Jets and the Rest

Well I’ll be damned.  I approached the weekend under the impression that the NFL’s week 14 was merely a prerequisite to week 15.  By the end of Sunday night, I felt like there was as many story lines as an episode of LOST.  One being the New York Jets, who lost for the second week in a row, this time to the Miami Dolphins 10-6.  And again for the second straight week the Jets looked extremely bad.  Mark Sanchez was too busy fumbling the football, getting sacked (6 times) and throwing interceptions to have time for any success on offense, and when he did hit his targets, the top Jets receivers simply couldn’t hold on to the pigskin.  The Jets couldn’t get it done even when they were on a ‘power play’ with a man advantage as the Jets Strength and Conditioning coach stuck out his leg and tripped a Dolphins corner Nolan Carroll on a punt!! I’ve never heard of that ever, but I love that sideline enthusiasm!   It was just last week, prior to Monday night’s showdown with New England that the Jets were being mentioned with the league’s best teams.  Although the Jets are still a solid 9-4, the playoffs are no longer a sure thing.  Obviously you want your team to be playing it’s best football late in the season, something that Jets players and fans alike must find hard to deflect.  Also hard to ignore, the Jets have just one win against a team with a winning record.  After last week’s holocaust of a loss (45-3) to New England, Jets coach Rex Ryan buried the game ball.  What is he going to do with this ball?  Melt the rubber down into Tupperware?  (A Tupperware game ball is known to hold ziti fresh for a freaking month).    With just a few weeks remaining and upcoming games at Pittsburgh and Chicago, the Jets now more than ever need to have a short-term memory.  Whether they bury the game ball again, or use that flashing memory eraser from the film  Men in Black, the Jets need to play every down from here on out like they’re playing for a AFC wild-card birth, because they are.

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum the Patriots are making their case for the league’s best team.  Has a team ever made two legit contenders look so bad in back to back weeks the way the Patriots  have?  New England is just clowning teams.  I thought Chicago made us believers that they were for real?  36-7?  Good lord that’s a cracking.  The Pats have outscored the Jets and the Bears the last two weeks 81-10.  The Jets and Bears have 18 wins between them and couldn’t muster 18 combined points!!  Both the Pats and Bears played in the snow so don’t go there.  Despite the frigid conditions, Tom Brady impersonated himself and threw for 369 yards and 2 touchdowns.  I heard an ESPN analyst throw a stat out there that the last 3 games New England has played in the snow, the first half’s combined scores are 101-0.  Is that a joke?  101-0?  That’s offensive.  The win Sunday was the 11th overall and the 5th in a row for New England, which served as a playoff clincher as they sit comfortably atop the AFC East yet again.  I guess the more things change in the NFL, the more they stay the same in New England. 

I hope to God you saw the footage of the freaking Metrodome roof caving in this weekend.  What a sight!  The would be site for the Vikings/Giants game had so much snow dumped on it (17-20 inches) that the pressure created a tear in the roof’s lining, causing panels of the dome to cave in.  Snow poured on the field in rarely seen footage that would cause anyone to gasp.  After reading up a little on the incident, I came to find out that the Metrodome has failed before in 1981, 1982, and 1983 – due to heavy snow.  I’d probably get on that.  As if someone won’t be sued millions for this incident as it is, imagine if people were on the field?  Literally tons of snow falling, likely breaking necks of whoever stood below.  It’s a scary thought.  The game was postponed and will be played tonight in Detroit making for a doubled-up Monday night.  I’ll take it.

Carmelo Anthony has spoken.  The recent center of attention in trade talks says the only way he will sign an extension is if he signs with the New York Knicks.  It’s long been speculated that Melo would eventually sign with a big market team, and here he is.  What we didn’t expect however is the Knicks playing well without him.  New York, winners of 8 straight, would surely welcome Melo with open arms as at one point they gave him a standing ovation when he was in town Sunday.  I think Melo would look great in a Knicks jersey.  Knicks fans better hope Amare thinks the same.  Let’s face it, Denver is no place for Anthony.  The Nuggets have continuously proved they can’t win in the playoffs.  It’s safe to say that Denver’s ceiling has been reached.  If I’m the Nuggets I trade Carmelo and get as much as I can for him instead of taking a chance that he’ll sign elsewhere this off-season and possibly end up with nothing. 

Notes:  What the hell is 79 year-old Don King doing with ammunition to  .357-caiber and .38-caliner guns in an airport?  A true LOL moment.  I didn’t think 79 year olds would still be strapped up.  I’m trying to close my eyes and picture Don King with his wrinkles, his trademark afro, with that cannon tucked in his waist looking at me with a stone cold look.  “Only in America!”  God damn Don, put the steel down, or at a minimum have a mule take it through the airport for you.  Speaking of furry animals, has anyone seen who Kim Kardashian is now dating?  Kris Humphries from the New Jersey Nets!  Another athlete Kim?  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Honestly I thought her aim would be a little higher.  I thought surely with Tony Parker back on the menu it was a collision course with destiny.  (Long sigh) Maybe next round.


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  1. JUST A READER says:

    joe harris says:
    December 13, 2010 at 4:36 pm
    Dont get me started haha. I believe ive ran into ya at fridays a few times, and also im not the only one whos -ran into you- ya beautiful slampig…..TIl next time JH

    Joe you are disgusting! First of all I would never sleep with you, secondly I am sure that if you did even ‘run into’ a girl, it was not without paying a large amount of money. I hope someone on here kicks your ass!

  2. Sal Alosi says:

    If I see Joe Harris I will do more than stick out my Knee and trip him running away.. I’m a strenght and conditioning coach i will Squat and bench his body tooo knifes intill i’m covered in blood.

  3. Joe Harris Mother says:

    Joey has Crusty socks under his bed at our place still. Some have Blood on them.

  4. Michael S says:

    whoa whoa whoa what the fuck?!?!?!?! It figures i dont check the blog for the rest of the night and i miss all the good shit! man! these comments are on fire and “facts about joe harris’ i was laughing so hard reading those wow how can one person be so retarded to say all of that in less than a month? i guess he was really taking the black eyed peas song seriously about getting retarded. ray t wow man wow thats all i can say you made joe look like a fucking nut job and a LA WHO, ZA HER (jim carrey voice). joe you are fucking nuts man i know i have ADD and took ridilin as a kid but man you are, as cypress hill said, “INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE, INSANE, GOT NO BRAIN!”dude you need to go take pills for your condition, or maybe you just need to jump off a bridge and rid the world of yourself!!! I may think rocco dijohn is dumb for his sports opinion but you are dumb as a human being. i even went and voted for rocco in the poll yesterday ha ha ha i changed my mind! thats why rocco got like one more percent vote.

    good blog i think the metrodome shit was crazy what are the vikings going to do next monday night for their home game? play at the gophers stadium? detroit? who knows. i cant believe the streak is over. we’ve never seen favre on the sidelines before and i thought it was funny that once again his last pass is an interception!!!!!

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Michael anytime you wanna talk sports buddy! I’ll light your ass up too. You can say I’m dumb but I love talking sports and I watch and breath more sports than you soo i’ll prob kick your ass but give it your best shot… Remember when I said watch out for the heat??? Ya whats it 9 stright wins all by double digts???? And there still mad! There playing with hate.. and still getting better. Once again wait till they get back miller… Has anyone seen the bulls sence returning from there very long road trip?? and they got boozer back who almost had a 20 20 game last night?? MVP of the league so far in D rose? Watch out Kover is starting to shoot the ball better too, sometimes it takes shooters awhile to catch on just like hitting in baseball in the early month…

      • Michael S says:

        Whoa whoa whoa yes you are right about the heat ok oko ko ok. but i was right about Favre! you couldnt prove he was a top qb! he is overrated. and we need to see about the heat in the playoffs we dont know if they can beat boston and orlando in a 7 game series. i like the bulls but they dont have what it takes yet to get out of the second round but i hope they can beat the Miami Skeet in the playoffs so i can see lebitch quit and walk off the court not shaking hands. i also hate Chris BOsh who shaq called rupaul ha ha ha ha ha ah. wade is ok but he gave his wife stds so that sucks! but hes a great player

      • JB says:

        Rocco I think the MVP at this particular point has to be Amare Stoudemire. The Knicks were trash last year while the Bulls were a playoff team and predicted to be better this year. They added Boozer to help him out so he’s got the luxury of an all star next to him. Stoudemire (with help from Felton) has been insane. I think the MVP has to be the biggest difference maker on a team, and I think Stoudemire definitely fits the bill. Without him the Knicks are cellar-dwellers.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Dude first of all this is a grown Mans sports! Who cares about shaking hands it happens, Like I have said before get over it, and your comments about wade and bosh are just unreal why waste my time… Once again your know nothing about mike miller and what he brings to a team… I never said the heat will win the NBA chip! Never once was I on here and said that. But I was the only one that said watch out for them.. Thank you for givin me my credit. Maybe the bulls do have what it takes. I mean there 2nd best player boozer has only played like 5 games noah is a all star (leads NBA in Rebs) Kover is just finding his stroke. They have a nice bench now being able to move gibson there. That team is still jealing watch out!!!

        For favre He is not top 5 but he is top 10 and his NFL Numbers can speak for themself. He has the same number of super bowls as a lot of people. I know its hard to get this season out of your head but think about the 19, ya 19 before it! Including last season! Almost went to the super bowl and if you remember they should have the viks got screwed! Saints went low and high on favre. Should have been 15 the NFL has even come out and said that! Lite you up again son!!!! HAHAHA

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Not bad, but again NO! tied for 4th in the west. Yes they don’t have much D will does a lot for them. But They have Paul Milsap and Big AL, Big Al might be better than boozer. He is a 20 10 guy almost every night along with milsap. I would actully say westbrook over D will. Have you watched any NBA games this year??? Brewer doesn’t even start for Bulls! Hahaha Kover was shooting terrible intill the last week, (Career low %) And again boozer only has played like 5 games. Rose does more for his team than D will does and all his numbers are up from last year. Bulls have also only lost 8 games, Still early to tell but i’ll take a 2-0 lead… on to todays blog if byesline will ever post

    • Michael S says:

      Michael S – 1 (favre)
      Rocco D – 1 (heat)

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        NAH BRO! You don’t get favre! I didn’t even come on and say shit about him! I just did. its 2-0 favre is eassily top 10… JB The 7th or 8th seed in the EAST!!! (east) can’t have the MVP I don’t care what his numbers are. Kobe Never got it when he was 8th seed for the lakers scoreing 81 per… lol

      • Michael S says:

        haha yea you did on the last blog you said favre is number 2 only behind peyton manning! Just admit it!

        Rocco D 1 (heat)
        Michael S 1 (favre)

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        No i said that to piss off joe harris. That was only for my childhood love of brett! I Have to shelfs of brett favre stuf in my house. I say goodnight to him every night.. Hes a warrior and in my book I don’t want anyone else other than manning.. But I gotta be real about it. Hes only top 10

      • Michael S says:

        Rocco DiJohn says:
        December 11, 2010 at 8:59 pm
        Favre is the greatest QB in the history of the NFL! Only behind Peyton manning. 1. and 2


      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Michael I know What I said but read my post above please… Did I try and back it up with any confidence?? If I really thought that was true I would have gave a statement why after you harris and JB called me out on it. It was my love for favre has a boy growing up thats why i said that… sorry dude. Whos your NBA MVP after the 1st quarter of the season?

      • Michael S says:

        man that is too easy. cant be d rose because he got boozer, korver and brewer so thats why they are much better. durant has westbrook who is now a top pg in the league. it cant be lebron or wade or bosh because all on same team. cant be kobe because of all the talent there (so far gasol is mvp of la). strong argument made for stoudemire. but i think it has to be d-will. look he lost boozer, korver, brewer and matthews and they are still 18-8 and leading the division! think about it. OUT!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Not bad, but again NO! tied for 4th in the west. Yes they don’t have much D will does a lot for them. But They have Paul Milsap and Big AL, Big Al might be better than boozer. He is a 20 10 guy almost every night along with milsap. I would actully say westbrook over D will. Have you watched any NBA games this year??? Brewer doesn’t even start for Bulls! Hahaha Kover was shooting terrible intill the last week, (Career low %) And again boozer only has played like 5 games. Rose does more for his team than D will does and all his numbers are up from last year. Bulls have also only lost 8 games, Still early to tell but i’ll take a 2-0 lead… on to todays blog if byesline will ever post

      • Michael S says:

        HA HA 2-0? No way. It was 1-1 and our MVP discussion is even. just as strong a case can be made for williams as rose! plus rose plays in the worst division in basketball!!!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Michael, There was no favre comments, so it was 1-0 Then I easily won the MVP 1st quarter argument. D Will is barely top 10. I’ll take a 2-0 lead i’m sorry. If JB or BL correct me then Its 1-0 Max or MIn.

      • JB says:

        *Spews coffee all over computer* DWill is barely a top 10?! Roc, man, you can’t be serious. Look who the Jazz lost this year. Matthews a huge role player for them, Boozer and Korver – his dead eye shooter. Yes Jefferson does help placate the Boozer loss but I don’t think there’s anyone who thought they’d be this successful thus far. DWill has been the anchor of that team and is one of the top 3 PGs in the league. The MVP has to be the player who is making the biggest difference and that player is Williams. He plays in a tougher division and a tougher conference and they still have a better record than Chicago. Rose led them to an 8 seed in the EAST!! He’s clearly benefiting from the emergence of Noah and the additions of UTAH’s players (Boozer, Brewer (bum) and Korver)Williams avgs 23 and 10. Rose 25 and 8.
        So basically Rose got Williams’ role players and the Jazz are still better? Dude you gotta give it to Williams.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        No way no shot! Look at what the jazz have done without boozer.. There was a reason they let him go. Paul milsap! They new what they had. Hes playing unreal Then you get AL on top of that production? Brewer is a No lost. They have miles who is just as good if not the same player as him. Kover yes was a lost. But both teams have 8 loses. The jazz have played 2 more games bc the Bulls have the circes in the city every year and go on that 7 game road trip. Rose Only has 8 loses with who? noah? Brewer? Gibson (starting) a bad kover? deng? I mean common. He has no one and that team was just put together he has been carrying them all season. Jazz have the same make up of players they always have had. You guys have to take into consideration boozer for the bulls this season has played 5 games and 2 were losts. They bulls haven’t even played anyone in there div yet. Yes its the worse in baseball but they have played boston2 lakers2 and orl on top of all the western conference teams on that road trip. Dude has put the bulls on his back this frist quarter!

  5. mfalso02 says:

    Thought you might enjoy this picture of Rex and Sanchez. Rex the Hut

  6. The Facts about Joe Harris says:

    1) He accused Byesline of calling Paul Pierce a studio gangster when he was quoting Udonis Haslem
    2) Claimed Pierce was stabbed in Oakland when he was stabbed in Boston
    3) Made up a lie that Pierce was stabbed in Oakland “another time”, saying he was in Oakland at the time.
    4) Claimed he worked for the NBA
    5) Said Kobe was drafted 18th when he was drafted 13th (some NBA employee he is)
    6) Called LeBron James one of the most overrated players of all time – provides no evidence
    7) Still claimed he worked for the NBA
    8) 11.26.10 “My sources have told me that earlier today (November 26th) Eric Spolstra met with Miami Heat owner Pat RIley. Apparently Riles is fired up and the name being tossed around the locker room is one that should surpirse nobody. Jeff Van Gundy, thats right ,Jeff Van Gundy may be the new heat coach within two weeks” – Joe Harris
    9) Said 4 USC defensive players were first round picks on the Leinhart, Bush, White team – they were not first round picks
    10) Said Vince Young is Mike Vick on Steroids
    11) Said Vick and Young “probably came from the same Gorilla”
    12) Said Andre Johnson was from Niskayuna… umm that was Andre Davis
    13) Claimed your “buddy” ran the League Pass company
    14) Said LeBron James has “NO basketball IQ”
    15) Said you predicted the Heat coaching debacle two days before it broke. Joe no you didn’t, you said Van Gundy would replace Spoelstra, that never happened. There was never a story about Spo and Riley meeting and Spo being on the hot seat. EVERY BASIC SPORTS FAN knew if the Heat had problems Spo would be the first guy being pressured. Idiot!
    16) Said you were in Dallas for the Mavs-Jazz game. The game was in Utah.
    17) Begged for a poll between you and Rocco Dijohn. Rocco received over 80% of the vote.
    18) You claim the poll was rigged.
    19) You say you have ‘fans’ who email you warm and encouraging messages HAHAHAHAHAHA
    20) Say the blog sucks… just days after saying you hoped “Byesline continues this poetic blogging” and were begging him to “weigh in”. Wonder if it has anything to do with you getting destroyed in the poll…
    21) Had a conversation with yourself last night, making up names and replying to yourself under anonymous names HAHAHAHAHAHA
    22) Tried to insult Byesline girlfriend. Low Joe low, don’t hate old man.
    23) Oh did I mention you STILL try to claim you work for the NBA?
    24) Tried to claim Ray T as on of your ‘fans’ when he was clearly complimenting Byesline.

    Ladies and Gentleman, I present Joe Harris!

  7. Ray T says:

    Byeslne I would respectfully ask you to remove the “Ray T” post which claims I apologized to Joe. Obviously that is not me. I also ask the same for the Kevin Brass post – I dont know if there is a real Kevin Brass or not but I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate Joe pretending to be him.

    Joe you need to deal with life. You are lying. We know that wasn’t Byesline who apologized to you. We know that you are all of those posts after midnight criticizing Byesline and Evan Lane. I know that this won’t affect your behavior but you will realize in your brain that we all KNOW that you are lying. Not believe, not assume, we KNOW. I highly recommend that you go to a well established psychologist and simply have them examine these blog comments from the beginning. They will be able to help you from there.

    You need help Joe.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Evan Lane is a drugg addict isnt he?

    • Anonymous says:

      hahha! he might be yeah ive heard some crazy things about that guy! Whats he doing now? I know he played ball upstate for awhile . Interesting to say the least !!

    • Evan Lane says:

      He gets paid to play basketball. When he leaves practice he drives to his apt the team pays for in his car the team pays for and puts his feet up. And he uses his real name on this blog.

    • Evan Lane says:

      I thought about you calling me a drug addict for a couple of minutes and have thought of what i want to say. I have played for three professional teams in three countries and won a championship with one. In addition Basketball payed the degree i EARNED in Political Philosophy. And you know what “anonymous” you are right; I did all that smoking weed, drinking pepsi, and eating doritos every god damn day. So if you want to call me a drug addict rock on, groovy man, i dig it. But don’t forget the educated professional athlete part asshole!

  9. ByesLine says:

    Joe, Im glad others see what I see in you. Not much. Fortunately for you, I wont verbally light that ass up again like have before. But I do want to say one thing, Im going to have to remove your comments like I used to because your clearly not talking sports and just primarily focusing on attacking me because you love my blog so much. When you hop on the board and just trash me personally, I obviously cant stand for it. Its not constructive whatsoever. Daddy would hate to take away his sons favorite blog, so please Harris, stay in your lane or your donzo. Thanks for the hits 😉

  10. Ray T says:


    Do not respond or take Joe Harris seriously. I want to explain to you why. My profession allows me to dissect a person’s mental make up based on their words, habits and the manner in which they communicate, as I am a psychologist. Joe Harris needs help, and I am not saying this as a joke or an insult at all – I am being 100% sincere. Joe clearly suffers from a few conditions. First the lying. Joe is the truest definition of a Compulsive Liar.

    A Compulsive liar lies out of habit. It is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions and to criticism. They bend the truth about EVERYTHING. It is developed in early childhood and IS A COPING MECHANISM. They cannot deal with the reality of life – whether it be circumstances or life failure, the lying is a coping mechanism to help them believe that things are better than they are. Think about how sad that is. It is linked to mental health disorders.

    I want you to see how Joe demonstrated this. First Joe came on to this blog and he accused the blogger of misrepresenting the facts of the story about Udonis Haslem and Paul Pierce (see one of the first few blog posts for what happened). When Joe was confronted with his misunderstanding of what Byesline was saying, what did he do? He lied – claiming that Paul Pierce was stabbed another time in Oakland, which is not true. He then lied again claiming that he was there, even adding details like “it was right before he signed with Kansas”. When Joe was proven wrong with other information what did he do? Lie again, claiming he works for the NBA while unable to provide any sort of evidence of it: no position, no job description. Why? Because he knows a simple Google search will prove him wrong. So he continues to lie thinking that people will buy in to what he is saying, sadly not realizing that those around him think he is losing his mind. It’s sad because he truly is losing his mind. Again I am not saying this as a joke.

    This is typically a symptom of Histrionic Personality Disorder and is usually linked with being a Narcissist. Look at Joes posts – he degrades blacks, he degrades women and he degrades anyone who doesn’t agree with what he is saying. The platform is elevates himself to could only be done by a Narcissist.

    People like Joe will literally make up jobs they work at, family members, and events. Joe knows he is lying but he can’t stop and continues without remorse.

    Finally with all of his lying Joe suffers from believing his own fantasies. He has created “travel plans” that he has shared on the comments and various things you can see for yourself. He actually believed that I was one of his fans, when in fact I was complimenting Byesline. This is similar to stalkers and killers who believed their victims “wanted” what they were doing and wanted to be “with them”. Joe is most likely well past middle aged judging by how bad his lying his. He most likely lives alone and goes to social areas alone to convince himself that he has ‘friends’. He is a victim of “Pseudologia Fantastica”. The more you criticism him and call him a liar and prove him wrong, the more he will hunker down and lie. My best advice? Ignore him. You’ll never see an NBA sponsored Joe Harris blog.

    To those of us who actually enjoy this blog, please just ignore Joe. I doubt that will work but I hope I’ve provided some insight. Good evening to all.

    • Ray T says:

      I also wanted to add this in: please notice how possessive Joe is of the blog. He’s convinced himself its his blog, that the readers are his “fans” despite dozens of posts savagely insulting him and picking apart his arguments like Tom Brady picks apart defenses (sorry couldn’t help the sports reference!). By the way, and I’ve stated this before, I don’t know Byesline blogger or Rocco D, and I voted for Rocco in the poll. Why? Because Joe lied in all his sports takes and didn’t have support to any opinion, while Rocco supported his position. Again folks we see Joe’s delusion. He begs for the poll, loses badly and tells himself and others its rigged. Coping mechanism 101 people.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wow I’ve never seen such a precise surgical breakdown of someone through the internet but I honestly think you hit the nail right on the head. Its really very sad. And now Joe has stooped to trying to degrade a girl he “saw” Zach Bye with? Absolutely pathetic.

      • Truth says:

        Ya after seeing who Joe is and no matter what girl he saw byesline with i’m going to fridays and i’m going to beat his fucking ass down. Hes going to eat his fucking teeth. That guy is an asshole i’m calling byesline tommorrow and seeing if we can get him removed from the blog.

    • Evan Lane says:

      Wow i wish i read this before i made my last response to him. Ray your post makes such great sense. Its easy to get caught up in the back and forth but you are defiantly right. Thanks for the insight.

  11. Anonymous says:

    LOL this Joe harris guy is a retard, we dont believe you joe! LOL u dont have fans lol lol lol lol classic shit

  12. joe harris says:

    A couple of things..Lane you talking about basketball is pretty funny man, I work in the NBA and let me telll you, you wouldn’t be able to score on Melo. Who are you to say Melo can’t play defense, you wouldn’t even be able to dribble against him. Have you checked your pigmentation man? You know nothing about basketball you played at a division 2 school and your trying to say Melo doesn’t play defense. You wouldn’t be able to score a single basket on him.

    JUST A READER- I formally apologized i thought you were a girl who I have seen with byesline not somebody who lived in Buffallo. As far as your viewpoints go they are lame but I didn’t have a basis for my personal comment, I thought you were this slampig from Albany area.
    Anyways I hope that this clarifies to all of you how you trully need to be in the NBA to know the NBA. To my loyal followers expeciially Mike Viel, I will continue to post but am getting a little concerned that I am wasting my time in this knock off blog. I may be starting my own so I will let all you Harrisons know. A HArrison is somebody who full pledges support to Joe Harris writings and blog posts, from high school to my current NBA reporting, HARRISONS stand up!!! HARRIS NATION! TIl NExt time- Feel free to weigh in- its monday we have some great nfl games and of course a holiday season right around the corner..stay away from dem slam pigs, and weigh the hell in ,. JH

    • Anonymous says:

      Joe, u make yourself look worse and worse everytime u post. U work for the NBA but curse and ramble hatred on a relatively-speaking small time blog? Yea my ass u work for the NBA haha, u jerkoff, its so fuckin obvious u use zachs site to get your own attention, what a sad case u are man

    • Evan Lane says:

      Joe, your response to my quote is a perfect example of what everyone on here is trying to tell you. You read and think outside the bounds of reality. I did not say mello can’t play defense. I said that when Allen Iverson was in denver he didn’t play defense and when that Billips got there he did. No where in my post did i say anything suggesting any lack of ability in fact i think i remember saying he is so good he would make the knicks a contender.

      Now i’m curious; What do you do for the NBA? Everyone responding to your posts clearly doesn’t believe you work for the NBA why don’t you settle their doubts and explain to us all what it is you do for the NBA? Do you write, edit, produce, recruit, coach,….what do you do Joe? Evan better why don’t you post a link to where we can all see what it is you do in the NBA. I mean its the NBA they clearly must have something online about their great employee Joe Harris right? You heckle me for having played for a division 2 team. You must have found out about me because it was online or someone told you or you came or a game or read about it in the paper . Either way someone thought what I was doing was important enough to make record. Where’s the record of you in the NBA joe? Put our doubts to rest. Settle this issue. Please

      I think two things about this matter. One: you are a prime example of the difference between a person who watches sports and a person who plays them. Your lack of knowledge and understanding demonstrates this. Two: (I know this point in redundant because everyone has already told you) You are liar, you are unhappy, you are clearly very lonely, and you have added nothing to interesting about sports to this blog. You have only taken away from it.

      My main frustration is that if everyone on this blog was sitting in a room having this conversation you would be on the ground getting your teeth kicked through the back of your head. But instead we are online and you are protected. Consider yourself a lucky man.

    • mfalso02 says:

      Usually large organization like the NBA hire educated people who can spell and organize thoughts. Clearly, you can’t do either. Look forward to your next lie you sweat from a baboon’s ass. Get a hobby, a friend, hell, maybe a boyfriend. I love the made-up term Harrison’s for all of your mentally challenged cats that you force to read your posts. That’s animal cruelty brother. Stop torturing them. Byesline-Keep up the good work. JH go back to blowing yourself.

    • Anonymous says:

      what a fucking tard joe harris is i wanna curb stomp his old ass and if i ever see him i will

  13. Ray T says:

    I won’t even dignify Joe Harris’ incessant madness with a response. Great post about the weekends events. I like the blog when it has longer posts like this one. The more detail and more opinion with humor, the better. Write on.

    • ByesLine says:

      Thanks Ray T, I remember your good sence from past comments so I def want to respond to your suggestion. I prefer writing longer because it gives me a chance to really be myself and open things up. Often I’ll try and tailor the blog to young readers who just wanna pop on and check it quick, and the quality of the content goes down a bit. I have to remember the folks who like what I like. Thanks man and def keep checking the site and telling your friends if you feel so inclined!!! lol

    • joe harris says:

      thank you my fan. I wrote long just off of passion. I agree that shorter posts are not too much fun. As always I love the support fans–TIl NEXT TIME< KEEP WEIGHING IN, EVERYBODY WEIGH IN< BUT mOMmm< WEIGH IN!!

      • Ray T says:

        Oh my god no Joe I was not responding to you, your comments are terrible and racist. Even if you did work for the NBA, and we know you don’t since you couldn’t name your position and said you were in Dallas when the game was in Utah, they would never support your blog. In fact you would be fired by now for your comments.
        Have you made a single good basketball comment? Clearly Evan Lane was referring to Anthonys defense relative to the rest of the NBA. Judging by Lanes posts he’s probably forgot more basketball knowledge than you’ve ever known. I can’t believe I just wasted two minutes of my life responding to you.

  14. Michael S says:

    FINALLY a blog where i am not getting people trying to kcik my ARSE!!! thank you god. are you guys cool with me jumping in on joe harris? it looks like joe is the one who has taken a few too many drugs i just read all his posts from other coment sections and wow is that guy ever a fucked up tard messing up on his facts and then making up stories when he gets called a liar wow dude you should have just stopped comming around instead of gett ing your ass handed to you on a platter every single day. i bet at least i would get more votes in a poll against rocco “grey poupon” dijohn than joe harris did. hahahaha joe keep coming back you make me look goooood

    • ByesLine says:

      This is actually a very funny comment. Jump on in man and get dirty. Joe begged me for a poll, I delivered and he’s ungrateful and scorn. That’s ok, I still like Joe. As for someone asking whats so special about the blog? I never ever claimed it was “special”, but with 10,000 views in the opening month I guess I just let that do the talking. If it was really that bad the numbers wouldnt stay consistant. If you dont like it, no sweat man thanks for checking it out at least. I’ll continue to work hard at it, take the hate, and keep it moving. As for Joe saying I can’t handle contructive critisism, nothing about his comments are constructive, therefore they don’t get responses. Thanks to those supporting and those actually talking sense or talking sports. Both work.

      • Michael S says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA Joe look I got Byesline to ‘weigh in’ you couldnt even do that even after basically offering “Ill suck yo dick man” you lame old fucker!! hahahahaha

  15. Observer says:

    Joe you love this blog! Are you not on it every single day? If i truly hated a food, or hated a show, do u think i would eat that food, or watch that show? Of course not, cause i dont partake in things I hate, simple right? If i ate alot of that food, or watched that same show every day, and continued to say how much i hated it, id be lying to myself. Thats you joe. You got smoked in that poll WHICH WAS UR IDEA, and you said the loser is done for life! After 9 or 10 people voted for the other guy, u came back 5 days later! haha u fuckin loser!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Joe Harris, you have zero credability! Just 8 or 9 days ago u said u loved the blog! LOL same old mentally unstable joe, u crazy fuck. U CALLED BLACK PEOPLE BABOONS! U CALLED BLACK PEOPLE GORILLAS! why should anyone listen to u??? on top of that, like normal, u give no support to ur claims!! Your takes always suck man, always have, always will. Ur a rascist hater who cant get enough of the blog!! LOL

  17. Joe Harris says:

    Blog sucks now. I know this will be deleted because this guy can’t take constructive criticism but I feel that this blog is awful. Zach Bye needs to learn that drugs build castles in the sky for people on them to live in them

    • Common Sense says:

      For the millionth time Joe that is not constructive criticism. And please for the love of god and sanity tell us why you come on here every single day and read it. It’s sadly clear you are just bitter about the poll results. Before that poll you were complimenting the blog and begging Byesline to ‘weigh in’ on your takes. Now you come on here with hateful language. I say go start your own blog if you know what one should be like. I know that R Dijohn getting over 80% of the vote is hard to swallow but that’s what happens when you make up ‘facts’ to bring down other people. You’re a liar and a spawn of the Father of Lies himself. Good day!

    • POLL says:

      DiJohn 82.69 %

    • JUST A READER says:

      I finally have to say something. I am a girl who has been reading this blog since the start and also the comments for entertainment. I don’t get in to sports too much, I enjoy them but not like some of the guys who read it. I like the humorous statements the blog writer makes and the funny comparisons to other things (like the ‘power play’ sentence). I just had to say something to “Joe Harris” if that is even his real name. Joe maybe this is just the sympathetic nature of a woman but I feel sorry for you, and I mean that sincerely. You fit the very definition of a bitter older man who wishes they’d done more with their life. You add nothing to the equation, you only try to subtract by insulting others to try and make yourself feel better. It’s not working Joe. One previous comment compared the readers to those at a bar smiling and nodding to the lonely old man who thinks he is the center of attention while really waiting for him to leave, and I couldn’t agree more. We just keep waiting for you to leave Joe. Seriously. As in, not joking.
      You continue to say mean things about the blog without even backing up your opinion. That does not add up to constructive criticism. On second thought it doesn’t really add up to anything but rambling. Joe I’m sure you daydream of re-doing decisions in your life. Maybe you would go to college for journalism and be a sports writer so you could write about sports. Maybe you would stop lying as a child so that you would not make up lies later on in life on a sports blog. Either way get over it, what’s done is done. You need to accept what is ‘right now’. Stop lying. At least look up your information before you start cyber-screaming at the blog writer and calling him names. That way you won’t have to look so silly when all these other readers come in and prove you wrong. It’s obvious to me you are jealous of Byesline. Why else would you continually regurgitate your ‘hate’ and continue to post comments day after day? You quite literally can’t stay away. And I feel bad for you because it’s unfortunate that a human being can’t ignore a blog that they claim “sucks” and imply is insignificant. Until next time Joe, get a life. A hobby? A book? Get a dog to walk? How about starting your own blog? The truth is Joe that you wish you could write like Byesline. You wish you could get the perfect pictures to go with the topic, wish you were that funny, wish you could have 10,000 people care what you had to say in the first month. But you know its not reality, so you have to try and bring it down. I know it’s a cheesy Holiday reference, but you’re a Grinch, Joe. Think about it. The only difference is you don’t appear to get that you can’t ruin Christmas for everyone else.
      Ok I’m done… and I hope Joe is too.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is easily the best comment on here.

      • joe harris says:

        Dont get me started haha. I believe ive ran into ya at fridays a few times, and also im not the only one whos -ran into you- ya beautiful slampig…..TIl next time JH

        Note to my loyal followers- your emails have brought me back, yes I knew the poll was rigged. R dijohn and byesline are but buddies, so of course I knew it wouldn’t be fair. Truth is had you guys not emailed me to come back I would of started my blog for the NBA. But instead im postponing that until the playoffs, its too much stress (similar to Urban Meyer). SO to my fans (UNTIL NEXT TIME) I love you all! As for the slampig and R dijhon. ..i feel bad for both of you

      • Anonymous says:

        Very classy response Joe. And please stop with the “fan email” we know you don’t have fans and we know nobody emailed you. You DON’T have friends and DON’T have a life. Don’t feel bad for anyone but yourself. I know the blog writer personally and he would not rig the poll. It was set up so that a person could only vote one time. If you were smart you would see that the poll is not created by wordpress, it’s created by – so no, it was not rigged. Get a life you miserable old loser. ha ha ha ha Joe we are all laughing AT you.

      • JUST A READER says:

        Do you live in Buffalo NY Joe? Otherwise you haven’t seen me. And I wouldn’t expect a different reply from you, its typical. By the way, I hope you didn’t reproduce.

      • John-Jacob-Jingle-Himer-Smith says:

        Joe no one emails you. Loyal followers? HA! you have visions of fake friends around you to match ur fake NBA job. Your a lying loser who has nothing to back up what he says. No one would ever read ur blog with all of ur wrong statements u thought were facts. Anyone who has seen the comments over the last month would know how big of a rascist loser u are that literally not one ounce of reality in ur shrivled dome. Like a NBA employee hangs out on zach byes blog all day and bashes the site lol lol u really expect ppl to believe u still work for the NBA? lol whats the sadest part is that being a retard on the comment board has identified u as a person. Thats all ur known for. Not your career at GE, not for finally having sex with something thats not a blowup doll, not for drinking at fridays every night. Just a retard on the comment board. Thats all, now and forever more. The sad thing is when its just you in ur bed at night, u know ur a liar. A grown man who cant stop lying. Theres nothing worse when a grown man hasnt figured himself out yet.

  18. Anonymous says:

    awesome pics as usual. The jets are fakes and will lose at chicago and at pittsburgh. They’re lucky they play the bills to end the season, but even that could be a loss. good blog!

    • Anonymous says:

      I tend to agree, whats the big deal about this blog anyway?

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      I don’t know if the jets are for real but I know that D is. Just remember what they did last year. Made it into the playsoffs the last day and then made some noise. I think the jets can’t run the ball like they did last year ,like they were early in the season too. Thats when they win. Gives that D some rest keeps the pressure off them. If your only giving up 10 points a game you should win most of the time. I think they will beat Chicago and who knows maybe upset pittsburgh?? Maybe? haha

      Love the post Byesline Rex picture is classic I’m going to make it my Facebook profile picture and set it my computer desktop It’s great!!! LOL. Melo needs to go to a big market hes one of the best players in the league and more people need to see that. He has stepped up his D since winning a Gold medal. Hes mid range jumper is maybe the best in the league if not right behind kobe. He avgs 9 rebs a game so he gets after it for a small forward. Pay this man $100 mill and he will take you far. Dude still young only played 1 year of college. (RING) Bling!

      • JB says:

        Rocco I have to commend you on not lashing out at Joe “Bitter Jealous Old Man” Harris. He’s not worth your time and clearly is not on your level of sports knowledge. He’s not ready for you.

      • Evan Lane says:

        Rocco, on Mello in New York: I am really pumped about this possibility too. Like byesline said last week, basketball is a better place when the Knicks are good. Right now all the attention is on them because of Amare’s play and their win streak. Adding Mello to the mix would make them a legitimate contender for the East. I do have some concerns though. As D’antoni found out in Pheonix, trying to out score you opponent based on great open court talent and taking 25% more shots only wins games in the regular season. Until he learns how to teach a team to be a tough nosed defensive unit, they will not have post season success. I also think that Mello is impressionable on this matter. When Allen Iverson was in Denver Mello never played defense and then when Chauncy Billips came he did. Either he gradually matured or Mello only plays D when he has a leader who plays D. He won’t find that in New York. He would have when John Starks and Patrick Ewing and Charles Oakly were there, but he won’t with Amare and D’antoni.

        Despite these doubts I do hope he comes to New York and i am excited to see what that brings. Also, this is one more step in tipping the scales between east and west. The east is more top heavy then the east but with mello in new york the east would have four super talented legitimate contenders in Celtics, Heat, Bulls, and Knicks. The West, at this moment, has three: Mavricks, Spurs, and the best team in the world the Lakers.

      • JB says:

        Evan great points. One of the main reasons I am excited is to possibly see the Heat v. Knicks rivalry rekindled and maybe even get the Bulls vs. Knicks rivalry started again. These teams look like they will be in the playoffs, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see them square off against each other.

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