Leftover Fish

It gets better folks…Miami extended Tony Sporano’s contract two more years.  There’s no way Sporano, the fans, or the players can be cool with this.  Sporano, of course is offended for the way the Dolphins tried to figuratively ‘wack’ him.  The fans are pissed because for one, their team/organization has been the leagues punchline for the last week.  Secondly, the fans are stuck with the coach that their favorite players don’t want to play for.  The Dolphins dropped their last three games of the season, including mailing in the final week against the Pats (38-7).  The players are likely disappointed to see that same thick mustash return for another 17 weeks next season.  Certain players including Ricky Williams voiced their concerns with Sporano after the last week of the season.  The main indication that the players aren’t interested in Sporano’s services is how they gave up in their last contest against New England.  When a coach is on the hot seat, and your last game of the regular season means nothing, your play can be boiled down to pride and loyalty.  For instance, if the Dolphins players gave a damn whether their coach returned next season, the level of commitment and effort would be there because that’s their guy.  Sporano is obviously not.  Basically the Dolphins cast their line and tried to catch a big fish in Harbaugh, came up empty, and hit Long John Silvers on the way home. 

The Pheonix Suns were assaulted and mugged Friday night by the New York Knicks 121-96, as Amare Stoudemire returned to his former home in the dessert.  I just want to bring to light a few thoughts I have from this game.  Firstly, Steve Nash needs to demand a trade, and it will benefit everyone in return.  Phoenix needs new young pieces to rebuild around.  Lets face it, the Suns are bad.  How bad?  They’ve lost 7 of their last 8 type bad.  The Suns were a regular guests in the playoffs for the better part of the last decade (I say guest because they could never stick around ;)).  But as Bob Dylan famously said, “The times they are a changin”.  And changed they have.  No longer are the days of Amare, Shawn Marion, and Joe Johnson.  Instead they have Vince Carter, who’s experation date has passed and is begining to taste sour.  Sure Grant Hill can still ball, but should be nowhere near a second option on a legit team.  How does Josh Childress start and only play 12 minutes?  The Suns are over!  Steve Nash, at this point in his career needs to play for something besides a paycheck.  Nash:  Get out of Pheonix!!



6 Responses to Leftover Fish

  1. Poll says:

    Rocco 81%

  2. Evan Lane says:

    Great commentary on the suns. I agree completely. There are a lot of teams out there that could really benefit from a guy like Nash. Actually is this is occurring to me only as i write it but couldn’t Miami use a better guard. How ridiculous would that be. But then people would just blame them for stacking the team even more. Either way i agree he needs to leave and a lot of teams could really use him; teams that have a chance. And also you know I love the dylan quote. You better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone!

  3. hot rod says:

    What Miami tried to do is be a ‘nice guy’ and say that Tony was/is their guy. B.S. They should have manned up and just cut all ties. When you try to please everyone (Tony, the fans, etc.) you end up pleasing no one. You can quote me on that.

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