All-Star Rewind

I got a call late in the weekend from the program director at 104.5 ESPN radio saying that unfortunately Brian Sinkoff  had a death in his family.  Subsequently I’ll be filling in for him on the show today (Monday) from 3-7pm, and I have plenty of prep to do.  But before I start that I just want to bounce some of my thoughts from All Star weekend off of you.  Firstly, I want to say that I told you so.  In my last post previewing All-Star weekend I made a few predictions.  Stephen Curry would win the skills competition.  Check.  Blake Griffin would win the Dunk Contest.  Check.  Kobe would win the MVP.  Check.  Now of course every prediction I make doesn’t come true, like the East would win, but that was pretty damn good right?  I’ll stop gloating, here are some real reflections:    The All Star game doesn’t need to be changed.  When I was driving to work today I heard commentators suggesting that the game should bear more significance, such as the MLB All-Star game, where the game’s outcome would directly affect the playoffs.  The claim is ridiculous.  As Kobe said after the game when proposed with the notion, why would we negate the 82 games in the regular season?  What are you playing those games for?  The fact that the MLB handles the home field advantage for the freaking World Series this way is so confusing.  Granted, it makes the game more fun to watch, but can’t that very serious advantage be decided during the 1,000 regular season games they play?  It’s an All-Star game.  The All-Star starters are voted by the fans.  The fans in turn get what they want.  Over 300 points scored, stars shining and a close game in the end.  What’s the problem?  Another thought, the dunk contest was jaded.  I have to say I usually stick up for the contest, but not this year.  As much as I love Blake Griffin, he never should have made it to the final round.  His first missed dunk was the best he had all night.  Wow, could you imagine if that went down?  Yikes.  But he didn’t, and he used try after try, and ended up putting in ‘run of the mill’ (In Blake Griffin terms) dunks, receiving high scores and being pushed to the final round.  Why?  Product placement.  The car maker ‘KIA’ had a significant role in sponsoring the entire weekend, and what do you know…There just happened to be a KIA parked next to the court.  There just happened to be KIA workers wearing white gloves pushing the car onto the court.  Just happened to be an entire freaking choir reading to sing Blake’s praises (Literally).  It was just all so fake.  What would have happened if Blake was out in the first round?  The KIA doesn’t get shown to the world?  The choir came to Los Angeles for nothing?  Not a chance.  The NBA made no room for errors.  I mean think about it:  In the first round Blake did a 360.  It’s 2011 man!  A 360 gets you groans.  It was just a little too transparent for me to be on board, as bad as I wanted my dude Blake to win.  How about the actual game?  I was very impressed with the time of the game in which the level of seriousness was raised.  It’s usually the midway point of the 4th quarter when guys really choose to dig in, but this year it was more like halfway through the 3rd.  It had a different feel.  There wasn’t any wide open break aways or over-the-top goofing off this year.  I actually saw a hard foul or two.  I also saw some guys offering complaints to the officials for foul calls, which means these guys were engaged.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t game 7, but it wasn’t the rookie/sophomore game either.  It was only right that in his home town, Kobe snatched another All-Star MVP award, his NBA record tying 4th.  My favorite sequence was #24 flushing it on LeBron and coming back off a steal and draining a 3-pointer in back-to-back plays.  Impressive.  LeBron ate too though, putting up a triple double (29, 12,10) with a few highlights to boot.  Saying that these guys didn’t care about this game means that you didn’t watch.  Did you hear LeBron yelling at his East teammates in a second half timeout?  I thought it was really cool hearing the star of stars directing ‘his’ East.  I have plenty of more All-Star thoughts I’ll pour onto the airwaves today so tune in!


6 Responses to All-Star Rewind

  1. Michael S says:

    hey where has r dijohn been? he used to commetn on here all the time

  2. Dale Theiser says:

    For real u guys are crazy, Blake is the best dunker in the game that car dunk was insane. Buncha haters in here. DeRozan and Ibaka were WACK, get over it.

    • Michael S says:

      hahahahahhaa thats hilarious. stop buying into the ESPN hype of BLake Griffin – they talk about him non-stop, 24/7 he is WAAAYYY over hyped right now. The guy is a great talent right now but he is raw, he doesn’t even know how to play basketball yet (Barkleys words not mine). he’s got inflated stats due to being on a pisspoor team. car dunk is the most overrated dunk i’ve ever seen. i actually agree with the guy below me, griffin was the worst of the four dunkers, shouldn’t have even been in the finals. How did DeRozan get a 44 for a between the legs dunk off of the bar holding up the hoop? the fix was in (wink wink Kia)

  3. JB says:

    Shoulda been DeRozan and McGee in the finals and honestly McGee shoulda saved the two hoops for the finals that would won it. Griff was the worst of the dunkers.

  4. AuSSy says:

    Not going to lie im gonna say DeRozan’s one handed jam was underrated and probably the best dunk in the contest in my opinion.

  5. Jpalma says:

    McGees 3 ball dunk should of been enough to win the whole thing. I dont care who you are that is an impressive display of athleticism and coordination!! Griffins dunk over the hood of a car from the dotted line is just smoke and mirrors, Ibaka’s behind the foul line dunk destroys that every time.

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