Cause for Concern?

Let’s just say you had no idea what was current in pro sports.  Say you were frozen in space like Austin Powers, and after a decade of shelf life and a prolonged urination process, you sat down and checked out the Los Angeles Lakers over the last three games.  More than likely, you’d come to the conclusion that they suck.  And looking at those three games in a vacuum, you’d be right.  The losses have no blood relation to their back-to-back championships and three straight Finals appearances.  All three losses have come by 15 points or more, but the back-to-back home losses to Milwaukee and Miami are, in fact, the worst in Laker’s history on their home floor (19 and 16 points).  The latest loss to San Antonio on Tuesday night is further validation of the struggle in Southern California.  Concerning?  Yes.  Time to freak out?  No.  The reason for the losses (and the way they’ve lost) is a lack of focus, which is relatively a minor issue because it’s fixable.  I also say relatively because it’s not a personnel issue.  They’re at full strength.  Bynum is back, Kobe isn’t severely injured, Artest isn’t imploding, and Odom is still munching Mike and Ikes before games and taking baths in candy.  This is the exact squad we’ve seen L.A. raise championship banners with.  Focusing, to me, means a possession by possession attention to detail.  Instead of missing 13 shots in a row like Kobe did Tuesday, a player focused on the overall task will feed the ball inside after he misses his first 7 or 8.  After all, the Lakers do have the biggest front court in the league.  Gasol and Bynum combined for 12 total shots…not made, but taken, on Tuesday!  This is obviously not the recipe to success for L.A.  Lets not forget though, we haven’t even hit the All-Star break yet.  Championships aren’t won in December.  Let me also give you a history lesson.  For all the talent those  Shaq/Kobe teams had in the early part of this decade, I remember these same ‘panic’ conversations taking place.  In the 1999-00 season the lakers won a staggering 67 games.  But in late January of that same season, the Lake Show lost 4 of 5 games and Laker haters were predicting dissension in the locker room (Which came, but years later).  Taking the losses in stride, they went on to win the NBA championship.  That next year (2000-01) when trying to repeat, the Lakers lost back to back games 6 different times!  Again, that Lakers squad proved the ultimate point when May and June came around by winning another championship.  The Lakers the next season (2001-02)  started out 16-1, but quickly produced doubters.  At one point in the year dropping six of nine games, at another point dropping three straight.  They won the title that year as well.  See folks?  It’s been done before.  Of course I can’t say it will happen again, but I wouldn’t put it passed this group of veterans.  There are so many damn regular season games that we need to remember to keep the wins and losses in perspective.  Just ask Miami, who started the season as quickly as Lindsay Lohan would eat a steak dinner (Not quick).  Ask Phoenix or Dallas, who in years past have racked up ‘winter wins’ with the best of them, but never win in the Spring.  (I’m coining ‘winter wins’ btw).  So while these losses are frustrating for Los Angeles, and they do mean something, remember that they don’t mean everything.  The Lakers, like Dallas, Miami, Boston and a few others, have the pieces to the puzzle, they’re just not done building it yet.  Don’t let SportsCenter get to your head, it’s when the leaves are back on the trees when it matters most. 


Notes:  As fast as Mike Vick is, he’ll never out-run this dogfighting story.  As we know, the public is usually very forgiving to those who admit their guilt.  Got caught with some hookers and some yayo?  “Hey forget about it, were human!” But forgivness for this deadly sin of punking dogs to death may be asking too much.    On Tuesday night this Tucker Carlson (seen left) character, who I don’t really know much about, was filling in for conservative folk hero Sean Hannity on the Fox News Channel.  During the show when talking about Vick and the doggy deaths Carlson said, “I think personally he should have been executed for that”.  Whoa Whoa guy.  Executed?  I know this is a real sensitive issue with people, and rightfully so, but I’m not sure if skipping right to the King Henry VIII treatment is the answer (Google it).  Little off the top?  Make him shorter?  Whatever punchline is used, it’s pretty funny.  Now in no way shape or form am I agreeing with good ‘ol Tucker’s wild statement.  That being said, proposing to chop someone’s dome off is a strong take, and I’m a sucker for a strong take.  Tucker Carlson may be a damn fool, but he’s certainly got a pair on him.


11 Responses to Cause for Concern?

  1. mike says:

    This happens every year with the Lakers. A few times a year you will watch PTI and wilbon and kornheiser will be talking about panic time. It’s not a big deal. The game on xmas was hyped by the media obviously but is it really a shock that the Lakers got smoked? Look at the last two xmas games vs lebron and the cavs. It really just boils down to one meaningless game two months into the season. All Laker haters get ur shots in now. Then come back in June and see if you could keep putting them down. It won’t happen. Talk in June when it really matters.

  2. Peddy F. says:

    Lamar could get dozens of kids into a unmarked white van with the candy he’s working with! It’s unfair!

  3. James says:

    Tucker Carlson is a douche.

    A minor point: the Suns and the Mavs might be better regular season teams than they are in the post-season, but neither “never” win in the Spring. The Suns have made it to three of the last six W Conference Finals and Dallas took the Heat to game 6 in the NBA Finals only 5 years ago. How quickly we forget. But I do agree with the overarching point, no reason for the Lakers or their fans to freak out over a few games. Last year in the 2nd half of the season the Celtics looked turrible, but, because they had the same pieces theyve always had, they managed to make a deep playoff run and almost (thankfully not) win the title.

    Finally, love the Lamar in Candyland picture. Hilarious.

  4. Rocco says:

    Lakers do this every year. Theres always that time if kobes done and the lakers are to old. But I”m sorry they got it. Man this blog has been quite about Lebron?? Anyone?? About the Heat winning?? Anyone? Come on michael? JB? Joe Harris?? Etc? NO Lebron hate now right??? I told you girls…

    • Michael S says:

      hashahahahaha come Rocco are you that stupid! We all said WAIT UNTIL JUNE! You sound like a cavaliers fans from the past two years man! Regular season means nothing! Suns, Mavs, Cavs all win a bunch of games and don’t have what it takes to win a 7 gamer agains the big dogs. If the Heat win it all i will say ‘yes you told me so’, until then, get lebrons WOODY out of your mouth!!!

      • Rocco says:

        hahaha Michael dude your a joke. You know nothing about the league. What about D rose for MVP?? Everyones saying it now, I said it weeks ago!! What has happen to your boy amare? Nothing man there starting to lose! Get real man. You aren’t as smart as me about the league kid. I speak real NBA TV talk. You were totaly wrong about the NBA saying they can’t shoot they can’t win they can’t play together.. Blah blah blah. Well guess what??? There rolling now baby!!

      • Michael S says:

        Rocco you really are that stupid lololOLOLOLlolol we were talking about who the mvp was at that time! And DRose was not the mvp a few weeks ago. are you that stupid to think that there wont be different mvp front runners throughout the season????? and by the way drose is not being called mvp by EVERYONE like you say, i’ve seen a lot of analysts making the case for Dirk. you think you know more than everyone about the league ha ha haha haha thats funny stuff man because i seen you get owned a few times on these boards including by JOE HARRIS lolololol just kidding that guy is a deuche where has he been anyway? but like i said yes the heat are playing great, lets see if they are gonna do it in june or if they are Cavs copy cats PEACE OUT

  5. con says:

    no concern come playoffs lakers will be the one seed…come finals time Kobe will be holding his 6th chip tieing the all might nazi jordan. as weezey said sorry lebron maybe next year

  6. Johnny D says:

    “hey Kobe tell me how my ass taste” -Shaq

  7. Anonymous says:

    What’s worse, Kobe missing 13 in a row or his teammates continuing to pass him the rock?!?!?!

  8. Tim says:

    Lakers suck

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