All Star Weekend

I have to admit I’m a sucker for All-Star weekend.  I love the hype of the event.  I love how the place is jam-packed with celebrities, especially in a hot spot like Los Angeles.  Who isn’t pumped to see Ray Allen face his teammate Paul Pierce in the 3-point competition? Who isn’t siked to see Blake Griffin fall from the sky and (hopefully) blow our minds in the Slam Dunk competition?  Where else besides the celebrity game can you find Scottie Pippen, Justin Bieber, Magic Johnson, Rob Kardashian, Bill Walton and Jimmy Kimmel share the same spotlight?  The Skills Challenge is chuck full of A-list guys like Derek Rose, Chris Paul, John Wall and Stephen Curry, who will battle it out in an obstacle course full of shooting, dribbling and passing stations.  For a basketball junkie like myself it doesnt get much better.  All Star weekend brings me back when I would gather in my buddy’s basement with my high school teammates and run around with excitement over dunks and dimes.  I love big stages, gimmicks, celebrity athletes and hype.  Mix those in a bowl and sprinkle in some ‘Bieber fever’, add a dash of owner/players union lockout meetings and BAM!  You’ve got All-Star weekend.  All these events are great, but my guilty pleasure is the dunk contest.  Today I heard Colin Cowherd talking to Dominique Wilkins on ESPN radio about the contest and Wilkins said that he hadn’t seen anyone in the dunk contest, since he was in it, throw it off the backboard, catch it with one hand near the top of the square and finish hard.  I almost laughed.  Get over yourself ‘Nique.  There has literally been 20 better dunks since then.  And I actually mean 20.  J Rich in 2003 threw it off the glass and went between his legs!  No one wants to do the dunk Wilkins did because in 2011 that’s earns you a 7.  The contest has evolved.  It seems sacreligious to say, but Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins are no longer the best dunkers of all time…but it’s no fault of their own.  The contest was still in its early stages in the 1980’s.  As the years went on, building blocks from the MJ’s, Shawn Kemp’s and Dr. J’s of the world allowed the new generation to build off them.  No one had ever gone through their legs until 1994 when Isaiah Rider did it.  Who ever saw a reverse 360 windmill until Vince in 2000? Andre Iguodala was the first who caught a lob off the back of the glass in 2006.  No one had gone behind their back until J.R. Smith in 2009. Basically every new dunk that comes along is built off the past.  No man could build an engine until the wrench and hammer had been invented.  Guys like Dr.J, Jordan, Larry Nance, Wilkins and Spudd Webb were some of the standard bearers of the dunk contest dunks, but 80% of their content wouldn’t make us raise an eyebrow should we see it Saturday from Serge Ibaka.  It’s that timeless 20% that makes us pay homage to the ‘originals’.  I hope you enjoy All-Star weekend as much as I will.  I have the sophomores winning big Friday night in the rookie challenge, Stephen Curry winning the skills challenge, Ray Allen winning the 3-point shootout, Blake taking home the dunk contest trophy and the East winning the All-Star game but Kobe getting the MVP in his home town.  Below this and on the sidebar I’ve put together my favorite All-Star weekend moments.  Enjoy everybody!


10 Responses to All Star Weekend

  1. FACTS says:

    Byesline called a Kobe MVP
    Kobe won the MVP

    Suck on that fattie, “anonymous” loser hahahaha

  2. Jimmer Fredette says:

    Next year il be playing this sunday! mark it down Zach

  3. JB says:

    Lol at that comment considering there’s one mention of Kobe the whole post. “Anonymous” comments are the best!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can you write a story that doesn’t involve you sucking Kobe’s cock?

    • Ray T says:

      What a weird comment. You mad, anonymous loser?

    • Brian Lindsay says:

      Did we read the same article? Pretty sure he never mentioned Kobe once and I’ve never been a Kobe fan but I think if were talking about the the NBA all star game it’s deserving to mention his name and he didn’t do it once. If you want to make ridiculous comments like that why don’t you back it up with your name like I did

    • jimmy s says:

      I was gonna say I’m glad ‘brian’ said something because I was confused about the kobe comment. I think one sentence was devoted to Kobe haha people and comment boards are classic

  5. Anonymous says:

    Billie J is not my lover, she’s just a girl who thinks that I am the one but the kid is not my son!!!

  6. billy j. says:

    That was the worst halftime show I’ve ever seen for the rookie sophmore game…teach me how to dougie? Worst shit ever

  7. JB says:

    “Baby, baby, baby, Oooh” if the Biebs is gonna be there I’m watching LoL

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