It’s All Love

Kevin Love is a ‘problem child’.  He posted 27 points and 17 rebounds last night as the Timberwolves toppled the Hornets 104-92 in New Orleans.  Kevin Love is the only thing stopping the Wolves from being the Cavs.  Cleveland of course just set the NBA’s all time losing streak at 25 games with the heartbreaker to Dallas on Monday 99-96.  But as bad as Cleveland is, the Timberwolves have won just 4 more games!  The Cavaliers have 8 wins and a staggering 44 losses this season, with Minnesota only winning 12 and losing 39.  Apples to apples if you ask me.  But were it not for Love, SportsCenter may be using the Timberwolves as their punch lines instead of the LeBron-less Cavs (Or at least sharing the spotlight).  Who plays in Minnesota anyway?  Corey Brewer?  Bassy Telfair?  Darko (who honestly isn’t having one of his traditional ‘Darko’ seasons, he’s actually 3rd in the NBA in blocks) surely isn’t ready to play a major role on a team that’s competitive.  Besides Luke Ridnour and Love, I can’t tell you who else I like as a winner.  As in they show ‘winners’ qualities on the court.  Please don’t say Beasley.  Love is single-handedly keeping the TWolves above water (If you call 12 wins above water).  Take away Love’s franchise record 37 straight double doubles, and what would you be left with?  Think about this…for as bad as Minnesota is, they’re #1 in the NBA in rebounding! LOL “it’s all Love.”  Instead of figuratively burning years off his career in Minnesota (Like KG did), when Love becomes an unrestricted free agent he needs to have his bags already packed.  Why would he stay?  His teammates are 3rd and 4th rate guys.  His coach, Kurt Rambis, wasn’t even fully on board with Love until feeling pressure from the owner, media and pretty much anyone who was watching the Wolves, who all agreed there was no reason Love shouldn’t be playing more.  It sounds ridiculous considering the following year he’s now an all-star.  Through the Rambis drama and his team’s disappointing season, Love has kept an even keel and has been one of the most consistant players in the NBA.  I’m looking forward to watching KLove continue to bully-foot more athletic frontcourts for the rest of the season. 


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