Tisk Tisk

The Miami Dolphin’s Owner and General Manager have traveled West to whisper ‘sweet nothings’ into the ear of Stanford’s Jim Harbaugh, in hopes of landing him as their new head coach.  I can’t stand this story for a few reasons and if you bear with me for the next 3 minutes, I’ll tell you why.  First, and foremost, the Miami Dolphins are acting unprofessional (And it has nothing to do with the negligence of losing their mascot, “Snowflake”).  Plain and simple.  They currently have a head coach in Tony Sparano.  I know everyone knows that, but I don’t want to lose sight of what’s really happening here.  The Dolphins brass is, to me, showing signs of weakness.  Are you really courting a guy for a position you already have filled?  Not only is it disrespectful to Sparano, but in my opinion it’s rude to Harbaugh as well.  What if Harbaugh really does want this position?  Miami is putting Harbaugh in a bad spot, and basically forcing his hand of indirectly undercutting Sparano.  The ‘Fins know full well that Sparano is not their guy, so why not do like the 49ers and fire him?  Even if they fired him today it still wouldn’t make what they’ve done any better.  Look at it like this, say you meet a beautiful girl, and she seems great.  She lets you know she wants you.  You’re pumped.  Come to find out she’s still in a relationship with her boyfriend and is cheating on him with you.  If and when you commit to her, she’ll then break up with him.  A bit bizarre?  I think so.  What would make you so different, that if you stopped pleasing her, she’d go and do the same thing to you?!  You have to think the same thought has crossed Harbaugh’s mind.  It’s also an unwritten rule among professionals that you don’t express public interest in a job that is currently filled.  It’s just ugly all around.  Here’s another thought:  Is the fact that these teams are ‘ga-ga’ over Harbaugh warranted?  Great coach?  Yes.  Great guy and ex-NFL QB?  Sure.  But he hasn’t coached one game in the Pro’s!  I’m not saying that he won’t be fantastic, but to anoint him as the leagues highest paid coach?!?!  Your spoon-feeding a guy, but your unsure if he can chew.  It seems like these owners and GM’s go after the hottest thing out there, but not every coach is a thermos and can stay warm.   How about Nick Saban?  Miami gave him the keys to the city in 2005 after his run’s with LSU…how did that turn out?  Pete Carroll couldn’t cut it in the NFL either with the Patriots in the late 90’s, and he went back and dominated college football.  Now he’s back fighting to be .500.    Inversely, look at a guy like Jim Caldwell or Mike Tomlin.   Neither of the two were  brought into town on a white horse with hype, a bowl championship or a stack of money.  Both have proved to be great hires.  Although these are isolated examples, you see my point.  Next season there will likely be a new Harbaugh that will hypothetically save a franchise.  If it’s possible to have the right thought, but the wrong thought process, Miami would fit that description.  Good luck to a soon-to-be unemployed Tony Sparano on finding a job.  I heard there may be an opening at Stanford.


5 Responses to Tisk Tisk

  1. billy j. says:

    Luck staying in college! Lol lol lol what a idiot

  2. Tom says:

    No wonder why the dolphins have struggled since the Marino. Just a thought for you Birdman and your faithful followers. How about Charlie Weise accepting an offensive coordinator job at the college ranks with the Chiefs heading into the playoffs this weekend! Theres a time, place and proper manor in which you should conduct yourself/team and in both cases all parties involved deserve a good ol’ fashioned spawning.

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