So Close, Yet So Far

The Miami Heat are a good team, I don’t want to get that confused.  I just don’t think they’re that good.  If you look at who they’ve beaten, 75% of those teams are non-playoff teams.  On the other hand, their losses are mostly against contenders.  That’s not to say Miami hasn’t beaten the likes of the Lakers or Magic, but it’s my belief that when things get tough in the playoffs, even in the second round, the Heat will struggle against teams with a big front line.  Take a look at Sunday’s game as an example.  The Celtics ‘bigs’ of Garnett, Perkins, and Davis combined for 50 of Boston’s 85 points.  The Heat on the other hand got 9 points from Ilgauskas (who somehow is still a starting center in the NBA), which is actually 4 points higher than his average. Erik Dampier (Who is also somehow still a center in the NBA)  and Joel Anthony combined for zero points.  It’s highly unlikely that this Heat team, with no low post presence, will disrupt Boston’s war path back to the finals.  I tweeted @ Stephen A. Smith of ESPN on Saturday asking him about Orlando and why their seemingly legitimate puzzle pieces can’t seem to consistantly fit.  I’m super pumped to say he tweeted me back and said even with Dwight Howard, the Magic needed another frontcourt guy to help him out if they planned on coming out of the east.  And thats Orlando with the best center in the league.  Miami doesn’t have one legit center let alone two!  Look at the past decade with who has won championships in the league.  They all have post play.  The Lakers have two legit 7-footers, the Celtics before them in 2008 had bigs, the Spurs in their championships had them (Robinson, Duncan, Oberto, Elson), the Pistons certainly had them (Ben and Rasheed Wallace, Okur), and of course the Lakers 3-peat (Shaq, Horry, Walker, Grant etc.).  I’ve been saying all season that although the Heat will win alot of regular season games, they lack that ‘extra’ it takes to get past a team like Boston, who conveniently bolstered an already fierce frontcourt.  And besides the center position, the Heat don’t have a point guard!  Mario Chalmers has won the starting job, only to play 13 minutes yesterday, totalling 3 points and 2 assists.  The backup PG?  Eddie House.  House played 21 minutes and tallied 2 points and O assists.  So what we have here is arguably the 2 most important position on the floor, point guard and center, and the Heat lack both.  Luckily enough for Miami fans, they’re overly talented at the 2, 3 and 4 spots, which makes their success a bit deceiving.  It’s no wonder why the Heat are 0-3 against Boston this season, who have strength in both PG and ‘Bigs’.  The fact that the Heat are building chemistry, playing better together and winning games means they’re getting closer, but that doesn’t change how far away they still are.



Can someone tell me who DeMarcus Cousins thinks he is?  The rookie from the Kings was barred from his team flight after going wild on his teammates because he didn’t get the potential game winning shot against Oklahoma City on Saturday.  He apparently blasted his team and demanded that they show him more respect, despite being a rookie.  Cousins and teammate Donte Green were allegedly separated from throwing punches at one another (Green didn’t pass Cousins the ball and chose reigning rookie of the year Tyreke Evans instead).  First of all, Cousins wasn’t even open.  I watched the replay 3 times and Oklahoma played backside help defense perfectly, but Cousins couldn’t see it because the help came from behind him.  DeMarcus should have probably watched the replay too before he tried to verbally, and physically, attack his teammates.  Add this to the pile of dirt already on Cousins’ resume.  This guy was kicked off his high school team, had his maturity and work ethic questioned at Kentucky, and more than likely would have been an even higher pick than number 5 in the draft were it not for his reputation.  Where does he get off?  The sense of entitlement is what’s wrong with young pro athletes.  For so long Cousins has known that the knock on him is his character, and yet he’s still ‘wilding’ out on his teammates and coach.  He just doesn’t get it.  Cousins sat out against Phoenix on Sunday and, not-so-ironically, the Kings snapped their losing streak and beat the  Suns.   Go ahead DeMarcus, keep making your demands and fighting people who get in your way, see where that gets you. 


Notes: So with no Sunday night football, you know I was watching the Grammy’s.  Actually, not so much the Grammy show itself, I caught about half of that before I switched to The Godfather II.  And when I say Godfather II, I really mean keeping up with the Kardashians.  But the red carpet stuff beforehand was pretty entertaining.  It’s always fun to see Ryan Secrest interview people who are less rich and powerful than he is.  The hot topic of conversation was Lady Ga Ga inside that oversized uteris.  Like…really?  Unreal.  She literally had little disciples carrying her up the red carpet while she pressed her face to the outer layer of the ‘womb’.  To say it was “kinda freaky” would be like saying octo-mom was “kinda pregnant”.  Besides the fact that Lady Ga Ga is a genuis, she also must share the title of most outrageous/bizzare/eye-popping/non-human ever.  I can’t decide whether I want to shake her hand or torture her.  And by torture I mean make her listen to Bob Dylan sing.  Holy crap, the folk legend sounded like he swallowed a rack of knives and then hit the stage.  I’ve always thought Bob Dylan was the man, which makes the fact that his voice box sounded like a bull-frog lit on fire that much more depressing.  If I can love Jordan after he can no longer dunk or score 50, I’ll still love Bob Dylan. 


9 Responses to So Close, Yet So Far

  1. Michael says:

    Another great blog…Your writing keeps getting better.
    Miss talking sports with you.

  2. Michael S says:

    Cousins in a overweight fatty who is showing everyone that he doesnt care about conditioning or his game. he wants to play ball, “wile” out and demand respect but he’s got to learn it’s earned. what has he done to earn it? nothing. nada. zilch. zero. Evans, Udrih and Garcia are all guys I want taking that last shot before lazy cousins. demarcus better recognize he’s a nobody in this game, this ain’t Kentucky Colonel Sanders.

  3. JB says:

    Ok Miami fans, when your frontline gets compared to Samaki Walker… And your being referred to as the shorter end of the stick, you know you’re screwed.

  4. Nate says:

    What do you mean Jordan can no longer dunk or score 50? Didn’t you hear? He’s running in practice with the Bobcats. I smell a comeback!

  5. pop culture no-nothing says:

    im sure im the only guy who doesnt know about this but i dont get it, why is ga ga in that thing? and what is it?

  6. Stevie Jo says:

    Samaki fuckin Walker…what bout it? LOL

  7. Dan R. says:

    Am I dreaming or did Samaki Walker get a shout out in this post? LOL

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