Seeing Is Believing

Jimmer freaking Fredette went off yet again!  This man never pulls a ‘no show’.  In the biggest game in the history of the Mountain West conference,  Jimmer again managed to hold the spotlight hostage as he poured in 43 points in a 71-58 win over the #4 team in the nation, San Diego State.  I’m not sure if there’s another player in this entire country, whether it’s Sullinger from Ohio State or Kemba Walker from UConn, that could make you forget about a first round draft pick on the opposing team who put up a monster double double.  San Diego State’s Kawhi Leonard was absolutely sick in his own right.  The super-sophomore had 22 points and 15 rebounds, getting his points in a variety of ways from putbacks to three pointers.  But sharing the court with Jimmer, Kawhi’s performance is somehow forgettable.   I’m not sure if the 24 NBA scouts that were there caught the same vibe that I did, but it was almost like every time Jimmer caught the ball, I held my breath.  What would he do this possession?  Pull from 35?  Make the D play him 40 feet away from the cup only to blow right by them?  Or would he put a crossover dribble on his defender that would make Allen Iverson wish for his younger days?  Seriously though, the one cross he pulled on the perimeter for the step back 3 pointer was shockingly similar to Stephen Curry.  This kid is doing it against opposing teams top defenders who have structured entire game plans in order to slow him down.  Dude is averaging 35 ppg in conference play, more than 10 points higher than any other player in the country in their respective conference games.  You have got to be doing something absurd to have Kevin Durant, after his 47 point game (tying the NBA’s highest scoring outburst this season), hopping on Twitter and saying “Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world.”  WOW.  Even Durant is a ‘Jimmer Junkie’.  Now I’ve heard the criticism that his handle isn’t as tight as it needs to be for the next level…maybe so.  But if you think that his ball handling still isn’t one of the top in the nation, your wrong.  Period.  His body control is also wayyy above average.  I’d compare the way he uses his frame to seal off his more athletic defender to a guy like Paul Pierce.  Both Jimmer and Pierce don’t out-jump people when they score, but somehow finish layups and jumpshots alike by using their body as a shield to create space between the ball and the defender.  (To the knuckleheads:  I’m not saying Jimmer is Paul Pierce).   So what is the knock on Jimmer that has doubters/haters from saying he is a lottery pick?  Just one year ago I found myself and one other teammate of mine arguing the point against 10 other guys that Jimmer would even be in the NBA!  6 months later, it’s not whether he’ll be in the league, but if he’ll get drafted in the first round.  Currently it’s not whether so much he’s a first rounder, but if he’s a lottery pick.  Who needs to say it to make you believe?  Jay Bilas?  Jay Williams?  Phil Jackson?  Try making the decision for yourself.   Like it or not, Jimmer is making the case for not only the best player in college basketball, but is thrusting himself into the conversation of the great college seasons of all time.  Sound sacreligious?  If it does I don’t blame you because it feels a bit bizarre even typing it, but why not?  Isn’t Stephen Curry in that conversation?  (Last time I checked Stephon Curry’s jersey is hanging in the basketball hall of fame in Springfield for his memorable senior season) J.J. Redick? Adam Morrison?  Tell me what they did that he’s not doing?  Jimmer has his BYU team, who would be getting zero national attention without him, ranked in the top 10, while leading the nation in scoring!  Dude has gone for 40 plus in 3 of his last 4 games!  Why are we still hedging our bet?  Because there aren’t even a handful of 6 foot 2 inch, white skinned, curly-haired guards in the league?  Forget what you think you know, seeing is believing.  Jimmer will be invited to the NBA draft and will be sitting at one of those rounds tables with his family getting his name called in the first round.  Let me also jump the gun and say in one year he’ll be playing in the NBA’s rookie/sophomore game.  He’s shattered every ceiling you or I put on him, why would he stop?



24 Responses to Seeing Is Believing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yo kid they, BYU, got beat. But Jimmer played solid. This was a classic let down game after beating SDS. One game lol, Lakers lost to Sac, Boston lost to Phoenix last night… Is Kobe a scrub because of 1 game. How about Rondo or Pierce? You never use one game to form a whole theory. Btw even the announcers were saying Fredette’s defense is underrated. Just face it Tyler you’re a hater tried and true! Jimmer will be the player of the year and you’ll be crying when it happens. And u got NO evidence he won’t be good in the pros. He’s fast, got handle, can shoot from friggin half court, split double teams, creates space going to the hole, and can make the pass. HATER!

    • tyler schmitz says:

      weird how the idea that all college basketball players in the nation be given an equal amount of discussion time as the 518’s boyfriend and this entire weak sauce blog blows up….If I was BL id write about Jimmer every day. He doesn’t have to be a lotto pick (he wont be), play in a legit conference (tell me B10, B12, BE or ACC are better) or actually do anything in the tourney (he won’t mostly cause his supporting cast is miserable but im sure my hataz will ignore that) to get uncondiitional love from these clowns.
      anybody who sayz “Jimmer” might be getting too much hype round here: If U say this, the jimmer will quickly be compared with a bunch of top 2 picks (which he isnt) like Lebron, Durant, and Beasley. I also wouldn’t ever recommend suggesting that poor crunch time numbers like 5-16 in the 2nd half, and 2-8 down the stretch, when it matters, are bad stats as the jimmer isnt accountable because as long as he is (quoting this blog today) “the only good player on a mediocre team” or shouldnt be hated on because he is “a kid from the area” and cause apparently the nba “needs a player like jimmer”. I do really hope the nba gets its wish and lands the jimmer. that said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Jimmer is a mormon. I had to check wikpedia, but i do have good news….who am i kidding, it is GREAT news for the 518. he doesnt have to pick just one of his admirors! He can marry a bunch of people! You play your cards right and the whole 518 can (hypothetically) marry the jimma! (ladies only)…..fingers crossed…..(you guys dont remind me at all of the kevin bacon time warner cable commercial)…

      • I keeps it Real says:

        Ok all joking and stuff aside, are you really serious? It’s not just the 518 giving him love, have you heard of ESPN? Yea they had a national poll in which Jimmer was voted to be the favorite for the national player of the year in all states but Ohio and Connecticut. I may have missed the part where for that day the entire country, save those two states, changed their area code to 518. Jim Rome devoted an entire segment of his show to Jimmer, as did Colin Cowherd and Scott Van Pelt… all huge national radio shows. Now if those guys are giving him hype, what do you expect 518 to do? Do you think the Capital Region gives a crap about Sullinger, Singler or Jones? They care about a guy who came from there who is the front runner for the MVP of college BBall. I seriously have a hard time grasping what is so difficult for you to understand about this. And now you’re taking weak cracks at the guy’s religion. Wow. Classy move Tyler, your parents raised you right. I’m sure you wouldn’t be one to take the time to realize that it’s the fringe of the LDS that has multiple marriages. You’re probably the same guy who classifies all republicans like Rush Limbaugh and all Democrats like Michael Moore, right?
        What’s really your problem with Jimmer? Should that have been you out there? Did coach not give you the credit you deserved in middle school and it ruined your path to the NBA? Come on, why don’t you just tell us all what happened that turned you into the pathetic bitter D-bag you are today.

      • Mike says:

        Idk if u watched the tournament the past few years but BYU has been in it every year since Jimmer has been on the team and they haven’t been one and done. So I’m guessing it’s the same for this year. Yes he is Mormon, I didn’t have to check wiki on that, it’s one of the reason he chose BYU, cause it’s a Mormon school. He was scouted by other big schools, Cuse being one of them, but good thing he didn’t go there cause according to you, he’s only good cause he’s in the Mountain West Conference. He’d prolly be riding the bench at Cuse. NOT. No one is sayin he’s gunna be a star in the NBA. Maybe he will be another Tyler Hansborough, best player in college but can’t handle the pro’s. But anyway, He was compared to Durant and Beasley cause you bashed him for having such a “bad” game when he scored 32 with 6 3’s when both of them have had terrible games in college. I guess a bad game to you is 40. Durant said “Jimmer Fredette is the best scorer in the world.” a little far fetched but still, coming from the defending scoring champ on a night he himself scored 47, you’ve gotta have some respect. You’re saying Jimmer is a flash because he’s the only good player on a mediocre team? That’s like saying Lebron isn’t good cause he was the only amazing player on a terrible team with the Cav’s but managed to carry them. If anything, I think it shows he’s a better player cause he’s carrying a team on his back. Oh and you got your wish, I compared him to all 3 of the players. So I don’t know where you’re from, or why you hate Jimmer. Fan of San Diego possibly? Are you upset that he single handedly ruined your perfect season? You’re fighting a losing battle as the only hater in the 518, if you are from the 518.

  2. FACT CHECK says:

    How’d he do today? 32 point on 46 percent shooting; he’s the only good player on a mediocre team… That means ALL the other team tries to do is stop him. And they still can’t. Please tell us all how BYU losing but Jimmer having a great game makes Jimmer overrated. Let me guess, you think LeBron James was overrated after the game 6 loss to Boston even though he had a triple double? Haha you’re a joke!

  3. Dear Tyler says:

    haha bro u say hes over rater after a game?? lol u obviously arnt in tune with whats going on…you probably would have written off #1 pick in the NBA draft Kevin Durant when he was at texas after he put up only 10 pts against LSU, then followed that up with a 11 pt game against texas st?? How about when Michael Beasly put up 13 pts against Rider. Yes, Rider. 5 pts against Xavier… Yeaaaa…we call that anecdotal evidence buddy.

  4. James says:

    I love to see a player from the Capital District make it like Jimmer has. Jimmer’s unique skill set makes it difficult to project out how he will preform in the nba but I, like the majority of the area, want to see one of our own succeed at the highest level.

  5. tyler schmitz says:

    Jimmer has had an incredible college career and I mean that sincerely.

    That said, I cannot stand the over the top 518 love for Jimmer. Cool everyone, in high school you played against and/or watched and/or lived within an hour or so of the next Eddie House. Congratulations… Walker, Sullinger, Singler, and Terrance Jones, along with at least 15 or so other players, are having incredible years and will undoubtedly get drafted before Jimmer, yet he commands more attention in this area than all of them put together simply because the 518 apparently now lives vicariously through him.

    As for his pro prospects, go check the list of the last 15 NCAA D1 scoring leaders (Reggie Williams is the 2nd most successful pro behind Steph Curry) before you assume that a volume shooter, defense never chucker will undoubtedly make it as a pro. and yes I think the fact that their arent a lot of “6 foot 2 inch, white skinned, curly-haired (slow, no D, one dimensional, shoot first) guards in the league” are reasons enough to feel comfortable putting Jimmer’s ceiling, best case, as a offense oriented, shoot first second and third sparkplug off the bench.

    • "yo ass better calll someboddyyy" says:

      “518 love” ? Is that what u call being interviewed 3 straight days on ESPN? Are the NBA teams that invited him to play for team USA hung up on the 518 as well? How about the New York Knicks who invited him to work out for them last summer, are they scratching Glens Falls back? lol the fact that you would say he’s one demensional just proves you either A) havent watched a game this year or B) Dont kow what your watching when you do watch. Obviously one demensional means he has one demension, as in just shooting i presume? what about breaking guys down off the dribble (1 of the best in the country), creating space (one of the best in the country), knifing himself into the teeth of the defense (again, one of the best, and btw this isnt something that a avergae fan can appreciate, its a unbvelieveable skill that collapses a defense and creates for himself and others), oh and if NBA teams and scouts who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to evaluate these decisions are putting stock in him, im pretty sure they know more than you or me. Im pretty sure they think he has potential to play in the NBA for years, or the conversation wouldnt even get this far. Is he a lock down defender? no, but is steve nash? steve blake? sabastain telfair? chalmers? nope, nope, nope and nope. Although I don’t think he’ll be as good as the blogger believes, hes def gonna play for a while in the NBA which is more or less what i thought he was saying.

    • Colin says:

      Yo Tyler none of those players are having the year Jimmer is, check yourself.

    • Mike says:

      whats wrong with showin love for a kid from the area? Dont hate cause ur not in his shoes.

    • I Keeps it Real says:

      Volume shooter? Jimmer is averaging 48% from the field! That’s with a lot of shots from 3… and many of those a couple steps from inside half court! Wake up man.

      • tyler schmitz says:

        howd ya boy do today? …. overrated

      • Mike says:

        32 pts and 6-9 from the 3 point range? I would say he didn’t do too bad.

      • tyler schmitz says:

        They just got beat by a bunch of nobodies. Jimmer looked decent early but disappeared down the stretch (he was like 5-16 in the 2nd half or something). His patented traffic pylon imitation defense was the only consistent part of his afternoon.

  6. Dwayne says:

    u people are fucking nuts! Jimmer is not a NBA player LOL , ill admit he will get drafted, but will be out the league and in Europe soon

    • I Keeps it Real says:

      Just keeping it real bro? You’re a moron. Let’s just continue keeping it real, can we? If Jimmer was a 6’2″ kid who had black skin and an afro, we’d be talking about him being the “next big thing”. FACT.

  7. Mike says:

    Fredette is insane. He will deff be a late first round draft pick to a team like Miami Boston or Magic. JJ and Jimmer playin on the same court? Awesome. I still think it’s mind blowing that Jimmer Fredette is the leading scorer in NCAAM and is getting this much national attention when just 5, 6 years ago we were in the Scotia Glenville and Glens Falls gymnasiums chanting whats a Jimmer? I think we all know what a Jimmer is now.

  8. anthony says:

    Zach, great blog today, I agree I can see Jimmer going as a lottery to a team. Regardless of what people may say the NBA needs a player like jimmer and will always have a spot for a pure shooter of his caliber. Come march when BYU gets a seeding around a 2,3, or 4 I think people will be tuning into watch this team play solely for the purpose to watch the game most exciting player. Ratings for when BYU plays will top any other game due to one player, now that is ridiculous.

  9. Brian Lindsay says:

    Zach great points….as for the person who thinks zach is nuts. A) You clearly don’t follow very closely and just prejudge and B) I think it’s funny you have to be “Anonymous” to speak out. I think you should have the balls to put your name up and to give some reason as why in the world you think he is nuts

  10. Steve says:

    If fredete doesnt get player of the year the whole system is messed up

  11. Anonymous says:

    what are you talking about ? your nuts!

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