Leader of the Pack

The Green Bay Packers are once again Super Bowl champions.  I’m a believer now.  For a reason that I can’t really put my finger on, I wasn’t completely on board with Green Bay until confetti was falling and I was left with no choice.  No other choice but to admit Aaron Rodgers is the real deal.  Even up to the fourth quarter, I was waiting for that first big mistake from Rodgers.  Maybe because he had never been on the biggest stage before. Maybe it was because the Steelers defense had been so effective all year (top 5 in interceptions, yards allowed, points allowed, sacks, plus the defensive player of the year), but I assumed either by Rodgers slipping up or Pittsburgh’s pressure, fortunes for the Steelers would turn, but it never came.  Besides a short stretch in the second half where you could feel Pitt was gaining momentum, Green Bay had complete control of the game.  And even though Rodgers was getting touched a bit, he never seemed to get too rattled.  He just stayed in the pocket and play by play picked apart the defense.  For as good a running quarterback as Rodgers is, he didn’t really have to run on Sunday.  It’s unusual to have an offense that unbalanced have that kind of success.  The Packers barely bothered running the ball at all.  Just 50 yards on the ground on 13 carries.  Meanwhile, Rodgers was becoming the fourth QB in Super Bowl history to throw for 300 yards, 3 touchdowns and zero picks.  The beneficiaries of Rodgers’ success was the usual suspect Greg Jennings and surprise dark horse Jordy Nelson, who finished with 140 yards receiving, a Packers Super Bowl record.  Nelson had just one 100+ yard receiving game this year, and besides that game against the Giants in week 16, he broke 70 yards only once all season.  Where was Troy Polamalu?  He had very little impact on the game, if any.  I don’t know if I heard James Harrison’s name mentioned either.  Even with the lack of impact by the Steelers in general, I thought it was a solid game.  Despite the errors that Roethlisberger made, he still had a final crack at one of his 4th quarter comebacks.  But that final drive attempt was a microcosm of the game as a whole.  What else can you ask for in a Super Bowl?  A potential game winning drive with under 2 minutes to play, I’ll take that scenario every time. 


The Steelers weren’t the only losers on Sunday.  Christina Aguilera managed to screw up the only responsibility put on her.  Just don’t embarrass yourself or our national anthem.  Fail and fail.  You have to know the words.  That’s 1A.  The lashback she’s receiving is a bit harsh, but the fact is that you’re a professional who, supposedly, has been singing the anthem since you were 7 years old.  At least the Wack Eyed Flees Black Eyed Peas helped her terrible performance blend in with theirs.  Good god.  I’m usually not one of these people who piles on, but today I am making an exception.  According to Mike Tirico, after he watched the rehearsal, the Peas’ performance was supposed to be the best in years.  Where does he get off saying that?  I put yesterday’s halftime show behind that of The Who, Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones and Janet Jackson’s nipple.  No joke.  A thousand person light show can only help so much.  Fergie needs some auto tune sprinkled in there.  Just an overall sour showing.  Stick with the classic artists.  You can’t go wrong.  The commercials were pretty funny.  I loved the Doritos one the best where the dude is just sucking every morsel of cheese off his buddies finger while quivering and showing an ‘O-face’.  Very funny.  I also liked when the little kid dressed as Vader thinks his powers started the car.  Cute. 


3 Responses to Leader of the Pack

  1. #1 Packer Fan says:

    Hellooo I hope everybody can now appreciate Aaron Rodgers as the best QB in football. He doesnt have the titles (yet) that Brady has but im telling u Arog is the best pure passer in the NFL and can also run as good as anyone besides Vick!!

  2. Kevin says:

    hahahaha i actually heard he said that

  3. Michael S says:

    “Y’all leave Christina alone i was just informed that was the remix. The nfl was running behind so she was sweet enough to help us out.”
    – DeionSanders Twitter Account last night

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