One Up, One Down

Had a really good show yesterday on 104.5 ‘The Team’ ESPN radio, and I’m about to begin doing prep work for today’s show from 3-7 pm.  Obviously it’s a four hour time slot, but the amount of work that goes into the show to fill the slot and do  a thorough job is pretty extensive and I don’t have much time to blog.  I just wanted to throw something up here and touch back on the BYU story, which I promise you is not going away.  If you ask me, BYU is no longer a national championship threat without Brandon Davies playing down low.  You saw the way they got pounded on the glass against New Mexico, which will surely be a recurring theme in the coming games.  BYU came into that game 16th in the nation in rebounding, yet their starting forwards were out rebounded by New Mexico’s starting forwards/center 24-7.  New Mexico is an athletic squad and BYU struggles with those types of teams in general.  Take away your 6-11 sophomore who runs and jumps like a deer and now you’re really going to struggle.  Keep in mind that New Mexico has a losing record in the Mountain West, so I don’t like the Cougars chances against teams from the Big East, Big 10, ACC or any team that has good big men.  The BYU frontcourt reserves simply can’t compete on a large scale.  Today on the show we’re most certainly are going to talk about the Magic comeback against the Miami Heat, Obama’s response to the NFL CBA and a slew of other topics.  If there’s anything else you think we should cover, I’m willing to listen to your idea’s on the comment board.  Thanks for the support, see you soon enough!

Since I’ve already gone over the deep end in putting my picture up there, why not a video too!  LOL, I cant believe this is almost 9 years ago in a dunk contest in Schenectady, New York.  It’s safe to say that Blake Griffin nibbled on my swag.  Please don’t take me too seriously, enjoy.


2 Responses to One Up, One Down

  1. MB says:

    Nice job Zac– keep up the good work so you can soar with the eagles! Turkeys are for Thanksgiving.

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