Improbable, Not Impossible

What in the name of Seahawks do we have here?  The game to me that clearly stands out from an action packed Wild Card weekend was Seattle de-throning the world champion New Orleans Saints 41-36.  After a week of grumblings in the media that a 7-9 team shouldn’t be allowed in the playoffs, the Seahawks made their ultimate point.  What’s more shocking is the way Seattle did it, virtually beating New Orleans at their own game.  How could this have happened?  The Saints came into the game favored by 10 points!  That’s a huge number by regular season standards, let alone playoffs.  (In 30 for 30 voice) “What if I told you”, the day before the game with Seattle, that New Orleans would finish with 13 more first downs, 22 more total plays, a better percentage on 3rd down conversions, would have a 10-0 lead in the first half, over 100 more yards passing, and Drew Brees would have over 400 yards passing with no interceptions, AND LOSE?  You would probably suspect that I just took a hit of the same crack that hooked DMX.  But somehow the piss-test is negative and the Seahawks are moving on in the playoffs, while the Saints travel back to a confetti-less New Orleans.  Out of all things, it was the run game that propelled the Seahawks.  Marshawn Lynch finished with 131 yards, including a video-game type run late in the second half that broke the back of the Saints.  Dude was just shredding the defense with cutbacks, and one serious out of nowhere stiff arm that would have made Inspector Gadget proud. The play set the record for longest rush in Seattle’s post-season history, and promises to be looped continuously on playoff highlights forevermore.  (Lynch, seen left, also set the record for ugliest human ever).  Check this out, the Seahawks this season were 31st in the league in rushing.  31st! (Reminder: there’s only 32 teams).  Couple that with the fact they’re 19th in the league passing, on paper this shouldn’t even have been a contest.  Seattle now has a 8-9 overall record.  8 freaking wins.  New Orleans had 11 wins before kickoff (and after I guess).  Chew on this: Seattle will have to win the damn Super Bowl to reach 11 wins! LOL Unreal.  And what do you know, this week they play the Chicago Bears who are currently favored by….wait for it…..10!  Can lightning strike twice?  You can bet the Seahawks are walking around with long metal rods just in case. 

If your a Miami Heat hater, turn away now.  The Heat took down Portland in overtime Sunday night 107-100, snapping Portlands 8-game home winning streak.  Miami’s streak of 13 straight road victories is much more impressive.  They’re 3 wins away from 1971-72 mark set by the Lakers.  Lebron went off for 44 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists and 2 steals, and led Miami down the stretch with two huge 3’s and free throws to seal the victory.  This Heat team is scary.  This is the team that Jeff Van Gundy was referring to this summer when he claimed they would break win records set by Jordan’s Bulls and never lose back-to-back games.  Although that won’t happen, the point has been proved. The Heat are taking high percentage shots and it’s paying off.  Last night Miami shot 56% from the field.  You can’t beat that.  Miami has learned to push the ball in transition and take advantage of their athleticism.  This is a team that should total between 20-30 fast break points a night.  Last night they had 23.  Over the course of a season shots will go in and out, but when your taking 1/3 of your shots in the paint, logic says those percentages will stay strong.  Last night the ‘Big 3’ of Bosh, LeBreezy, and Wade combined for 96 of the 107 points.  Boston, Orlando, and Chicago should be looking over their shoulders.


9 Responses to Improbable, Not Impossible

  1. mike says:

    Byesline, really good post. Love the lynch punchline. But anyway for the seahawks, we have to remember that they went to chicago earlier in the year and won. Playoffs are much different but winning there has to give them a great deal of confidence. The cold weather won’t affect them either. Veteran leadership in hasselbeck compared to cutler who has no playoff experience yet and you have to really consider them having a legitimate shot. Bears D is downright nasty right now tho so its no easy task. Leon washington and special teams will have to make a big play or two and you never know.

  2. Nate says:

    Most exciting moment of Sunday was bar-none the Lynch run.

    But high point number 2 was LeBron nailing his second three in overtime and then goating the crowd into booing him. That was straight out of the WWE and its the first I’ve seen all season LeBron embracing the heel role that he was bound to play the moment he uttered the words, “taking my talents to South Beach”.

    I don’t love the Heat, but I would love it if this type of FU style continues, the same way I loved the ’07 Patriots for running up the score all regular season. I thought LeBron would have done this from the start when he ripped the heart out of Cleveland on live TV over the summer, but for the first 3 months of the season he seemed to think that he could still be the same lovable LeBron. Last night was the first time in my memory that he should us any hint of something else. And I loved it.

  3. Evan Lane says:

    James, I agree with you about Spoelstra deserving at least some of the credit for the Heat’s ridiculous dominance in their last 20 games. Everyone got on him when they struggled and now no one is giving him credit. It would be really interesting to be behind the scenes to see how much of it is under his direction and how much of it is simply these three guys figuring out how to be at their best while in sync with one another. In Clevend I think Coach Brown just kind of sat back and gave Lebron free reign. I don’t think any coaches have really said to him “you can’t do that, you have to do this instead”. Either way this heat team is playing a style of basketball never before seen which most people don’t even realize. The conventional rules don’t really apply to this. I do think however that they will need some more balance to have a chance at a ring this year. If Bosh and Ilgauskas gave up 31 and 14 to LaMarcus Aldridge what are Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol going to do in the paint. Everyone knows the game is slower in the playoffs. But of course this team could break through any preconceptions. I am very excited to see and really hope the finals are between the lakers and heat. I really don’t see any teams spoiling that. I will add that this is just my opinion before joe harris says he is someone else and jumps down my throat.

    Any one who has been following this blog knows that unless i am badgering someone for writing something ignorant anonymously, I constrict me commentary to basketball. However after reading byesline today i went to and checked out Lynch’s run. GOD DAMN That’s some shit. Nothing agile about it, he just out muscled the entire saints team with strength and heart. It was simply inspiring to watch. As far as Lynch being the ugliest person ever… does anyone remember Pop-eye Jones who played for the wizards with Michael Jordan? Seriously maybe that should be the next poll on Byesline

  4. Art says:

    Lynch looks like his face was hit with a pan and stayed flat like a cartoon

  5. James says:

    Love the inspector gadget line; one of your best yet. Also liked the fishing/long john silvers line a post or two ago… Very entertaining. Good stuff.

    ….And I am one of those Miami Heat haters. Or at least I hope they choke come playoff time. But how about a little love for Spoelstra? Everyone was hating at the beginning of the year, now hes got his boys balling. He’s gotta get some credit.

  6. JB says:

    I can’t recall a better run in the postseason than Lynch’s. It was truly legendary.

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