And Then There Were 16

My favorite quote from the weekend came from the voice of an announcer who I couldn’t recognize, but his creative words stuck with me:  “The best way to keep Cinderella from going to the dance is to hide the slipper!”  Better change the hiding spot.  What an opening weekend of the NCAA tournament.  There is no other sports event that is as interesting, for as long.  “We hold these truths self-evident” by looking no further than a team like Virginia Commonwealth or Richmond.  Only in March Madness do we get to know an otherwise invisible division I basketball program.  If the puppet masters behind the scenes were to structure my favorite tournament in sports the way that they set up the college football Bowl Championship Series, the VCU’s and Richmond’s of the world would remain unknown.  In fact, if the setup for post-season basketball mimicked that of college football, Richmond would have fallen out of contention to compete for a national title after their third game of the year in November when the Spiders lost to Iona.  An even better example would be Virginia Commonwealth (Whose name, by the way, makes me think of some historic battle for independence involving the Red Coats).  In February alone the VCU Rams had lost games to Northeastern, Old Dominion (twice), George Mason, Drexel and James Madison!  Fast forward one month and this VCU team from the Colonial Athletic Association is beating Purdue (Big 10) and Georgetown (Big East) by 18 points apiece.  Of course it screwed up your bracket, mine too, but this is the very thing we love, love, love about this tournament!  And remember, by going nuts because your bracket is spoiled, only shows you care right?  I mean who could have predicted that in a pool as big as March Madness that these little Nemo’s would swim their way into the sweet 16?  Forget my bracket, “just keep swimming.”

Speaking of dead fish, this Notre Dame team kills me.  In the very paragraph in my last post before the opening weekend, I wrote that those of us who had selected the Irish to have some sort of post season significance, needed to pray.  That prayer was the only real answer for their tournament woes.  I guess not enough folks hit their knees.  Think about it.  ND was the #2 seed in the Southwest region, had the most Big East conference wins in ND school history, have a player with NBA potential in Ben Hansbrough, had beaten a handful of the nations top teams (UConn, Pitt, Nova, Cincy, Gtown, Wisconsin, Louisville), and yet loses again to an inferior opponent.  Why can’t Notre Dame get it done?  A better question may be, when have they ever been able to get it done?  I don’t even mean to win a national championship, but at least make some noise!  Besides having a losing record throughout their tournament history (Which is embarrassing enough for a school of ND’s caliber), they’ve only made it out of the second round of the tournament an average of once a decade since 1980.  And yet it feels like every year I pencil those two letters of ‘ND’ deep into my bracket, and feel a deeper disappointment when they continue to fail me.  What sports are the Irish great at these days anyway?  I hope this isn’t blasphemy, but damn you Notre Dame.  Damn you straight to the NIT. 


My national championship pick, Kansas and the Morris twin terrors, are moving right along, but instead of pounding you with Jayhawk material, I have to shine a light on another breed of beast.  Derrick Williams from Arizona is a man child.  I heard his name being talked about from the college basketball know-it-alls all season, but never really sat and watched a full Arizona game until this weekend.  Wow.  This dude is a next level talent for sure.  A likely lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft, Williams put Zona on his back in the final seconds of wins over both Memphis and Texas.  The block in the last seconds against Memphis reminded me of Hakim Warrick.  The ‘And 1’ finish to beat Texas with under 10 seconds to go was D-Wade-esque.  I can’t name one other Arizona player if I can be honest with you, but do I need to?  The new ‘DWill’ is carrying his troops like The Octomom did hers.  #Respect.  Below is a video that will give you an idea how athletic Derrick Williams is, and why he’s what we call: “A Leaguer.”


12 Responses to And Then There Were 16

  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t hate on Travis Outlaw, dude still has time to improve! Lolol

  2. Slim Jim says:

    No matter how hard we try to predict who will be what its never certain…Derrick Williams could be the next Blake Griffin, or the next Travis Outlaw

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yo James if Minn gets the top pick that almost guarantees they WILL draft Irving, they’re just that terrible at drafting. I mean these are the idiots that selected Flynn and Rubio like right next to each other – its the disaster that is David Kahn.

  4. Johnny D says:

    LOL loook at that white dude in the DWIlliams picture like “O shit, i know what is bout to happen next” hahaha

  5. Steve says:

    Im not saying Kyrie shoots a better % or any of that what im saying is that Kyrie is the next big thing, HE NOT WILLIAMS will be the top pick in the draft, its common knowledge, go look at some draft boards.

    • James says:

      kyrie is nice; he’ll be the top pg selected for sure. The top 5 seems set (williams, kanter, irving, barnes, sullinger, maybe p jones); their draft order will likely just come down to team needs…. its kind of hard to say its common knowledge irving will go first when you dont even know who will have the first pick. If the twolves get the first pick and try to take another pg stern would probably kick them out of the league for making a mockery of the sport. wash, nj, sacto, golden state: all lottery teams, all guaranteed not to take a pg first…

  6. Michael S says:

    notre damN is a joke they choke every year i cant believe i picked them again, i almost had htem in the finals four thank god i didnt do it! ben hansbrough is way too cocky (also heard this from a couple analysts today) going into that FSU game, they shoved that arrogance right down his overrated throat! As as derrick williams goes, this guy should be #1 overall. think if his skill set was on display on the east coast at MD, Duke, Cuse or UConn we wuold without question be comparing him as the next player “x” in the NBA. it’s cuz he’s out at Arizona that many people did not get to see many of his games but kid can get his! And STEVE your on crack you would take jimmer and undersized kyrie irving before Williams? hahahaha pass whatever you are smoking man that must be good stuff! hey where has EVAN LANE been lately he used to weigh in on these boards all the time, R Dijohn too, probably mad that the heat ain’t doing as good as he thought. get these comment boards going agian guys.

  7. J says:

    Williams is one of the top picks without question. His explosiveness will translate to the NBA game and so will his size. How quickly he gets into the lane and is able to spin/change directions reminds me of Carmelo Anthony, I was greatly impressed as he’s gotten very little national attention this season compared to some of the names that “Steve” lists.
    I also don’t know how I got lulled into he ND trap, should have known a team that relies heavily on threes would go cold at some point before the round I had them going to, SMH, my bracket would be golden if I had listened to history!

  8. Steve says:

    id take 5 players in college b4 id take Williams, hes good but not best player in college…Sullinger, Jimmer, Nolan Smith, Kyrie Irving, Harrison Barnes.

    • James says:

      Hah Nolan Smith will be around long after the lottery is done. Derrick shoots 60% from the field and 58% from downtown. He’s a lock to go in the top 5; my guess is #1.

  9. John says:

    Derrick Williams is probably the best all around player in college basketball, ive seen him play a few times this season and this guy is the real deal..mos def a lottery

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