Jimmer’s Dreams Dashed?

BYU and their honor code.  I have to say that I’m disappointed in this whole situation.  Brandon Davies was dismissed from BYU Tuesday for violating the schools code of conduct.  We’re not sure exactly what starting forward Davies did to ‘dishonor’ BYU, but whatever it is, I hope it’s serious enough to warrant messing with not only his life, but the 11 other Cougar players who were on a fast track to a #1 seed and making a serious NCAA tournament run.  The trouble with BYU is that dishonoring the University could involve drinking coffee, missing church, not shaving, cursing or having a cup of tea.  Yes, a cup of tea.  Hell Heck, you’re in violation of the conduct code even if you do all of those things right, but don’t encourage others in “their commitment to comply with the honor code”.  Pretty rigid standards to say the least.  Details have yet to come out, but I’m sure they’ll be leaked on the world wide web soon enough.  If Davies was hosting orgies in his dorm room with pinatas full of roofies, than OK, toss ’em out of school.  I just hope he wasn’t caught sneaking out of his dorm past 10:00pm to sneak a cup of Raspberry Zinger (My favorite tea).  The ramifications of this ‘boot’ are paramount.  Even with Davies, BYU wasn’t stacked down low.  Davies was playing great, but besides him they have absolutely no depth in the frontcourt.  There’s only two guys on this third ranked team in the nation that are absolutely irreplaceable.  Jimmer and Davies.  Period.  Hartstock and Emery are great, but in major division 1 basketball you must have a point guard and big man.  Davies is an athletic 6-11 sophomore who plays 25 minutes every single night, is BYU’s third leading scorer and their leading rebounder.  His replacements?  Stephen Rodgers and James Anderson.  Keep in mind that Brandon Davies averages are solid but not out of this world (11 points, 6 rebounds).  BYU will ask Rodgers and Anderson to pick up the slack, even though their combined averages of minutes per game, rebounds and points don’t equal that of Brandon Davies.  I have a feeling that the game plan of opposing teams will be to work it inside.  Especially come tournament time, who will guard opposing big men?  Furthermore, BYU’s offense becomes even more one dimensional than it was already.  Davies was clearly one of Jimmer’s favorite targets, and I don’t think he’ll have the same confidence in Stephen Rodgers, who has never had more than 8 rebounds in a game and has scored in double figures 5 out of 29 games this season.  I haven’t made it a secret that I’m rooting for Jimmer, for a multitude of reasons, but I firmly believe the school’s decision will prematurely end their season.  And it’s too bad, because I find myself not upset at Davies, but with BYU.  Of course this feeling isn’t yet justified because we’re not sure what the offense is, but that’s my knee jerk reaction to all of this.  According to Latter Day Saints beliefs, I’m sure whatever Davies did will affect his afterlife anyway, isn’t that enough of a punishment?  I hope as the days go on BYU can present something legitimate justifying their decision. 



19 Responses to Jimmer’s Dreams Dashed?

  1. Anonymous says:

    So Davies had sex with his girlfriend. Kick him off the team and maybe out of the school! That’s it, show him how its done Mormons, no mercy!

    • Brian Lindsay says:

      My final thoughts now that we know what he did…..Davies I don’t believe is mormon and I have always thought that he went there b/c he played hs ball basically across the street and was teammates with chris and kyle collingsworth so I’m sure it was nice to go play at a D1 school close to home with friends he grew up playing with. He knew going in what the hard core rules are at that school and I can’t get mad at BYU for taking action however does the penalty fit the crime? I mean I understand suspending him for a couple games maybe but the remainder of the season?? As far as we know this kid isn’t taking any $$, cars, etc which is illegal but I mean come on at least let him enjoy the perk of all the girls that throw themselves at him b/c he’s a star bball player! With knowing what he did I don’t think coaches at other programs in college or in the NBA are worried about his character at all so he should come out of this fine. The only ones that really suffer from this are his team and the BYU sports program for this extreme punishment.

  2. Gene Bruno says:

    Very engaging writing about the BYU’ s decision to dismiss Davies without so much as even a hint of what he did wrong. The public should be informed in a dignified manner by the President of BYU, or at the very least, the Athletic Director. We are not talking about some Division III team here (and I love all divisions of College basketball).

    • James says:

      bad idea. never gonna happen. School president talking about the ways in which a terribly embarrassed student messed up? ….. BYU is gonna get bounced by texas a and m in the second round like they do every year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    BYU has a right to uphold its own standard–this chump, i mean star, is getting his education paid for right? Regardless of their belief system, Davies chose to be a part of that team– then– hey,
    follow the rules–since when do we want all the perks and privileges and then think we can do what we want without ramifications-???!!! Must be serious stuff. Doubt if its iced tea or coffee.. Unfortunately, this type situation is all too common today. Where are the high standards anymore that are upheld?. When you play (not BB) you will pay, doesn’t matter what the game is— You mentioned an afterlife byesline– we do pay in this life for our choices as you can see, (most times the public doesn’t know the payment in personal destruction and in the weight of guilt) and you will pay in the afterlife too, so you really pay twice. That does up the anti for doin whatever one wants. Too high a gamble for such an important place and time for Davies. HE lost his game, guy!
    Byesline–really–OK to let a guy slide for fame for the team your rooting for? How cheeeezzzy. It will be interesting to hear the why

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sure there are various consequences that could have been brought down on Davies without kicking him off the team. If someone steals you don’t have to chop their hand off. One thing we do know is that it was not criminal, so now we know that whatever Davies did was something that the Mormons viewed as wrong, not the law. What was so terrible, that’s not criminal, that warrants being kicked off of the team? I don’t see it, what I do see is a highly controlling organization exercising that control in front of the nation. What a shame.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Whatever Davies did,…. he knew in advance what he was committing to by becoming a player at BYU-
    so, ….if he is a person of integrity, he would uphold his part of the school contract. If this team, career, school is important to him this would be the honorable thing to do. It does not matter what ya all are saying morals, etc, for the possible reason he was booted. He sold out. Hats off to the school that has some testicles. This is rare even in the pros.
    PS byesline, Raspberry Zinger is herbal –it does not have caffeine–so you could drink this at BYU.

  5. JB says:

    While I agree partially with Ray T, I also think that others could be correct that its harsh. However, we really don’t have a clue what this kid did. We don’t know if he’s had prior warnings. We don’t know much except that a code was broke. Is BYU concealing the “sin” because they’re protecting the kid or because they’re protecting themselves from public backlash? In this age of information it will almost certainly become public what happened.

  6. Ray T says:

    It’s unbelievable to think that Davies would be kicked off the team for a small infraction of the honor code (i.e. iced tea). With that in mind, he was able to play last year under it, as has Fredette and most of the team. He signed up at BYU knowing the rules, as ridiculous as they may be. My guess, knowing human nature as it is, is that this is not his first infraction. It’s more likely that it finally caught up with him (i.e. going out drinking, sneaking girls into his room or vice versa, blazing the green leaf after hours) and he was busted for the first time. In all reality, as ticked off as we might be about this decision, the only person to blame here is Davies. He knew the Code, broke the code and is dealing with the consequences that he was no doubt informed about.

    • Johnny D says:

      Thats a different perspective but pretty accurate. You have to remember though that Davies is a sophmore. Which means hes gotta be like 19. Even though its a strict place, punishing a teenager with a hammer-like suspension is going to far Ray. Im sure whatever he did was normal teen behavior. Im not saying ur wrong either but it is what it is..

  7. Brian Lindsay says:

    I also was clearly rooting for BYU to do well in the tournament to see Jimmer end his college career on a high note. Davies was a big athletic big man that could run the floor on the fast break, had the highest FG% on the team and also lead the team in rebounds and blocks. He will be missed greatly. I believe I heard somewhere that BYU hadn’t made the sweet 16 since like 1981 and I thought I wasn’t stretching it too far to think they had a chance to make it to the final 4 but now they will be lucky if they make it to the sweet 16. I’ve said since I heard about this that if he got kicked out for drinking coffe or being in a girls room i’m going to be extremely pissed and hope that Davies says F U to the school and takes his talents to a big D1 school sits for a year and then still has 2 years of eligibility somewhere that he won’t get in trouble for such bs.

  8. Anonymous says:

    WOW strong comments, won’t say anything about mormons but I have a feeling this is a lot worse than drinking “iced tea”, Michael S

    • Slim Jim says:

      God I hope so, if ohio state can waitt to punish there kids why cant BYU, whatever he did though I bet its completely legal at any other school…sex, drinking, etc..

  9. Michael S says:

    all because some pot-head got “handed golden tablets”, leave it to a cult to mess with a good NCAA tournament!

  10. Chris says:

    I got 10 bucks that whatever he did involved a girl

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