The Cavs and the Cav-Not’s

The Cleveland Cavaliers are crashing and burning.  The crash is their season.  The burning is from their L.T.D. (LeBron Transmitted Disease). The loss on Tuesday night to the Lakers, 112-57, is the culmination of what has been an abomination of a season in C-Town.  We all knew the Cavs wouldn’t be the same without LeBron, but the recent performance is something that would make even the Clippers feel like the 72-win Bulls.  It’s not so much the fact that they’re losing that makes this latest run so unique, but how they’re doing it.  Firstly, the point total of 57 is the lowest in franchise history.  That’s just over 14 points a quarter.  These guys are NBA players, right?  The Cavs have lost 8 straight, and out of their last 22 games played, they’ve lost 21.  Does everyone now understand why LeBron left?  This is his squad folks.  The same squad he led to the 2007 finals.  Granted a few guys, including Anderson Varejao, are hurt and that’s a huge hit considering how hard he plays and what he means to that team, but c’mon.  I dare you to take a peek at the box score from last night (make sure you have a barf bag nearby).  Not one starter finished in double figures!  Manny Harris finished with 8 points and played 41 minutes! LOL.  Wait…Who’s Manny Harris?  And how is he starting for a NBA team?  And he, by Cleveland standards, played well!  He was the 3rd leading scorer.  The big dog from the Cavs last night was Alonzo Gee, the leading scorer and rebounder with 12 and 8.  The starting five combined for 23 points.  Inversely, the Lakers had 7 players in double digits. I feel legitimately bad for Cav’s coach Byron Scott, who took the Cleveland job under the impression LeBron may stay in town, and was left with the worst end of a deal since the Native Americans sold Manhattan for some beads and trinkets in the 1600’s.   During the 4th quarter last night, Bron Bron hopped on his twitter and banged out this message: “Crazy.  Karma is a b****.  It’s not good to wish bad on anybody.  God sees everything.”  Whoaa, LeBreezy getting a little spiritual.  Karma and God?  Well blessed be.  Obviously this was a direct shot at Cav’s owner Dan Gilbert who has been media-beefing with LeBron since “The Breakup.”  The Heat are also in L.A. to play the Clippers, so both teams were supposed to share the same hotel in the city of Angels, but the Cavs (I’m sure under orders of Gilbert) switched to another.  Were they afraid to run into LeBron and his two new BFF’s in the hallway or at the continental breakfast?  Were they going to get jammed up at the only waffle maker?  I’m not sure, but to me that move shows weakness.  LeBron broke up with Cleveland, got a new date that’s smoking hot…so it only makes sense the original date wouldn’t want to run into their ex.  Mo Williams tweeted after the game: “I feel like I can’t even show my face in Cleve.”  That might be better off Mo.  Stay inside that Motel 6 you guys are staying at (They’ll leave the light on for you).  Where’s all that brash toughness we heard from Dan Gilbert?  All that jive-talk and promises?  Turns out, the only thing Cleveland is promised is a high draft pick.


Notes:  Just want to give a heads up to everyone that within the last 2 to 3 weeks I’ve been in contact with the capital region’s affiliate for ESPN radio.  They called me, I interviewed, and eventually was offered the position of alternate for both “Sound off with Sinkoff” and “The Noe Show.”  Whenever they are sick or on vacation, I’ll be doing the majority of those shows, starting this Thursday, January 13th and Friday the 14th for Sinkoff from 3-7 pm.  Check it out on 104.5 FM ‘The Team’, ESPN radio.


30 Responses to The Cavs and the Cav-Not’s

  1. blamk says:

    good article, but one thing is for sure is that the cavs are a joke. without lebron on the cavs theyre traash. just as i watched the heat without the king play vs the nuggets… without the king are the heat trash? not as bad trash, but capable to lose to any solid playoff team

  2. Nate says:

    Congrats on the radio gig Zac. I’m hoping to be able to catch some of it online.

  3. Joe Harris says:

    What a game last night, Magic hit some big threes to take the Hornets in the hive to overtime, but they couldn’t get it done for the 10th straight win. I asked Dwight Howard what they could have done differently and he said they didn’t move the ball well enough. i loved messing with you guys with those fake links, pretty funny huh? I do work for the nba but as i am travelling and very busy I cant just go ahead and prove it with links it would compromise the security of my position as well as the privacy issues of the nba and its employees. rocco please stop talking about me, i know you wish you could be me – just get over it uneducated one! a friend sent me a picture from facebook where you are posing naked with a mangina – very disturbing indeed!!!! till next my readers, shirt off pants off shoes off .. weigh in!!!

    • billy j. says:


    • JB says:

      This has to be the funniest comment in the history of Byesline. Its too absurd to be real but we’ve seen too much of Joe to thinks its a joke. Talked to Howard????? Hahahahahaha Security of the position? Hahaahahahahaha and I won’t even comment on the facebook picture, even though I practically spewed my soda laughin at it. You’re ridiculous joKe harris

    • Evan Lane says:

      Joe im searching for the words to respond to everything you have said. I really don’t even know what to say. We have all tried to get through to you so badly and express that everything you say is so clearly bullshit. Reading your comments makes me want to reach through the internet and choke you until you understand what you look like to us. If you were anyone on this blog who reads what you write and could see how it appears, you would hang yourself. I know that none of this will get through to you but i still feel compelled to “weigh in” you did ask for it

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Hahahah my man Joke Harris! If this picture is actully out there I would love to see it!. You lied about everything else on here let me see proof you idiot. LOL Till the next time you write and I correct… RD

      • Joe Harris says:

        dont play games rob dijohn you know that it was out there and once it is out there it is always out there!!! this is the 21st century BOY! evan i would never hang myself, far too many people rely on my Insider Information – I realize my importance and would never let my fans and Harrisons down. Thanks for weighing in though… druggie!
        What an upset last night in Denver, wow did the Nuggets ever dismantle the Heatles! I’m sorry that Byesline lost that $10 bet to Noe but I think we can all agree that he did a superb job in his radio cast correct? Good local talk and good interview with his ol’ scotia coach Jim Giamettay. Weigh in.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Joke harris!

  4. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Hahaha Had to stop by the blog this morning just to say JoKe Harris… Running wilded with it

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hhahaha Joke Harris. Please tell us about your blog!?????

  6. JB says:

    Joe stop posing as Byesline Rocco and Evan, you’re not fooling anyone. We’re all still laughing AT you Joe! Keep feeding us links to your “work” hahahahahaha

  7. Billy J says:

    I think we have a new name on the comment board…..’Joke Harris’ lololololo

  8. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Dude only sports fans know what Fan house is.. and JoKE Harris does not work for them! JoKe Harris is a fridays DRUNK.

  9. Derek says:

    Joe- Why does your blog have Hearts and Love songs all over it? Are you some kinda soft ass pussy bitch?Theres Flowers and Hearts everywhere!?!?! You really don’t have anything between your legs do you? Are you an actor? YOu never said anything about it before? Weren’t you on here ripping JAY Z??? Wait on your blog hes your favorite artisits!!!!!! LOL LOL

    BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rocco DiJohn says:

    HEY JOEY YOU FUCKING IDIOT! I’m smarter than that! Thats not your blog you idiot! Really Trying to post under someone elses my space????? Dude Make sure you check out his profile before you do that because that guy LOVES LEBRON JAMES!!! Hahha you hate Lebron and I check out that guys blog and he loves him! ANDDDD!! He doesn’t work for the NBA I checked out the blog and hes into marking and PR!

    HAHHAH this gets funnier and funnier by the day! Your a idiot dude! Check out your storys before you tried making them up! The only thing you and that other guys blog have in common is the relationship status : SINGLE!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL

    I won’t suck your balls because you have none! Your a pussy. YOu wish you had the balls. Peace out you old ass bitch. ooooo

  11. Joe Harris says:

    You asked for proof and I gave it to you!!! As a traveling advisor and scout for marketing other companies often ask for my opinion about various things! Can’t talk more folks, I’ve got to head over to the Hive and get ready for the matchup with the Hornets and the Magic. Should be a good game! Weigh in folks, till next time.
    PS – rocco, tell me how my ball sweat tastes

  12. Joe Harris says:

    fu dijohn! lbj is not in first place you nitwit, Boston is and also Spurs have a better record. Leave the sports talk to people who KNOW! JH

    • ByesLine says:

      Miami is in first place in the East, not Boston. If you go to under the NBA, you can check standing and stats. It’s a good resource.

    • Joe Harris says:

      Boston is still better byesline!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jack says:

        not this guy again haha…this shit never gets old…he never said they were better you foolish boy, he said they had a better record. “go to school” ( a joe harris quote from this past year)

    • Evan Lane says:

      Joe Harris You are such an idiot. If you worked for me i would fire you. How does and employee for the NBA not know who is in firstt place in the East. Can you explain this. Can you explain why you are commenting on a ports blog, claim that you work for the NBA and have no clue about anything. This shit is really getting old man.

      I’ll make a deal with you. If you can post a link to a website that shows your credentials as an employee in the NBA i will never post on this blog again. And unlike you who went back on that promise after the Poll, WHICH ROCCO WON, i will hold up to my word. Please just prove to us that you weren’t lying all the times you said you were and employee in the NBA and you will never see my name on this blog again.

  13. Evan Lane says:

    WOW. I was literally laughing out loud while reading this whole post. Hilarious. The most revealing thing in the whole article is about the fact that this is what Lebron was working with. The Cavs had 7 years, thats nearly a decade, to surround Lebron with Talent and and they Utterly failed. Everyone who has been hating on Lebron should clearly see at this point there is no way he could have won with those players and did the only thing he could do. He owed them nothing. If Gilbert had re-invested some of the billion dollars Lebron made him on talent he would have a ring right now but instead he was selfish and can only score 57 points a game. And also, i am happy for Lebron writing that tweet. Sometimes its ok to let people know when they are wrong, even if they are to stupid to learn from it. It is ok to demoralize sometimes. It goes back to what Nate said on Monday’s blog about Lebron “embracing the heel role”. I love it and hope the next time they plays the cavs he does it even more.

  14. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Can I say I told you soo??? 1st Place LBJ in the HOUSE!!!

    Joe Harris stop trying to post under my name dude. get a life this is a sports blog.

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