Happy Weekend

Very exciting news: I got a call from Brian Sinkoff from 104.5 ‘The Team’ ESPN radio last night and it’s looking like I’ve been booked for 3 shows within the next month.  As things firm up I’ll have details and dates.  Thanks for the support!

The nightmare is over, Cleveland, as the Cavs finally beat another NBA team.  It’s only right that after 26 games it was the Cavs second cousin (by marriage to the loss column), the Clippers, who gave them the tally.  As I watched overtime from my living room, you could feel the energy building up in the Quicken Loans Arena.  And by the time the final horn went off, forget about it.  Complete jubilation.  The play-by-play caller and the color commentator (Who I have determined are both extreme ‘homers’ after listening to them for the last few years on NBA league pass; some of their stances and quotes are hilarious) were both trading punch lines that they’d surely lined up for the last month.  “The basketball gods have shined on Cleveland for a day!!”…”The streak! The streak is oovvveerrrrrrr.”  Cleveland fans were as excited for the halt of their streak as they were when LeBron would leave the ground for a few minutes and throw down a crazy dunk.  The players were practically rejoicing too, unable to wipe the smiles off their faces.  This proves that everything is relative.  And although I admittedly was happy for the fans of Cleveland, I felt bad that it had gone this far.  There is no way the fans, the owner or LeBron could have possibly known it would be this bad.  Since we’ve equated the “Decision” to that of a breakup, the Cavs would be the ex-girlfriend who you expect to be upset, maybe even depressed, only to find out that 6 months later she’s on heroine and selling her body on the street.  The single win by no means makes “her” healed, it might mean she merely stumbled upon a clean needle.  Sure the individual “streak” nightmare is over, but at some point you have to go back to sleep.  One streak is done, lets start another!

No matter what ‘headliner’ plays in New York, that town is, and has been, Kobe’s.  Blame it on the arena or the Knicks historic franchise, Bryant always manages to torch the Garden.  Yesterday was no different.  In the first quarter, Kobe went Kobe.  Of course the old “he’s on pace for…” never works out, but the fact that, after the first quarter, he was on pace to score 76 points is worth mentioning.  And while he ‘only’ finished with a game high 33, he could have certainly tacked on another 40-point outing to his Garden resume had he played an ounce in the fourth.  As ESPN pointed out, as soon as you saw rookie Landry Fields trying to guard Kobe in the first quarter, while wearing a pair of ‘Kobe’s’, you knew it was a wrap.  New York looked bad, playing absolutely no defense whatsoever.  The Knicks have now lost 12 of their last 17 games and sit with a .500 record overall (26-26).  I don’t think the Knicks need more help in terms of a big free agent as much as they need a committment to something.  Anything.  For as bad as their D was, the offense wasn’t much better.  Sloppy transition, poor execution.  It’s been my opinion that one free agent isn’t going to come in and turn the Knicks upside down.  The Knicks need a change in philosophy starting with their head coach.

Now I didn’t see the Penguins/Islanders live, but I wish I had.  After seeing the highlights, I would have driven to Uniondale, scalped a ticket, and walked back if I had to in order to see that game.  And when I say game what I really mean is an all out brawl that looked more like the Greasers v.s. Socs.  Bloods v.s. Crips.  Latin Kings v.s. whoever latin Kings fight.  Why did I help pay for the WWE Royal Rumble last Sunday if I knew I could watch it for free this week…on ice!  The teams tallied 346 penalty minutes.  I know some people want the fighting taken out of hockey but if you ask me, that’s like taking Jesus out of Christianity.  It just doesn’t have the same ring to it.  Friday’s game/brawl was the second highest total of penalty minutes in a NHL game ever.  Whats number one?  Thought you’d never ask, see the video’s on the sidebar, and watch Fridays brawl below.  Your Welcome.


4 Responses to Happy Weekend

  1. Big cat dog says:

    Congrats Zach! Three shows you are the man!!

  2. JB says:

    It’s only right that Rick Jeanerette has the number one play-by-play call on that top ten list (right sidebar). Go Sabres.

  3. Southwest says:

    Lebron Takes Flight!

  4. Tim K says:

    Love the LeBron toilet paper

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