Same ‘ol Song and Dance

One of the most quotable guys in all of sports is bumping his gums again.  Terrell Owens has put the responsibility of his teams 2-11 record directly on the coaching staff.  This is great:  “You start with the owner, you start with the coaches.  And obviously we as players, we are a product of what the coaches are coaching us throughout the course of the week.”  Don’t worry, after the bus he threw his coach under passed by, Terrell had that same bus back up for further damage.  “Of course, we have to go out there and play the game.  But in order for us to do what were allowed to do at the best of our abilities, the coaches have to put the players in the best position.”  Ba-ha-ha.  Terrell is so entertaining, I mean that.  I mean the guy has his own freaking reality show.  The problem with that is, I just can’t take the guy seriously anymore.  Oh, and I don’t really care what kind of season he’s having either, and I’ll tell you why. This is the same Terrell who has the same effect in a locker room as anthrax.  Owens has thrown every QB he’s played with for more than a season under the bus.  He’s caused dissension, split teams, and made it all about Terrell for his whole career.  Great talent, great stats, and at heart may even be human, but I can’t get passed the fact he’d bury his grandmother alive for just a little bit more glory.  Imagine how Terrell would have reacted were he to be put on blast by a player or coach publicly for say, his immaturity?  For continuously being among league leaders in dropped passes?  Something tells me T.O.’s ego wouldn’t handle that well.  Can you envision yourself calling out your superior on national TV, then walking in the same workspace as them tomorrow?  Very disrespectful.  Let me bounce this off the side of your garage: Why wouldn’t Owens call out, say, the Cincinnati defense?  Let’s be honest, they allow 125 rushing yards a game, ranked 24th in the league.  Or is that coaching too?  If he did in fact call out the Cincy D, he’d probably get punched in his mouth by one of those sweat-hogs, so he wouldn’t do that.  So Terrell picks the easy target, the coach whose contract is up at the end of this dismal season, and will likely be on his way out the door regardless.  Poor form Terrell.  The sad part is I secretly root for Terrell, going as far as hanging one of his jersey’s up in the gallery I call a living room.  Unfortunately for T.O. I have to call a spade a spade.  While the 37-year-old future hall-of-famer’s ability is unquestioned, sadly, everything else is. 

The last time I was genuinely excited for a New York Knicks game came about 5 or 6 years ago when I was playing PlayStation 2 and my opponent was controlling them.  This time, the people are real and so is the game.  I’ve referenced the surging Knicks once or twice in the last week or so, and tonight we’ll find out how real they are.  Enter Eastern Conference power, Boston Celtics.  Boston will match up different from the Knicks opponents that they have beaten in their current win-streak (Wizards, Raptors x2, Nets, and Timberwolves to name a few).  I’m highly anticipating the matchup down low between a red-hot Amare Stoudemire and the aged but sturdy Kevin Garnett.  The talk from both teams of rekindling the rivalry of yesteryear adds a bit more gas on the flame that was nearly out.  The fact that the game is on ESPN HD makes it that much better that I won’t have to watch the game on the grainy MSG or league pass channels. Vegas is giving the Knicks 4 points tonight…Put the mortgage on the Celtics (I may be wrong, just my advice). 

Help!  Has anyone seen my old friend, boxing?  Every time I look at the side of a milk carton it reminds me of how things used to be.  Manny Pacquiao’s camp announced when his next fight would be (May 7th).  Who’s he fighting?  No clue.  Where’s he fighting?  No clue. Is he fighting Floyd “duck my best opponent” Mayweather?  Nope.  So why should we care?  We shouldn’t.  The only way I’ll cough up the 50-60 bucks to see a boxing match again is if these guys fight.  No matter how hard the promoters try, there’s no way in hell im paying to see 39 year-old ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley get used as a heavy bag by Pacquiao.  Lest we forget Manny Pacquiao is a freaking congressman back in his homeland of Sarangani Province in the Philippines.  Pacquiao is also a singer.  Yes, a singer.  The congressman and solo artist also moonlights as the welterweight champion of the world.  LOL.  Love this guy.  Here’s my favorite part of the story: folks wanted the fight in April, but since other pay-per-view powerhouse events such as WRESTLEMANIA are in April, they moved the future fight to May!! Let me read you the writing on the wall:  PRO WRESTLING JUST STRONG ARMED PRO BOXING.  How could the current pro boxing names compete with the likes of John Cena and the Undertaker??  Long live the WWF!! LOL


11 Responses to Same ‘ol Song and Dance

  1. Joe Harris says:

    This Rocco is very unintelligent. Garnett as most improved? That is very funny, good one!

  2. JB says:

    Dude I just lost my house because of your advice. Jk

    What an epic game, felt like it was April/May already. I know am convinced of a few things. First the Knicks are for real. Felton is legit and Gallinari is plain stupid with some of the shots the guy makes. Also Landry Fields gets my vote for ROY after Griffin, I have Wall behind both of them. Lastly that Stoudemire is a stud and worthy of his nickname STAT. I was a huge believer that the Knicks would regret the signing because his numbers were “only there because of Nash”. Seems stupid now. I agree with what Mark Jackson said early in the game, isn’t it about time we start saying he’s arguably the best PF in the game? I personally would take Gasol but I don’t think someone would be wrong for taking Amare.

    BTW, Joe, what convos were you having about sports? I have yet to see a single good opinion you’ve had.

  3. ATTENTION joe harris says:

    start your own site and stop banking on the hits byesline gets to spread your nonsense. oh wait if you did that not even your parents would care to read or listen to what you have to weigh in on. if you do have “fans” well then im willing to bet the house on the fact that its singular “fan”, and its your family dog. so enjoy your “courtside” at the garden tonight aka your parents basement. oh and ill go all in on that “convo” with kg being a piece of rabbit fur you call your girlfriend. til next time, suck it trebeck

  4. Joe Harris says:

    Folks! Im courtside at the Garden tonight..KG looks ready to play, I spoke to him an hour ago and he mentioned that this was a huge game for his team. I am hoping the knicks get this win, but hope has only taken me so far. LEtS GO KNICKS, lets go knicks…Harrisons and any new followers Weigh IN!! I will provide an inside look at the game tomorrow!! TIl next time, you know the drill…JH

    • Anonymous says:

      Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha (breath) hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahaha (breath) hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha

  5. Shenanay says:

    KG most improved? You’ve gotta be kidding me!

  6. Jerry says:

    Garnett is def not most improved player

  7. JB says:

    Rocco I hate to keep disagreeing with you (not really) but KG won’t be the most improved player. He is simply coming to his normal form after the injury. The most improved player should be Beasley, Love or Shannon Brown. KG does get my vote for DPOY thus far.

  8. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Love The TO pictures.. 1 Question is that you BL who is the reporter with no shoes on when hes doing sit ups outside? Haha Unreal. Amare Won’t get 30 tonight on KG, NBA’s Most improved player so far. Knicks won’t score 100 and won’t win. Great call i’m going to also run with giving the points.

    • Joe Harris says:

      Rocco is unitelligent, don’t let him ruin the great convos we chat on> Celtics won by 2. Pierce made a legendary shot, Im no the subway, I will weigh in tomorrow~~ JH

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