A Few Things..

So last week I was checking my Facebook messages and found a video my good buddy and college teammate from Virginia sent me of this white kid who plays at a division III school throwing down some dunks.  I guess the purpose of the video was to get this kid enough views/momentum to get a bid in the national college dunk contest.  As the video went on, I saw what the hype was about.  Some of his dunks are crazy!  To be honest, a couple of these would have earned 10’s at the NBA’s All-Star weekend, especially if he worked out an endorsement deal with the car company sponsoring the event ;).  I know this video has been floating around the web, but if you havent seen it, make sure you watch it all the way through.  Although I’m late for the party, the vid is too good not to post, so here’s the ‘Vanilla Jumping Bean’…(Sorry for those on work/restricted computers who can’t see this stuff).

Speaking of great dunkers, last night in the NBA a guy who doesn’t get many headlines these days really made some noise.  We first got to know him at Syracuse during their run to the national championship and also got to know him from taking opponents faces/upper torso’s and turning them into jock straps while throwing down.  Hakim Warrick has always been one of my favorite players.  Since he came into the league in 2005 he’s averaged anywhere from 4 to almost 13 points, coming by way of four different teams.  Warrick now plays in Phoenix.  Anyone who knows the NBA can tell you Steve Nash gives a boost to the stats of those around him, and Warrick is no different.  On Tuesday my dude went out and scored 4 times his average, pouring in 32 points, a career high, while filling in for injured Channing Frye.  Sure, he’ll never average 21 points per game in the league like he did his senior year at Cuse, but there’s no reason why I can’t celebrate him for what he is now.  And that’s a consistent bench forward who will have a 10 year career in the NBA while occasionally finding his way into top 10 plays due to the springs in his legs.  So, without further adieu, here is my old buddy Hakim putting down one of the nastiest dunks that have ever been seen on any level.  Rock on Warrick! (see a highlight reel of Warrick bangers on the sidebar).


3 Responses to A Few Things..

  1. bking says:

    the very last dunk in that video is absolutely incredible

  2. Anonymous says:

    Craaaazy dunks, this dude would win it easily with that arsenal.

  3. Nate says:

    I will always remember, and thank Hakim, for his block that preserved the SU title in 2003 against Kansas. Cuse blew an 11 point half time lead, and almost choked away the whole thing, but long-armed Warrick saved them.

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