The Aftermath

In what I consider a blind side trade, Deron Williams was shipped to New Jersey on Wednesday.  I was completely caught off guard by the move, as was Williams.  Different reports are continuing to come out on the thought process behind Utah’s move, and the reaction of DWill.  I think it’s safe to say he’s not happy.  I can’t blame him.  Apparently, Deron found out he was being traded the same way you and I did: The television and text messages.  Doesn’t seem like the utmost respect for a guy who’s had the Jazz consistently contending in the tough Western conference since he arrived in 2005.  If you go back and look, besides his first year in Utah when the Jazz were 41-41, they’ve never won less than 48 games.   There are rumors leaking that DWill lost favor in the eyes of the Utah Jazz brass after what insiders believe was a power struggle with Jerry Sloan, who abruptly left the team he coached for 20+ seasons.  Even though the folks in Salt Lake City are stunned and understandably upset, this may have been the best decision in moving forward as a franchise.  Lets face it, it was highly unlikely Deron Williams was going to re-sign with Utah after the 2012 season.  If they don’t move him, not only are the Jazz asking for the same hoopla that surrounded Melo this year, hoopla that will surely follow Chris Paul and the Hornets next season, but you also run the risk of not having any significant pieces for the future.  Instead, the Jazz now have a former and possible future all-star guard in Devin Harris, the upside of the third pick in the 2010 draft in Derrick Favors, and two future first round picks, plus cash.  As for New Jersey, it seems that they’re merely renting DWill.  The Nets are basically asking Williams to play for nothing this season, keep fingers crossed for next season from a competitive standpoint, and after next season hopefully entice DWill to stay when they move to Brooklyn and hopefully add another major piece.  I just don’t think DWill is going to go for this.  Brook Lopez seems promising, but we’ll have to find out as the days go on whether a competitor like DWill can stand being on a team that now has a record of 17-40.  One other positive for Utah fans, Deron Williams jerseys will be cheaper than ever!  In an unrelated point, the DWill trade is just another example of all-stars  leaving the West for the East  (ie: Ray Allen, KG, Shaq, Boozer, Amare, Melo).  I’m not sure what effect, if any, these recent trades will have on the league, but now, more than ever, there are talks of a NBA power shift from the traditionally dominant West to the Eastern conference, who have only won 3 of the last 12 championships since Jordan peaced out of Chicago. 

I thought it was very interesting to hear George Karl’s quotes the day after his best player Carmelo Anthony was shipped to New York.  Karl talked about how he was ‘more sad than happy’ about the move, but he wasn’t boo-hooing over Melo.  “I think most of that sadness was because of Chauncey.”  Karl even went on to mention he would miss Anthony Carter, but conveniently left out Carmelo.  Hmmm, a bit odd.  When asked about Carmelo by reporters he said, “I mean, Melo gets what he wants.” Karl went on to describe Carmelo’s personality and skill level as “conflictive” to a coach.  I just think these are bizarre comments coming from a coach with a reputation like Karl’s.  It’s possible that George Karl is just a bit upset that his best player wanted to leave him/town, but on the other hand there could be some truth to the coaches comments.  The bottom line is that both parties are moving forward.  In New York, prices for courtside seats are being sold online anywhere from five to ten thousand dollars.  In Denver, lets just say they’re a bit cheaper. 


6 Responses to The Aftermath

  1. Anonymous says:

    There’s no way your 7 foot center should pull down less than 6 boards a game, and it’s a big drop off from last year. Its definitely a concern.

  2. Anonymous says:

    karl said that because melo is an ass hole. he is the prototypical nba problem child, ego-maniac, thug wanna-be, ass hole.

    • michael s says:

      i have to agree it was clear that Karl was sending a message about what kind of person melo is. i mean not to say a kind word about the guy or mention the success he helped bring them (west finals)??? wow man you know he didn’t care for melo at all!

      • Dan R. says:

        People forget that the NBA is a buisiness. Not every coach has to love there players. Do you like EVERYONE you work with? Im personally not ganna read between the lines to develop an opinon on what kind of person Melo is based on what his coach/colleague said. Hes only made a few dumb mistakes in his career, lets see if he does it in NY. Hes also on my squad now, so ill defend him. lol

  3. Nate says:

    I can’t believe DWill is in basketball purgatory. Byesline is being too nice when he says Brook Lopez seems promising. He’s 7 feet tall and averaging under 6 rebounds a game. Not gonna cut it.

    I feel bad for Dwill, but I wonder how much of this is his fault, he’s effectively killed basketball in Utah, running Sloan out of town and now being shipped off himself. I know Utah got some nice pieces in return but there is no way Utah can compete against OKC, SA, or LA anymore. I don’t even know if they can compete with Houston anymore.

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