Luster Lacking

It’s one of the biggest weekends of the year!  The Pro Bowl! I shouldn’t have to point out the sarcasm, but surely someone would challenge me on the comment board.  Is it just me, or is the Pro Bowl the most irrelevant game ever?  The game, in terms of interest, is certainly in last place compared to the other major sports ‘All-Star’ games.  There’s a few reasons why.  Firstly, the other sports (Basketball, Baseball, Hockey) hold their respective ‘All-Star’ games in the middle of the season.  I find this marginally better because the interest in the players and the seasons they’re having are still relevant.  It’s a midway point where the league takes a deep breath and puts on a festival of sorts. The Pro Bowl feels more like a consolation game.  The energy at the event is different from the other sports as well.  Specifically in Baseball and Basketball, ‘All-Star’ weekend feels like a larger than life event.  Baseball has those celebrity softball games, along with the home run derby, which brings the biggest slugging stars to the stage to put on a show.  Sure, it’s a gimmick event, but there’s a reason why they still do it.  It’s a raging success.  We can all name specific home run derby moments for a reason.  Can you name, off-hand, 5 memorable Pro Bowl moments?  (That don’t involve Sean Taylor purposely trying to kill Punter Brian Moorman).  How about basketballs ‘All Star’ weekend?    The 3-point shootout, the dunk contest, the skills competition, the celebrity game, the Rookie-Sophomore game and the actual All-Star game itself.  I remember when Jordan came back with the Wizards and hit a game tying shot to go into overtime.  How about when T-Mac tossed it off the glass to himself?  The dunk contest memories themselves carry more weight than the entire history of the Pro Bowl.  Hell, even Hockey has a decent skills competition and the game that garners some interest.  Think about it: It’s our nation’s most popular sport by far, with some of the biggest stars in all of sports in the same place, playing in the same game, and somehow it’s an afterthought.  Literally, “after” everything. As in the season.  As in the interest of the fans and players.  You think these guys are still mentally ‘checked in’?  Most of the Pro Bowler’s seasons have ended weeks ago and they’ve since been lying on a beach somewhere drinking Patron.  Granted, I’ll hand it to the NFL.  Making the game one week before the Super Bowl does help a bit.  But not enough for me to sit down and watch the whole thing (Unless I bet the over, 64 lol).  I’m not sure if moving the game to mid-season is a real option or not, but at least throw me a bone on some interesting skills competitions.  See which QB throws the farthest long ball from their knees.  Pass, punt, kick competition?  Punter accuracy contest?  (OK, maybe not a punter contest) But I’ll take anything other than what we’ve got now.  Oh, and this year the NFL has assigned two college coaches from Japan to assist Patriots Bill Belichick and Falcons Mike Smith in hopes of expanding interest to Asia.  LOL.  I wonder what ‘suprise attacks’ they’ll bring on offense?  (70 year old digs are still on the table, lol, but I’m kidding).  Anyway, enjoy your Pro Bowl Sunday night.  And if you don’t, you’re probably in good company.

I try not to bring my own personal friendships into the fold too much because I would end up writing about my buddies who still play hoops all the time.  But this, this I cannot ignore.  My good friend and former teammate Steve Dagostino has been doing big things.  Dude is a former 1st team DII All-American and Northeast 10 (The Big East of DII) player of the year, twice, while playing at The College of Saint Rose in Albany.  Dags is over in England playing professionally, and his squad, the Sheffield Sharks, made it to the BBL Cup, one of the most highly regarded championships in England.  Not only was the NIA arena sold out, but the Sharks were playing the first place team and favorites, the Mersey Tigers.  My boy went out and had the spotlight in a choke hold as he hit a championship record 8 freaking 3-pointers, and netted another championship record, 35 points.  2 records, one championship, and one MVP award.  He deserves this praise because 1) I know he won’t tell you personally (unless he’s had a drink), and 2) I know how hard he’s worked to get there.  So shout out to my boy “Daggie” for killing those pinky raising, crumpet eating, tea drinking ‘Brits’ and bringing home the Cup and some hardware.


3 Responses to Luster Lacking

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok we get it Tyler, you have a weird obsession with Jimmer so that you comment about him on blog posts that have nothing to do with it… we get it. YOU MAD.

  2. tyler schmitz says:

    Correction: I’m only watching the Pro Bowl if Jimmer watches. Or if he is playing in it… I havent checked the rosters yet but I have to believe the 518 voted him in.

  3. tyler schmitz says:

    I’m only watching the Pro Bowl if Jimmer does.

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