  This man scored 98 points in three NCAA tournament games, and the moment the Cougers lose, these guys crap on him?  Pretty shallow if you ask me.  As far as the NBA goes, we’ll really just have to wait and see.  Not Rick Reilly, you, or I have any idea who will last in the league and who won’t (The examples of this are endless).  But Doug Gottlieb asked something very interesting on Mike and Mike this past week.  Why aren’t we asking if Kemba Walker’s game will translate to the NBA?  Harrison Barnes?  Why do we only compare white players with other white players?  I thought it was a great question that takes courage to ask on national radio.  The white to white comparison is clearly unfair.  Forget the skin, the hair, the religion, and the comparisons.  If we judge Jimmer impartially on his basketball resume alone, it’s impossible to not come out with a favorable ruling.  Plain and simple. 


OK, so I had to throw this video up here.  Shannon Brown is allergic to gravity…


7 Responses to Creature of Hype?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t stan Cowherd, he’s a blowhard know-it-all who loves to hear himself talk. He spouts nonsense with made up statistics or totally irrelevant arguments, like the one above about Jimmer’s name.
    As for Reilly, he’s definitely dropped his game since SI, he’s not funny and his actual analysis sucks. He’s in Bill Simmon’s shadow over there. Byesline needs to take over Blowhards show and Reilly’s articles!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    very good article byesline i wish that someone would send it to cowherd and reilly. i cant think of a more stupid argument against jimmer than “he has a unique name”. espn should be embarrassed that they aired such a blatantly ignorant and completely unfounded moronicly stupidly idiotic statement.

  3. Brian Lindsay says:

    I’m glad you wrote about this. It has been driving me crazy how everyone was in love with Jimmer and he had one bad outing and everyone turns on him?? I can understand if he went into a slump for a few weeks but he had one bad game where he still scored like 32 points to help keep his team in it (i understand he was 11-29 and that’s why I think he had a bad game). I can only hope now he does well in the pros where those guys all have to turn around and start ranting about how good he is again

  4. mike says:

    I do agree with what your saying byesline but cowherd also made a good point about ‘race.’ He said when kobe and iverson were on bad teams and were tyhe only scorers, they were labeled as selfish. He said those two guys were top defenders, did it on both sides, but were labeled selfish. Now jimmer on the other hand, great scorer, horrific defender. At times seemed to play only one part of the game. But he’s looked at differently. You don’t hear him being labeled as selfish. I just thought it was a decent point cowherd shared on his monday show.

  5. Jack says:

    Cowherd is an ass

  6. Steve says:

    reverse racism in basketball is par for the course

  7. John says:

    Shannon brown hops are crazzzy

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