March 10th

It was 24 years ago when my mother was trying her best to squeeze little Zachy out of the oven.  Shoutout to my Mom for bringing me into this cruel world!  Just kidding.  I told myself that if I didn’t have to, I would stay away from anything work related on my birthday, and I’m sticking to that.  But what’s a birthday anyway?  When I was younger I always imagined that somehow balloons would fall from heaven, breakfast would be hot on the table, I would get high fives from every seat on my way to the back of the bus and my class would sing a special birthday song that they had been practicing for weeks behind my back.  Instead of balloons, of course I had the sun pierce my eye lids, breakfast was some oat/grain based cereal, the bus driver told me to take a seat and the class didn’t sing.  (BTW How did I get stuck with passing out YOU people cupcakes!  It’s my freaking birthday!!)  As I got older it became less and less of a big deal, to the point of me not giving it a second thought until Wednesday when my parents called and asked me to meet them for dinner.  I feel like if I keep moving in this direction, years from now I’ll be avoiding March 10th for making me that much closer to death, like I’d curse the odometer on my car for clicking another ten thousand miles.  In both cases we lose value lol.  Speaking of losing value, guess who else shares a March 10th birthday?  Osama Bin Laden!  (May he suffer) Yup, that’s me and my fellow March 10th babies!  Of course im being sarcastic, but hey, “it’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.”  (That in no way should be interpreted as a knock on the Miami Heat.  Like I said the other day on the radio, I’d much rather my favorite team care enough about the game to weep like a baby after a tough loss as oppose to giving secret handshakes with the other team after agreeing which club to meet up and pimp/pop bottles at that night…just saying).  Anyhow, I just have to thank everyone out there who has shown me some form of support over the last few months with the Times Union Quick Takes, ESPN radio, as well as this blog.  We are quickly approaching 20 thousand hits to this site since mid-November, and that is certainly something to be thankful for.  I’ll keep working hard, and you can do me the continued favor of checking out the site.  You’re the best.  Sure, there’s a forecast for rain all freaking day, but I also checked the sports forecast and it looks like we’ll experience heavy amounts of Big East basketball mixed with some Lakers/Heat warnings.  An added perk: I just found out me and Chuck Norris share a March 10th birthday as well… always nice to have a ‘Texas Ranger’ on your side.

My favorite birthday performance of all time was when Shaq turned 28 and on his special day poured in his career high of 61 points against the Clippers.  Seeing Shaq in his prime is very similar to the way Dwight Howard plays the game with force and power.  This video below brings me back.


2 Responses to March 10th

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hilarious, happy bday

  2. MB says:


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