Caught in the Doldrums

My bracket is officially off the tracks and busted.  My only positive at this point is that the team I felt most strongly about, Kansas, is still playing very well.   I can only hope that by the time you read this the Jayhawks will still be in contention.  In the midst of grinding my teeth over the lack of Elite Eight teams hit with my highlighter, I switched channels to watch the guys who get paid to play.  I’ll never get that time back.  The Knicks/Bucks game was some of the worst basketball I’ve seen this season.   Admittedly I didn’t watch the whole game, but my sample size was good enough.  I’m not sure what’s worse:  How piss poor the Knicks were on both ends of the floor, or the fact that I threw down ten dollars on the outside chance that they would actually win a game in the Garden against the Bucks… is that too much to ask?  I should have known better.  I found myself asking the question, what does this team do well?  I literally can’t think of an answer.  The Knicks are now below .500 and are free-falling, and I don’t mean in a care-free Tom Petty sort of way.  I had someone under the name “Danny” hop on the comment board a few days back proclaiming how right he was when saying the Knicks should have never traded their “role players” to Denver, and effectively selling their soul to snatch Carmelo.  While I think that the Knicks made the right move for their franchise in the long-term,  there’s something to be said for what “Danny” was barking about.  How many games have to be played before we can start judging this team for what they are without the hedging statement of, “Hey, it’s early” or “They’re figuring it out.”  My issue is that the eye sores in New York right now are all controllable.  I’m not talking about timing on passes or chemistry issues, but more like terrible shot selection, zero rebounding and not even attempting to play defense.  New York is 7-11 since acquiring Melo while Denver is 12-4 since the trade.  Curious isn’t it?  Somehow a Milwaukee team that is 30th in the league in assists managed to dish 21 dimes against the Knicks Friday night (NY had 13).  That same Milwaukee team is 30th in the league in points per game, but naturally put 102 on New York.  In the spirit of letting opponents do whatever the hell they want, Brandon Jennings had 37.  A great stat I saw from the Elias Sports Bureau said that the Knicks have allowed an opposing player to put 30 on them 24 times this season, the most in the league.  Don’t get me wrong, the Knicks are miles ahead from their 23-59 record under Isaiah Thomas a few years back, but just because they’re better than they were doesn’t mean they’re good now.  So what’s the problem?  Is it the coach and his run and gun fundamentals?  Is it the lack of role players?  The fact that Amare has reached 10 rebounds in a game just 6 times in his last 29 outings?  That Melo has snagged 10 boards one time in his last 15 games?  Yes, Amare and Melo are scoring the basketball, but just about everyone who has played in D’Antoni’s system has put up numbers.  Why don’t you try doing something else?  Something that won’t bring you glory.  Like making an extra pass, boxing out, or playing help side defense just to name a few attributes of winning teams.  Attributes that are conveniently absent in present day New York.


7 Responses to Caught in the Doldrums

  1. Anonymous says:

    melo is the problem he is a cancer no wonder george karl and other nuggets players couldnt wait to imply the team was better off and having fun without him. Denver is winning games as a TEAM, new york is losing them with a couple great players and a bunch of scrubs. melo is a volume shooting scorer who doesnt know how to play D

    the knicks suck balls and so does melo

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Knicks bloooooowwwww

  3. JB says:

    I agree with Malik, its painful to watch. They just lost another one tonight, they’re pathetic. I usually couldn’t care less about the Knicks but I really thought they would compete and be good for the league. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

  4. malik alvin says:

    the least they could do with those two superstars is be fun to watch but they cant even do that,

  5. They’ll never win with this coach. At best they’ll be an Indiana Pacers of the 2010s. (except they have nobody as clutch as Reggie Miller.)

  6. realist says:

    I think what u ment to say is NY blows

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