Just another boring chalk tournament right?  It took all of 10 hours or so to hear national media already bringing up the question: “Is this the best way to crown a national champion?”  Are you kidding me?  I cannot say this more bold, this is the whole point!  A #4, #11, #3, and a #8 seed.  Hence the ‘Madness’ in March Madness.  If you add up the seeds of these final four teams, you get the number 26!  The numbers arn’t probable, so what?  If you added up the total seedings from the 2008 final four, you would end up with just 4 (Memphis, Kansas, North Carolina, and UCLA were all #1 seeds ).  This is just the other end of the tournament spectrum, three years later.  I was in a large NCAA pool with 92 people from the company I work for, and the brackets sitting at the top have just one final four team!  69 of the 92 brackets have zero final fours left.  Were all screwed, so at least were in this together.  But even so, how could people not be in even more love with this tournament after this year?  Who cares if neither Butler or VCU’s conference name starts with the word  ‘Big’.  Hell, VCU didn’t win their own Colonial conference.  Matter of fact they didn’t even finish second…or third.  If the VCU Rams played Kansas 10 times, I’m fully confident that they would lose 7 or 8 of those games, but the point is that they didn’t.  The point is that they hit 9 freaking 3-pointers in the first half and ended up shocking the world and screwing my bracket at the same time (And Obama’s).  Know what I call that?  SPORTS!  Sometimes the Giants beat the Patriots, Appalachian State beats Michigan, and Buster Douglas knocks out Tyson.  Sometimes that thing that doesn’t happen 90% of the time, finally happens that 10% of the time.  So when that slim chance does happen, you wont find me shedding tears over a fallen Goliath, but rather running his pockets while he’s knocked out and celebrating with David. 


Brad Stevens is great, but let’s not forget about John Calipari.  There’s one thing besides controversy that goes hand in hand with Calipari:  Winning.   If you can just play along for a second and forget his recruiting antics and his ‘snake oil salesmen’ reputation, this is a guy, if evaluated on performance alone, who is probably the best coach ever not to win a national championship. Coach Cali has now brought 3 different teams to the Final Four.  We have to remember that after he plops down in those 5-star recruit’s living rooms and wins over the parents and grandparents and gets these kids on campus, he still has to coach them practice by practice, game by game.  We forget that good ‘ol Cali won 193 games at UMass and won the Atlantic 10 five times with the same amount of tournament appearances.  The smooth talking coach oozing with charisma then coached his team to 252 wins at Memphis and is currently killing it at arguably the more prestigious school in college basketball.  And look who he’s doing it with.  All new faces.  No matter the year, Calipari has the blue chip freshmen that come in and make instant impacts, yet are gone faster than Rick Pitino losing a tournament game and ending up in the TV studio doing round-table analysis.  But it clearly works for Calipari.  I have to give him credit, he does what he does and does it well.  Dislike him all you want, but you know when it’s March the Coach will have his latest moldings from his basketball factory that is Calipari Hoops Inc. 


4 Responses to Madness

  1. Nate says:

    Congrats Coach Calipari on your first Final Four appearance! I think the only question is which will be voided first: This Kentucky hoops final four run, or Auburn’s National Championship.

  2. steve says:

    I heard every Kentucky player, 1 through 15 lives in Calipari’s basement. Just what I heard.

  3. Anonymous says:

    theres no doubt cal can coach the question is will this final four run actually stick and not end up being voided out? lol

  4. K slay says:

    calipari is a scumbag dude

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