Lee-ding On…

Snow wasn’t the only thing that fell out of the sky last night.  Cliff Lee caught the nation by surprise by turning away the Yankees and the Rangers and joining the Philadelphia Phillies Monday.  Expert Psychic Miss Cleo and her Tarot cards couldn’t have seen this coming.  Lee turned down higher paying offers from New York and Texas to return to a city he and his family are comfortable in.  Lee’s contract from Philly is for 5-years, worth $120 million (guaranteed).  Lee, who once pitched in Philly back in 2009, is 32 years old and will likely finish his days in the majors wearing a Phillies uniform.  I know in the next 48 hours nearly everyone will be gawking over the Phillies starting rotation, and for good reason.  Think about it for a second.  Roy Holliday, Roy Oswalt, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels.  Let that sink in.  Has there ever been a pitching staff in the history of the MLB that is more potent?  Who?  The old Braves from the 1990’s (Smoltz, Glavin, Maddox, Avery)?  Maybe, maybe not.  But the new Phillies are in the convo.  Stop me when you’ve heard this before:  A super-star player turns down more money to join a team of other superstars in hopes of winning a title.  LeBron anyone?  Think about it, teams were courting Lee just like teams did with Bron Bron, and Lee turns them down to pitch with those 3 stars?!? Where’s the noose I hung LeBron with? (Notice how we discovered the Lee deal, and look back at your notes to how we discovered LeBron ‘decision’, that’s the only difference in the analogy/comparison) I say that in jest, but in reality I don’t blame Lee for wanting to join up with winners.  But where do the Yankees go from here?  Not often do the Yankees court someone, offer max money, and get turned down.  It takes a different type of guy, like Lee, to have perspective and foresight beyond the dollars.  To understand that a happy family takes priority over the difference of $148 to $120 million.  I just don’t think Cliff Lee is worried about it.  And with the Phillies upgraded starting rotation, I think he’ll leave the worrying up to the rest of baseball.

“We tease him a lot, ’cause we got him on the spot, welcome back.”  (Welcome Back Kotter, 1975) I hope they play that song when Andrew Bynum takes the court tonight for the Lakers as he makes his return for what seems like the 10th time.  Bynum does get teased a fair amount for all the time he’s missed too.  After missing the first 24 games of the year from surgery in his right knee, Bynum will bring the Lakers back up to near-full strength inside.  The big question from a Laker standpoint is whether Lamar Odom will continue to play like an all-star this season when Bynum returns to the starting rotation.  Odom, who’s averaging nearly 16 points and 10 rebounds has blossomed in his starting roll for L.A.  I expect in the coming weeks the Lakers will regain the no.1 spot in the West from San Antonio. 

The Miami Heat have rattled off 9 wins in a row, with every one of those wins coming by way of double digits.  The latest win came Monday night against the New Orleans Hornets 96-84.  Now I didn’t watch this game, but I guess I didn’t need to.  Wade went for 30 for the third game in a row, and the Heat cracked another team.  Granted, most of the wins from this streak are against under .500 teams, but wins are wins right?  Something worth mentioning is that Hornets coach Monty Williams after the game said: “Nobody can stop them”.  With the knowledge that someone who is a coach in the league isn’t going to talk reckless, I feel this comment has to be taken seriously.  I’m not going crazy saying they’ll steamroll to the finals, but whoever isn’t taking them serious yet, snap out of it. 

Can I just say that I love Monday Night football double headers.  I feel with so many games on Sunday, I don’t fully appreciate them all.  It’s like being at a buffet overloaded with food you love.  Of course I love cornbread!  But I may only take a half  piece because I need to make room for all my steak, chicken, pasta and brownies.  I just don’t have the stomach for everything in one sitting.  Stretch that buffet out through the week so i can truly enjoy my cornbread another night.  Same goes for the NFL, with 14 games on Sunday, it’s easy to lose games in the shuffle.  Give me two games on Monday I say!  One more on Thursday to hold me off, then slap me upside my dome with the 10 games on Sunday.  I know I’m going against the grain here, but I feel like I starve through the week only to leave food on the table on Sunday.  (“Don’t waste” -My Grandpa).  This way, when the Giants are bending the Vikings over, I can simply flip the channel to watch the Ravens and Texans in a dogfight.  That pick 6 in OT that ended the game past midnight had me sitting up in bed fist pumping like I was on the Jersey Shore. 

At long last, the streak is over.  Pack your things and move along, ‘aint nothing to see here.  Bret Favre’s streak of just over one million games (estimated) has come to an end.  Who would have thought it would have been the Buffalo Bills to end it.  Were I not a Buffalo fan this probably wouldn’t be appearing right now, but since the team from Western New York hasn’t given me anything positive to write about, here’s their plug.  Good job men, now continue your decade long rebuilding process. 


52 Responses to Lee-ding On…

  1. billsbacker says:

    are you kidding me?? The Bills haven’t given you anything positive to talk about??? I’m ashamed of that comment. Diehard Bills fans are always able to find the diamonds in the rough. Kyle Williams or Stevie Johnson for instance.
    Dear Byesline, DONT CROSS THE MOATS!!!

    • ByesLine says:

      HAHA, great comment, great point Billsbacker. I was more referring to national attention, as in something that ppl care about reading besides Bills fans. Unfortunately for those of us who have suffered for the last decade, theres nothing nationally noteworthy.

    • Anonymous says:

      You mean the Stevie Johnson that dropped a wide open TD that would have beat Pittsburgh? Kyle Williams is legit, Tom Brady said he’s the most underrated lineman in the NFL

  2. Anonymous says:

    you’re all wrong (except for the guy that said Deron Williams ahead of Rose)


    • Anonymous says:

      I”m smarter than ESPN! Sorry dude there 2nd to me

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Wait Wait and WAIT! You gotta know who and what you are reading here… This was not a vote! This was not done by commentor(s) this was done by a blogger that works for ESPN! ONE MAN! None of you have even ever heard of him. Hes not even on TV! You gotta be kidding me. The man that made that list is Maurice Brooks.. Ever here of him??? I didn’t think so.. Seriously do you guys wanna follow (John Chaney)

      • JB says:

        Yea I’ll take an ESPN employee who gets paid 6 figures to do this stuff over Rocco DiJohn THANK YOU VERY MUCH hahaha jk

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        I barely would take Timmy Legs over my NBA game, and I would 100% not take Maurice Brooks!! (Below) Write of your silly ESPN Article

        2) J.Rose
        3) DiJohn
        4) Bowtie
        5)BL (Byesline)

      • Anonymous says:

        Stop puffing the Green Leaf!!!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        I don’t piff anything.. But I do smoke your ass in NBA Knowlegde…

  3. Joe Harris says:

    Hey there BYESLINE! ya you! you want the respect of me and my fellow harrisons, you will ban DIJohn from the sight for two weeks. A two week suspension for stupid comments nad bad , continuously false and bad information. Til next time, get yourself my respect, Jh

  4. joe Harris' Papa says:

    Guys I’m really sorry about all of this nonsense with Joe. I was supposed to pull out of that crack whore, and then Joe would never have arrived. Plus with being a drug addict and half brain dead myself the doc said it was not a good idea for me to have kids. Again, my apologies.

    • ByesLine says:

      I wont be able to leave this stuff up in the future. Although I too think Harris’ organs should be sold on the black market, If I take down Joe’s hate speech comments, I’ll unfortunately have to police the comment board more closely for everyone else too. I love getting wild on comment boards, but lets try to keep it content related. Even if its barely related lol…thanks Joe Harris’ Papa!

  5. Rocco DiJohn says:

    D. Howard is up in scoring but the magic have been up and down this year. \

    I still say..

    1) Rose
    2) Howard
    3) Dwill
    4) Amare
    5) Dirk

  6. ByesLine says:


  7. JB says:

    Don’t feel bad for me Joe, Rocco DiJohn is a great REAL friend of mine and has forgot more basketball knowledge than you’ll ever know. Notice I said real, as in an actual human being, not a fake made up name on these comments. We are having a real basketball debate, you couldn’t possibly keep up… At least not without lying and making up “facts”. Good day!

  8. michael s says:

    Ok this is great we have a good debate going. One says rose one says williams I say amare. How come none of us said howard? Espn and other sites have him number 1 right now hot diggity! Hey everyone I noticed something joe doesn’t even “weigh in” on basketball conversation! Haha an nba employee would have something to say you fake fuck!!! Come on Joe!

    • Nate says:

      I think the reason no one is taking Howard is because he’s been putting up numbers like this, and his team has been good for a few years. His scoring is up a little but we don’t give it the same notice as what Rose is doing in Chicago (big jump in ppg, three point shooting) or what Amare is doing with the Knicks (Amare has put up numbers like this in his career but the Knicks are winning games for the first time this decade).

      As for Westbrook and Dwill, the two have almost identical numbers to Drose (DWill: 23 and 10 on 47%, DRose 25 and 8 on 46%, Westbrook 24 and 9 on 44%), but both play on teams where they aren’t as “valuable” as Amare, Howard, or Drose. Rose has carried the Bulls thus far this season with Boozer out. Amare has turned the Knicks around (although some credit has to go to Raymond Felton), and the Magic’s defense is built around funneling everything toward Howard so he can alter and block shots.

      Here’s what I will say, as much as I want to add Westbrook to the conversation, I dont think I can defend that; he might not even be the most valuable player on his team. While Dwill does play with Millsap and Jefferson, no one is going to argue that either of those guys are more valuable than Dwill to the Jazz.

      Having hashed that all out, my MVP votes at the 1/4 point of the NBA season:

      1) Drose
      2) Howard
      3) Amare
      4) Dwill
      5) Westbrook

      • Anonymous says:

        Your explanation is exactly why Howard should be the MVP. No one in the game of basketball affects the total game more than Howard. Other players are more dynamic on offense, but taking in to account offense and defense (which obviously gets a lot less ‘glory’), there is no question that Howard up till now is the odds on MVP. He’s in the top 3 MVPs for all the major networks (ESPN, NBA, Yahoo, etc). As you say he funnels the entire opposing offense TOWARDS him, think about that. Another team have a player who does this? And on offense he still draws double teams. I dont see Rose or Dwill drawing double teams. Westbrook? Please. He’s a flashy scorer but there’s a lot more to the game than that. Plus I agree with JB, he benefits an untold amount by playing with Durant, arguably the best offensive player in the league. A player who has the benefit of lacing them up with one of the best in the league can’t even be solidified as the MVP of his own team let alone the league!! Get him off your top 5. As Chris Carter would say, C’mon Man!
        1) Howard
        2) Amare (has turned around a franchise almost by himself and proven the “he can’t do it without Nash” critics into mutes)
        3) DRose
        4) DWill
        5) Dirk

  9. JB says:

    That’s the point. The MVP is supposed to be the biggest individual difference maker. The fact that you can have Kobe AND Gasol on your list proves that neither should get it. Kobe is the best 2 guard and Gasol is the best PF. It’s the same reason you don’t have LeBron or Wade on your list. The same goes for Westbrook. You can’t define an MVP candidacy by one game (your reference to the Boston game), or Kobe would have got it for dropping 81. The fact is that he has been so much better because teams are preparing for Durant more than ever. That is undeniable – just as Gasol has been a million times better in LA because of teams game planning for Kobe.
    The only three players I think should be in the MVP discussion right now are Rose, Amare and DWill. To me DWill and Amare should be the top two because they are leading their team to records people did not think they would. People fully expected the Bulls to win that division. Come on, my Angel Soft TP is tougher than the Central!!! You can’t deny that DWills numbers are every bit as impressive as Roses.

    Dwill 23 and 10 on forty-eight percent shooting.
    Rose 25 and 8 on forty-six percent shooting.

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Your talking about the Central but the Bulls played 7 stright games out west! Plus boston2 and orlando then the lakers back at home last week. There is no central divison games right now basicly. Both there numbers are great. Teams are preparing for durant? How? hes still the NBAs leading scorer? Westbrook is just that good and that much better. I was just showing you as in the boston game that he doesn’t need durant. Every player on the USA team is putting up unreal numbers Eric Gordan! aka EG K.love, Westbrook, odom ROSE! Durant the players are just better. Its not there team its there game. Every NBA person would give the MVP to gasol over D williams for the mins he has had to play since andrew has been out.. They have no one on the bench that can back up him or odom. They actully put artest there…. Since when was the award (BIDM) its MVP JB Most Valuable Player. Not the shit you said it was. Right now Rose is doing that for his team. Jazz have there same core. Rose has played with no one. You don’t care that Williams has 2 guys in his low post that get 20 and 10? Rose has had 2nd year player who know one knows about tai gibson starting for him and noah who is a 10 and 13 rebs guy. Most points from offense rebs or a rose assist can’t do anything on his own like big AL or Pauly.. Jazz literily can throw the ball inside anytime they want and get a double team or a bucket. Fuck man If I was D williams I would be doing better than 17 -8 they also have one of the best home courts in the NBA, bulls don’t. Bulls also have a new head coach. A new roster that needs to jeal together? Ya we seen how long that took in maimi… Boozer had NO preseason! to just come in with a bunch of new guys and for the bulls to be doing as well as they are with a new coach is great! and its b/c they have the MVP D Rose.

      • JB says:

        I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree but FYI espn has dwill ahead of Rose so there goes your “ever nba person” theory!

      • Ray T says:

        Bulls with no Boozer 9-7 (mediocre)
        Bulls with Boozer 6-1

        I think that JB is right on this one, I give the nod to DWill, who has the Jazz tops in their division when this was supposed to be a down year for them. Just my opinion of course. Also the Jazz are 18-8 so the Bulls need to win three straight (very doable against their next opponents) to match the record. Either way their numbers are very close I dont know how you act like its such a landslide for Rose. Its not at all and I saw a lot of major sports media have Williams ahead of Rose. But you make good arguments and I see that Joe hasn’t bothered with you anymore, realizing he can’t match up. That’s a good sign. I’m hoping he gets help.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Jazz are 17-8 and Bulls have played a tougher sch

  10. Brian Sinkoff says:

    Zach Great Blog I must say. About time we have someone talking good sports in the Albany area. Call into the show anytime sir I would like to speak with you and get you on once a week. You know it (518) 476 1045. Well Improved

  11. Michael S says:

    Byesline – 153,459,130
    Josephine Harris – 0

  12. Michael S says:

    wow i wonder if Joe typed that.

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Michael Have you given up already? I mean if you move on to Harris I support you I love watching everyone on this blog smash him and I sit back and lmao! But then again D rose is Easily your 1 quarter MVP I just proved you and JB wrong with my last post.

      • JB says:

        hahaha you didn’t prove any one wrong. It was purely your opinion. D Will is a better all around PG than Rose and is taking a team that was supposed to be on the decline to the top. Rose is surrounded by Noah (best rebounder), Korver (a great 3 point shooter), and Carlos Boozer. Just stop while you’re this far behind, you said DWill wasn’t even top 10!!!!! Please at least take that extreme statement back, or name 9 other worthier candidates. LOLOLOL

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Rose, Gasol, Amare, D. Howard, Drik, Kobe, Westbrook, then D williams… sorry hes 8th.

        Listen JB Boozer has played in like no games! Korver was playing terrible. Rose has had the bulls on his back! This is a no brianer. 7 game road trip Boston2 and Orlando once… Still the same number of loses as the Jazz. Intill boozer just got back Rose had zero all stars on his roster!!! D William had 3 others with him! 4 once NBA All stars… case closed..

      • JB says:

        HAHAHA Gasol and Kobe both ahead of Williams! You gotta be kidding me! And Westbrook plays with DURANT! Good god man please stop!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        I’m sorry you want the MVP of the league to be on a terrible team with no players? Williams has milsap and jefferson 2 all stars right now! Westbrook maybe the best point guard in the league. you see him beat boston by himself when durant was out?! Dude nnumbers are unreal. Lakers are ahead of Jazz by the way. The year kidd bought the Nets back from dead (Biggest Loss to win recored in nba history) he didn’t win the MVP Duncan won it and that spurs team was the same team they had before.. Kidd had no all stars and they were 1st in the east.

  13. true story says:

    Joe, mike tyson thinks you’ve got screws loose.

  14. Michael S says:

    Hey guys what did i miss i had to take huge Joe and then flush the Harris a few times to get it down!

  15. Joe Harris says:

    Cliff lee to the pihlliys? hot damn! strike up the joust! hurray ! hoopla! fooopla! It means nothing people. The guy hasn’t pitched well in tthe NL ever! This means nothing. Yankees win the AL, gIANTS WIN THE NL AAGAIN! TIL NEXT TIME- JH

    Shout outs to my fans, haters(slam piggy and r dijohn) and to all my nba subcrbers….btw evan lane you are a total nobody man don’t even come at me. Ive ran across your file a few times under the name wanna be! youl never be in the league and you are jealous, it eats you up..you are the bottom tier of life!! JH JH Jh

    • Anonymous says:

      Jh you tell it like it is! Keep preaching brother, keep preaching

    • Anonymous says:

      Great blog Zach! I really enjoyed the comparsion to the buffet. They should spread the games throughout the week…

      JH- It is pretty fun to me that an NBA employee is using a young writer’s blog to promote their opinion. I just do not understand why an NBA employee would HATE the blog, “MEND” the relationship, stray from the content, post RACIST comments (while more then 50% of NBA players are from a different cultures or countries), post SEXIST comments and even SHOUT OUT your “supposed” fans. NEWSFLASH: THIS IS BYESLINE’S BLOG! NOT YOURS! Get a clue my dude…and stop with bull shit.

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Joe I need a good laugh…. Remember the Night you said you were in dallas watching the game? But there was no game in dallas? You said tip off was in an hour? Can you please explain that for all your fans out there? Also can you please tell me what you on working on in the NBA right now? How I can contact your boss? What company you work for? Also JOEY BOY what game are you going to be at tonight? Tonight and tomorrow are the 2 big nights in the nba you must be working right?? Remember this is for a laugh so make it a good one! LOL LOL LOL

    • Kevin Green says:

      Please Joe, give us a job title. You must be very important for the NBA to fly you around to different games! I mean, hell, they even flew you to Dallas for a game in Utah! You must be a real big shot! You fucking idiot I feel sorry for your parents. I normally do not curse but I make an exception for you. You are a retired old man who tries to tear down a young man’s blog that you don’t even know? Shame on you Joe you crusty bitter piece of shit.

  16. Anonymous says:

    LMFAO at that Miss Cleo pic damn this blog is funny

  17. Anonymous says:

    Monty Williams?? Dude shouldn’t even be in the NBA. Hes a NBDL coach at best! AT BEST! Thats not joke. Chris Paul runs that team Williams should never get another NBA job after this one. Thats a promise.

    All this Jersey Shore talk makes me wanna go find those J WOW Photos again…

  18. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Great Job BL, MIss celo ##? I might have to give it a Shot! You forgot to mention the mavs streak ended last night after winning 12 stright.. Since you and everyone missed the heat game last night because of the football double header. D wade took a hard dirty foul then got a T and then went off for 30! Heat have also beat Hornets and Jazz in that streak who both teams had beaten them eariler in the season. Both playoff teams in the west right now… Funny How Everyone talks about Lee took LESS money! LESS MONEY! That is the talk today. But not 1 person said that when Lebron left! BL we need more jersey shore 1 liners! LOL Love it. Take a easy with the sunday fun day buffets…

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