‘All Shook Up’

I think it’s the heat of the moment that has people (such as myself) make hyperbolic  statements such as, “This is the best ____ I’ve ever seen.” And whether the “__” is a home run, player trade, sports year or really any example, we don’t really think it through or consider past examples to actually have grounds to say whatever your saying.  That being said, I can’t think of a year in the NBA when things have shaken, up across the board, the way they have in 2010/11.  Is that a fair statement?  Either way it’s been a blast to follow.  The headlines start with Carmelo Anthony.  It took all of 5 seconds of seeing Carmelo Anthony in Madison Square Garden Wednesday night, wearing a Knick uniform, to realize how monumental a move this was by Knick management.  Can you believe they were actually considering holding on to their role players instead of landing him?  Looking back, it almost seems silly that it was still being considered last week.  The last time MSG had that kind of energy in the building it was in the playoffs, but with ice and plexy glass on the floor, not basketball hardwood.  The press room before the game was completely packed as if President Obama himself had signed a 10-day.  That buzz when Melo touches the ball will eventually wear off, but I don’t think you or I will ever forget the night Melo came to the Garden.  And like dominos, when one trade happens near the deadline, others follow suit.  So the Jazz removed the wool from our eyes and shipped DWill less than 24 hours later.  Then boom, Baron “BDiddy” Davis was no longer a Clipper.  If he thought times were tough in L.A. with the Clipps winning 21 games, I don’t think he’ll like living in Cleveland, Ohio on a team with less than half of that, 10.  Talk about a wasteland.  Remember how gloomy Gotham was before Batman came and started knocking heads together?  That’s what I think of when I think of Cleveland.   The Clippers will in turn scoop up the expiring contracts of Mo Williams and Jamario Moon.  Expiring contracts are huge because instead of paying a guy like Baron Davis $28 million over the next two seasons, they now have all that dough to sign a top free agent to team up with Big Blake Griffin.  I don’t think I blinked 30 times before the Twitter-t’was -tweeting-tunes of ‘Mr. Thick’ Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robison packing their bags for Oklahoma City.  In return Boston gets Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic.  Up coming games and the playoffs will tell if Green can help Boston at the 3/4 spot, but the Thunder just got a much needed upgrade down low.  Are the Thunder now a top 3 team in the West?  I’m not sure yet.  From a Boston viewpoint, I don’t understand this one bit.  Perkins is the C’s most physical low post defender and Boston has injury/age issues in that department.  The time to win in Boston is now.  They were 15 minutes away from the world title last season, and won it in 2008.  Why mess with your proven blueprint…especially whenPerk getting injured was a main factor in losing game 7 to the Lakers!  I do think Jeff Green is a very good player (15 ppg, 6rpg as a 3rd option in OKC) but he doesn’t have the  value of Kendrick.  Jordan’s string-pulling in Charlotte has shipped out former all-star and face of the Bobcats, Gerald Wallace, to Portland in exchange for (best nickname in sports, say it quickly) ‘The Vanilla Gorilla’ Joel Pryzbilla and two first-round picks.  I actually think this is a great move for Charlotte because they’re not making any post-season run, so dump Wallace, stash draft picks and Pryzbilla’s expiring contract, and aim at becoming a legit contender in the future instead of treading water for no realistic short or long-term reason.  I love the Grizz for trying to dump O.J. Mayo to Indiana for a draft pick and Josh McRoberts, but that deal fell apart (Just like O.J.’s season).  Memphis shot-callers are now backtracking saying the deal wasn’t about getting rid of Mayo…yeaaaaaa, ok.  Shane Battier, who I love, is now in Memphis as well.  Maybe he can teach Mayo to stop fighting teammates over card games.  The Phoenix Suns’ Goran Dragic is now in Houston while Aaron Brooks is now in Phoenix.  Kirk Hinrich is now in Atlanta, Mike Bibby is now in Washington, AHHHHHHHHH information overload!  There’s so many other players that have been dealt, but to be honest, I don’t think my brain can process it all at this point.  That, and the ‘others’ aren’t really going to keep your (or my) attention.  It’s funny how for weeks absolutely nothing was going down, then in the final 24 hours all the deals hit the wire.  It’s like trying to go to the mall the day before Christmas.  Sure you had all of December to shop, but what fun would that be?  My initial post-deadline thought is that the biggest winners are the Knicks, Thunder, and Clippers.  Don’t be shocked either if the Denver Nuggets end up making the playoffs despite Melo chucking up the dueces (peace).  Enjoy all the faces in new places, see you soon enough.


7 Responses to ‘All Shook Up’

  1. ryan r says:

    the knicks move leaves them with absolutely no cap room. assuming the cap stays at arounf 58 mil they will have 13 mil to fill out 9 roster spots summer of 2012. and def not enough paper to resign fields, much less sign one of the big three…. the lack of depth on this site is amazing. where is the analysis? whats the point of this article? …..shout out to k love for 44 st dbl dbls

    • chris says:

      Ryan this is just me but I thought it was a bigger risk to not get carmelo anthony

    • Chris says:

      was reading Bill Simmons column in reaction to the Knicks trade, thought id show u im not the only one who thinks u sound dumb….”Chandler? A solid small forward putting up inflated stats in a run-and-gun system; on any contender, he’s an eighth or ninth man. Don’t you flip Chandler, Gallo and a pick for Carmelo every day and twice on Sunday? Don’t you do it without blinking? What am I missing? I’m on Team Dolan & Team Isiah with this one.”

      • ryan r says:

        so, so wrong. Chandler is head and shoulders above jeff green and hes the new 7th man on the best (or 2nd best) team in the L. And no, I dont, not when the knicks have to pay amare, melo, and balkman as much as the heat pay lebron, wade and bosh, combined. The heat are struggling with 3 studs. The knicks barely have 2, how will they win? and asking “the sports guy” for basketball advice wont get you far. might as well watch the local 11 oclock news for insight.

  2. JB says:

    There’s a great article on ESPN about the trades and the writer pointed out that the Boston players were pissed off and that Miami players (asked about it before the game) could hardly conceal their excitement. That tells us, really, all we need to know.
    To me its just baffling. I get that they need another wing player for aging Allen and Pierce, but Perk was their advantage down low. Relying on Shaq and Jermaine? C’mon man. Boston just made themselves a whole lot more on Miami’s and Orlando’s level (schematically). And oh btw who’s gonna guard Howard when Shaq and Jermaine have injuries? Because it will happen.

  3. John says:

    Boston F’d up bad losing Perkins…huge huge huge mistake that will cost them in the East finals and maybe in the championship if they can get there

  4. Chris Ross says:

    Really nice article here bud. What a trade deadline, this must have been one of the best one’s in the history of the sport if not the best. It was really fun all day watching so many deals go down. Some of these trades were just so out of left field and they kept coming in that it just made the past 72 hours so interesting. I think in these trades there were definitely some major winners and losers, when in actuality trades should be mutually beneficial for both teams (but I guess that doesn’t happen all too often). I thought OKC, Denver, Houston and Cleveland did a really god job bolstering their teams for the future. They made some major shake-ups but I think in the long run it will be beneficial for their team, especially the Perkins trade. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2011/02/24/head-scratching-deals-highlight-nba-trade-deadline/

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