Strap In

The past two days have been fantastic filling in for Brian Sinkoff on the Capital Region’s ESPN affiliate 104.5 ‘The Team.’  We had some really great topics to cover, and the best part for me is that I get to come back and do the show again on Monday.  I couldn’t be more excited, considering what kind of weekend it is in sports, especially on the basketball side.  Saturday is chuck full of college basketball matchups that have me more giddy than a 8-year-old in 1996 seeing a ‘Tickle Me Elmo’ for the first time.  You already know im siced (Combo of stoked and excited) to see how BYU reacts after taking that woodshed spanking from New Mexico.  I knew it was the worst home loss for BYU in years, but I didn’t know that it was the worst loss a top 3 team in the nation had suffered in the last 3 seasons.  I’m sure BYU’s coach Dave Rose will have a definitive plan to beat Wyoming, who I saw Vegas has as a 20.5 point underdog.  I’m caught in the middle between betting Wyoming, because lets face it, 20 is a lot of points.  But at the same time you know the Cougars are going to come out like a ball of fire after the nation has pretty much written them off (as far as national contention goes).  The Davies story has taken the light away from Jimmer Fredette who, in the loss against New Mexico, had his 17th career 30-point game, tying the all-time record at BYU.  The grand daddy of college basketball games is Saturday night when Duke squares off at UNC.  This game, any time of year, is a can’t miss game, but the fact that an ACC regular season title is on the line makes it a ‘can’t can’t miss miss’.  I think Dicky V’s head may explode.  Who could have guessed that UNC would be a national contender?  That Duke would be able to weather the storm of Kyrie Erving going down for the year?  (BTW it’s shaping up that Erving, should he choose to enter, would be a top 3 pick in the NBA draft after playing only 8 games).  Even without Erving, these two teams give you all the star power you need.  Is it weird to think that Nolan Smith may be one of the best players in ACC history?  For some reason I’m still getting used to hearing that, but it’s true.  Smith has the chance to be the first player in conference history to be a leader in points and assists.  Although I think Duke will take it, I’m just rooting for a good game.  Combine those games with Kansas vs. Missouri, Michigan State vs. Michigan and I won’t let you forget #10 Wisconsin vs. #1 Ohio State!!!  Lets GO!  Then I’ll wake up Sunday, pop an Aspirin, grab a coffee and settle in for the NBA games which pit Chicago against Miami, followed by the Lake Show against the Spurs.  I’m putting some money on Miami Sunday, because they can’t lose 5 out of 6 can they?  Enjoy your weekend, see you Monday!


3 Responses to Strap In

  1. Anonymous says:

    Caught the first couple hours at work, was definitely the best you’ve done thus far, great job.

  2. Drod says:

    Big time posts bud love em! You forgot the cuse depaul game (not really)…Could I get some love for my boy Lamarcus Aldridge and the Trail Blazers?

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