Table Set, Time to Eat

Finally, the once highly anticipated regular season has come to an end.  Some of these games in the last few weeks were like sitting in the Dentist’s chair.  I was just waiting for the Novocain that is the NFL playoffs to kick in.  And if Novocain is the playoffs, then the Patriots have to be some sort of large drill.  You can’t spin any other team to me other than the Pats as the Super Bowl favorite.  It’s hard to say where this New England team stacks up against the other great Patriots teams from this past decade, but it’s safe to say they’re as focused as they’ve ever been.  Weren’t they supposed to rest players yesterday against the Dolphins?  Brady wound up playing in the third quarter en route to a 34-7 victory.  The 27 point blowout was merely par for the course for a New England team that has basically pounded teams for the last 16 weeks.  They’ve outscored opponents this season 518-313.  The Pats could have started this season 200 points in the hole and still outscored opponents as a whole.  It’s unthinkable.  We’re talking about a guy in Tom Brady who, without hall-of-famer Randy Moss, has gone 11 straight games without an interception.  11 freaking games!  Even crazier is that he only has 4 on the entire season!  To put it in perspective, Eli Manning has over 5 times that amount (25).   To pile on the stats, Brady has continued to tally his NFL record of 335 straight passes without a pick.  Let’s not look past the fact that this is a passing offense, on a winning team.  A 14-2 team that has a first round bye and home field advantage through the AFC playoffs. (Oh, and the Pats just happens to have another current NFL record of 28 consecutive wins at home).   Brady will deservingly be voted the league’s most valuable player, but don’t expect a song and dance when he does.  Brady this past week said: “My feeling, as always, is most valuable player in a team sport, to me, that doesn’t make a lot of sense.”  I’m not surprised by the response from the star QB.  Countless athletes would give that generic humble response, but Brady’s words have validity to them.  The focus in his words match the Patriots focus on the field.  No wonder his New England Patriots are the favorites to raise their fourth Vince Lombardi trophy.


4 Responses to Table Set, Time to Eat

  1. John Mancini says:

    Congrats Zach on the job!!. I think the Jets will go down in flames against the Colts.

  2. Scoop says:

    Tom brady is gay! there current streak of home playoff games is 0-1… just like when they came in 16-0 they will come into playoffs with all the hype just to have a huge let down… n ironically prolly to another new york team in the divisional round. GO JETS!

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