K-Love It

I want to thank everyone one more time for your support these last few days as I filled in on ESPN radio, I had a lot of fun.  And as “crygate” hogged most of the headlines Monday and the story of Brandon Davies removal from BYU’s basketball team certainly got its fair share of the airwaves last week, there’s a guy or two that have really flown under the radar.  Kevin Love has continued his pure domination of NBA big men.  It wasn’t too long ago I wrote a post called “Love, I Don’t Get Enough of it” where I just highlighted some of the things he was doing and how he had already surpassed all expectations we had for him in the NBA.  Since then, Love has not slowed down a bit.  In fact, Love has progressively gotten better as the months have gone on.  Take a look at November alone, dude averaged 15 rebounds a game.  While that in itself would lead the NBA, it was not yet his peak.  By the months of December and January, he was averaging 16 boards a game.  When you isolate the months and just measure his productivity within those 30 or so days, you really start to see his growth.  He’s only played 5 games in the month of March and this un-freaky Love is averaging almost 18 1/2 rebounds.  Why would I say un-freak?  Because he’s not Amare, Tyrus Thomas, Blake Griffin, or whoever else you could name, that have the physical gifts of a ‘circus-freak’ athlete.  Mostly ground-ridden, Kevin Love has shown the world that with technique and hard work, you can not only survive in this league chock-full of the world’s best athletes, but you can thrive in it.  Hell, Dwight Howard is literally the most athletic 7-foot player in NBA history (Yes, that is true whether you’re on board or not), he works hard and is the second leading rebounder in the league and is nearly two full rebounds behind Kevin Love’s average!!  The third leading rebounder in the L is Zach Randolph and he’s a full 3 rebounds away from Love’s top spot.   Amare Stoudemire is one of the best athletes in the league, is 6-foot 10 inches, and has only hit Love’s rebounding average 4 times this season!!  Who gives a hoot that the Timberwolves have only won 15 games.   I sure don’t.  Wait, did I forget to mention he’s also a top 20 scorer in the league, and has an efficiency ranking of #3 in the NBA behind guys named LeBron and Dwight?  Excuse my negligence.  So that brings me to Monday when Kevin Love made NBA history by setting the new standard for consecutive double-doubles by recording his 51st straight.  That is consistency personified.  The mark eclipses that of Moses Malone from 1978!  That was over 30 years ago.  In 1978 the film “Deer Hunter” was released, The Eagles’ “Hotel California” won a Grammy, the “Walkman” had just been invented by Sony and most importantly, Kevin Love was one of a billion sperm deep in his father’s loins.  So who would figure, after 3-plus decades, that it would be a guy that we didn’t even think would start in the NBA who would be the one setting the new double-double water mark.  Unbelievable.  So here’s a big shout out to K-Love, keep working hard and extending YOUR record. 

As promised I do have a very short clip from Monday’s show in the last hour talking about the Miami Heat.  Nothing too special, but here she is..

One more video…On Monday’s radio show we were talking about this “Teach me how to Jimmer song”…well here it is, lyrics are great.  Very Original.


8 Responses to K-Love It

  1. Trevor Hask says:

    Yo malik good comment but check past posts, there’s been at least two other posts about kevin love before he was getting nearly as much media love. I’m not sure I’d say he’s having the best statistical season but its def up there.

  2. malik alvin says:

    k love gettin his. having the most impressive year of anyone in the nba, statistically. dude has a real outside chance to average 20-20 someday (highly doubtful but the fact that there is a slim chance is crazy). great scorer, best rebounder, best outlet passer in the nba… and o yeah he can shoot the lights out from downtown. mans a beast. wish you wrote this story before everyone else in the world had covered it but good stuff.

    • chris says:

      pretty sure he was 1 of the first to cover it early in the season, not that it should matter, K Lovey is worth the update

  3. JB says:

    There’s no question in my mind that K Love is legit. And I totally agree with what Michael S said, if it’s just because Love plays on a bad team then why hasn’t anyone else done it? There have been dozens of players more athletic and more talented who didn’t get it done. Plus Love is the best player on Minnesota, so teams are game planning for Love specifically and he’s still getting it done. I just hope he gets away from David Kahn (arguably worst GM in sports) and gets with a contender.

  4. Michael S says:

    incredible stat its straight crazy what he does and K SLay you are a deusch retard for real. he’s on a bad team that’s why he gets those numbers??? your nuts man. just think about this man for a second do some basic math. the nba is always a top heavy league, there’s MAYBE 10-12 good teams in a good year and the rest are mediocre to garbage. it’s been 33 years since malone had that double double streak so in 33 years, lets say there were at least 15 bad teams (which is real conservative) – that’s 495 freaking different teams that did not produce a guy who had 51 straight double doubles. now kevin love does it and it’s because he’s on a bad team YEA RIGHT if it’s so easy how come no one has really even come close in 33 years? face the music pal k-love is legit its not up for debate!

  5. K slay says:

    Yo K love does his thing 4 sure, but his team is bad so he gets mad stats

    • Jack says:

      You could drop kevin Love on any team in the NBA and he would do phenomenal, its not just because he’s in Minn. I’m suret hat has something to do with it a little but he’s a great talent regardless.

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