Happy Divisional :)

I can honestly say I could not have asked for a more fun and smooth experience hosting Brian Sinkoff’s show on ESPN radio for the last two days.  It was a tremendous success.  The topics, the callers, the producers; everything seemed to be on point.  Thanks to everyone; friends and family for tuning in.   I definitely want to double back and hit a few things from the two shows.  Firstly, from Thursday’s show talking about Brandi Favre (Bret’s sissy) and her Meth den getting raided, I was listing signs that someone may be addicted to Meth.  I think what I forgot to say was I was reading those ‘signs and signals’ from a medical website…instead I think it came off that I was just rambling on about crystal meth lol (Which after watching intervention, I will do from time to time).  The ‘Sink or Swim’ from Friday’s show on which football matchup from this weekend is the most interesting was like trying to pick who I like better, my brother or my sister.  Coke or Pepsi.  Magic or Bird.  I love them all, and to pick one is tough, but I clearly made the right decision.  The Ravens/Steelers matchup makes what little hair I have on my arms stand up.  I equated the game to two bullies in school, stuffing Chess-club kids (The Browns and Bengals of the world) into lockers, until one fine day they bump shoulders in the cafeteria and decide to bang it out after school.  Heavyweights.  Smashmouth.  Slobber-Knocker.  Hard nose.  I can’t freaking wait.  If the Jets end up beating the Pats, I’ll download the fireman Ed app onto my phone and have that pycho scream J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS every time I get a call for a whole week…which for a Bills fan is the equivalent of downloading the audio of your own Mother in labor.  Pierces the ear drum.  I hope everyone understands that this weekend is a holiday for red-blooded American’s.  Divisionals man!  After this weekend we’re looking at three more games and ‘POOF’ it’s over.  Enjoy the taste while it lasts.  Don’t gulp it.  Swish it around and savor the taste, because once it’s gone…


One Response to Happy Divisional :)

  1. hot rod says:

    Go JETS, J-E-T-S. What a victory. They shut down Brady and company. Bend but wouldn’t break. Even the final Pats TD, due to excessive celebration and thus excellent field position, was typical Jets. Prediction – Jets and Packers in Dallas.

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