Big Monday

Happy Monday.  Once and awhile someone will say that to me and I’ll have the urge to claw their eyes out.  I usually hate Mondays.  But this one is a bit different for me because I’ll be hosting ‘Soundoff with Sinkoff’ on 104.5 The Team, ESPN radio again from 3-7 pm.  It’s been a very nice stretch and I have to thank all of those who have been supportive.  Whether it’s a kind word face to face, something on Facebook, or hopping on the comment board, every little piece of positivity is very inspiring and validates me on a personal level.  That being said, we’re going to have a huge show today.  I’m going to try to get a piece of video from the studio today of me live on air and post it on here tomorrow if everything works out.  A huge talking point today will surely be the Miami Heat and their struggles late in games and against worthy opponents.  When I woke up Sunday morning and checked the Vegas lines for the afternoon games, I was taken back by the Bulls getting 5.5 points against the Heat.  Too many points for me not to hop on.  Reports of Miami Heat players crying will make this even more fun.  (I’m sure it wasn’t LBJ crying, but I couldn’t resist putting that picture up, sorry).  I was very confident that the Lakers would beat the Spurs at home on Sunday, but I couldn’t have predicted the fashion in which they did so.  To say that was a “beating” may be an understatement.  L.A. was up 32 in the second half and Phil left his starters in with 3 minutes left up 20 something, lol.  The final score was a 16 point win, but those who watched know it wasn’t indicative of what really went down.  Don’t look now, but the Lakers have won 7 straight.  It was just 48 hours before the game when the Spurs were lashing the Heat by 30.  So by my calculations, the Lakers are about 50 points better than Miami, haha just kidding (40’s more like it).  When Kobe was asked after the game why he wasn’t more excited over the win:  “Why should I be?”  Umm, maybe because you just cracked the best team in the league?  LOL classic Kobe.  Today on the show I also have to touch on Ohio State’s 3 point contest on Sunday against #10 Wisconsin.  14 straight trey-bombs?  If you can do something 14 times in a row, I don’t care if it’s making crumpled paper into the trash, I’m impressed.  We’ll cover that among a slew of other topics involving college basketball.  Forgive me if the post is shallow, but I’m saving the breakdowns for the radio this afternoon.  If you get a chance check it out.  Below is a video of a good friend of mine and former teammate Steve Dagostino showcasing components of the workouts he does.  Dude plays in England professionally and is starting a summer program where kids trying to get better can work out with him in small groups for undivided attention.  Take a look at some of the coordination work he does with the ball.  I’ve never seen most of this stuff ever before, and I was so impressed I had to throw the video up.  See you soon.


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