Melo in Laker Land?

Carmelo Anthony to the Lake Show?  I’m not sure if this story has any real legs, but with the trade deadline in 2 weeks, we’ll find out sooner rather than later.  What I do know is that Chris Boussard, the reporter breaking the story, is no gimmick.  He’s usually right on point, so what he’s reporting certainly carries weight.  And what he’s reporting is that there was talks.  No negotiations.  Obviously you can’t jump into those negotiations without preliminary talks, but the Nuggets are on the clock so it wouldn’t surprise me whatsoever if the story picked up and continued to develop in the next 3 or 4 days.  I have serious questions about whether this is the right move for L.A.  Sure, you get a prolific scorer, All-Star and future hall of famer in his prime, but the fact is that the Lakers are in the middle of their own journey.  The same one they’ve been on for years.  Do they really need him?  I don’t buy the stock that because they havent performed great in January that they won’t win a third title.  Don’t forget they’re still missing Matt Barnes, a crucial piece to the puzzle.  I’m not saying Melo wouldn’t help L.A. at all, but losing Bynum is a bigger deal than losing 11 points and 7 rebounds.  They’re losing much-needed length.   That’s one of the Lakers strongest suits.  Remember, if they have to match up with a big, tough frontcourt like Boston, the Lakers rely on Bynum to be a presence and not just a stat stuffer.  By losing him, you have to play Pau at the Center where he’s not as comfortable as the Power Forward.  Furthermore, if the Lakers hypothetically went through with this trade, they’re basically abandoning the blueprint that has worked for the last three season.  What’s changed in L.A. since June?  Besides focused efforts, not much.  Artest is playing horrific, but he played terrible last season too (Besides game 6 of Conference Championship and game 7 of The Finals). On the other side of the coin, by bringing in Melo, the Lakers (And Kobe in particular) will have less of a scoring responsibility.  But is that what Kobe wants?  What about Pau?  Pau has already stated he wants the ball more, will this help?   The time for winning in Los Angeles is right now.  There is no time for a homogenization process similar to what Miami is going/went through.  Kobe turns 33 this summer and he hasn’t gained patience with his age.  When is the last time defending back-to-back champions tried breaking up their team mid-season?  Last week L.A. spoke with the Bobcats to unload Artest and this week it’s Bynum to Denver?  I’m not sure I agree with the panic mode.  From a Denver perspective, they need to get something done in the next 350 or so hours.  They will be clowned for years if they don’t get anything in return for a player of Melo’s caliber.  Holding on to him in hopes of the implementation of a franchise tag would be a very regrettable mistake.  For Denver, I know it hurts, but cut your losses and get what you can.  If that means getting less than first expected from New York, do it!  If it means just landing Bynum without a Odom, do it!  Ask Cleveland what it’s like to leave it to chance that a player will be in town the following season.  Looking at the situation from Melo’s perspective, why wouldn’t you want to go to L.A.?  Anthony said he wants that big market and wants to win.  If he wasn’t just lining up New York rumors and actually meant it, L.A. would be the place.  The biggest market (1B to New York) with the defending champions.  Whether he can deal with being ‘Robin’ is another issue.  Melo is used to getting what he wants.  Besides the olympic team, Melo’s always been the man.  From Syracuse until now.  It’s fun for any great player to look forward to confetti falling and clutching that golden ball in June, but is Melo cool with not being presented the ball first by David Stern?  Is he cool with not taking the last shots along the way?  Is he cool with being accountable to another alpha male for not playing defense every…single…possession?  Or is this entire conversation smoke and mirrors, pure leverage on behalf of Denver to get more pieces from N.Y.?   These are questions swirling in my head.  Any scenario at this point will be a huge change from what we’ve become accustomed to seeing since 2003.  Melo wearing blue and gold.  One of those colors will stay, whether he’s wearing blue and orange or purple and gold.


15 Responses to Melo in Laker Land?

  1. Michael S says:

    i can’t believe that buss would think that bynum is the next big thing for LA. the guy cant even make it through the season healthy, he was playing on half a leg in the finals! bynum is a great piece to the puzzle, an important piece, but he’s definitely not the next franchise player. this buss guy seems a little too vested in him and it sounds more like his own pride than anything, like the other guy said comparing him (possibly) to Al Davis who is notorious to keeping bad players in the lineup because he thinks at some point they’ll be good. Bynum is never going to be that guy and nate and evan are right, at some point you have to look to the future. i think summer of 2012 is that time and the lakers will get HOward.

  2. Evan Lane says:

    Firstly, i don’t think this trade will happen. Hypothetically if it did I think It would be a mistake. Nate, you make a great point when you talk about LA’s future beyond Kobe. However the middle of a potential championship year is not the time to think about future seasons. Right now LA should only be considering this championship. Looking beyond that immediate goal would make them much less likely to reach that goal. Yes it seems like Melo would be a great addition but i distinctly remember thinking Karl Malone and Gary Payton would be great additions. Repeating that mistake would be terrible and i would be willing to bet that if Jerry West were still in LA’s front office he wouldn’t be considering this. If it were August it would be a different story because i think Bynum is soft and that despite his ability the lakers can’t depend on him. But remember the lakers would have to give up more then just Bynum to get Melo. I think the best thing for the Lakers and more importantly the NBA would be for Melo to go to New York. I hope byesline is right when saying that possibly all this LA talk is just a ploy to get more leverage in New York.

  3. JB says:

    Nate great point about the next franchise “guy”. From what I’ve read, Buss’ son (the one responsible for drafting Bynum) thinks Bynum is the future, which is scary for LA fans considering the guy hasn’t got through a season without injury. Hopefully little Buss won’t be too stubborn (I.e. Al Davis) to realize he is eventually going to have to look elsewhere for his next “kobe”.

  4. Nate says:

    It’s a really interesting trade possibility, because while I think it would have some problems early on, ultimately, Kobe and Phil Jackson would find a way to make it work. But I think what makes it really interesting is that Melo is only 26. LA needs to start to think about life after Kobe and bringing in Melo right now opens up the possibility of totally skipping the rebuilding period in LA. You’d have about 2-3 season of transitioning it from Kobe’s team to Melo’s team, possibly winning a few championships in that time and then going from there with Melo in his prime.

    I think Byesline makes good points about the importance of length and the intangibles of Bynum, not to mention the fact that LA loves to build around a big man (wilt, kareem, shaq), but while Bynum is a nice piece to the puzzle he is not the Kobe replacement and never will be. Melo will never approach Kobe’s level, but he could be the perfect replacement for Kobe– you can definitely build a franchise around him.

  5. JB says:

    Lol at the Harris comment. I do miss laughing at him.

    Regarding this deal: no way it happens. I don’t see Kobe allowing it to work, a much as I hate to say it, and I don’t get how it would make LA better. Sure u get a great scorer, but you lose defense and you lose a threat in the post. Byesline got it right with Bynum being way more than just 11 and 7. LA without Bynum is 0-1 in the Finals, with him they’re 2-0. Just sayin.

  6. Michael S says:

    Melo only plays defense when he wants to, that’s a problem considering LA is a good defensive team. they need bynum’s length, period. anyway this trade is NOT going to happen. If it does I will streak across the streets in the dead of winter.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Whoa Tim k pump ur breaks sport. Melo is great but won’t be best player in LA if he needs up in LA,if Kobe is still there he will always be the best and if he isn’t blake will be the best

  8. Tim K says:

    Yo u guys r off ur rocker, how can bringing Carmelo on your team hurt???…not talking sence, hes one of the leagues best scorers and plays hard, where would Denver be without him?? in 2 years he’ll be the best player in LA and running shit

  9. Michael S says:

    this is not a good move for LA. Byesline you said it, it would be the same thing as what happened with lebron and wade except at the worst possible time. melo and kobe both need the ball in their hands and they just got done sayin pau needs to be more aggressive. it sounds good because its melo but bynum is more valuable in the triangle and with their defense. i dont see this happening, the buss family is too smart for it.

  10. Greg says:

    If melo ends up a Laker im going to kill myself

    • J palma says:

      haha im with you man. Melo needs to be in new york and new york needs him!!!! Lets see that good ol’ bulls knicks east coast rivalry back in action!! Oh and keep it up zach never a dull read here on byesline

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