Heisman’s and Hotstreaks

Let me save you time tonight and tell you, if you didn’t already know, that Cam Newton will win the Heisman Trophy.  Possibly the single most prestigious award in all of sports will go to yet another recipient shrouded in controversy.  There are two sides to this argument independent from one another.  On the field, off the field.  The first category is the easiest.  Cam Newton easily had the most deserving season for the award.  Not up for discussion.  Not solely because he leads the nation in passer rating, both ran and threw for 20+ touchdowns each (accounting for 1 TD shy of 50), but also because he has led the Auburn Tigers to an undefeated season.  Who the hell else even plays for Auburn?  As far as I’m concerned, that case is closed.

The off-field component is where it gets more weird than a prolonged dude-hug.  Cam Newton’s alleged pay-for-play scandal has people doubting the legitimacy of both Newton and the Heisman process.  If the Heisman’s new integrity clause isn’t applicable to Newton,  I’m curious who it would apply to?  Did anyone see Newton’s interview with ESPN this past week?  Has anyone spoke so much without saying anything at all?  I was borderline offended as I watched.  The fact that Newton said he didn’t ask his father what really transpired between him and recruiters is a blatant fabrication.  Could you imagine yourself at the center of a national controversy on behalf of one of your parents and never ask him/her what happened?  That’s bull-garbage.  This sounds like the kid who had a stolen laptop at Florida and threw it out the window when police knocked on his door.  The same kid who stole another students paper at Florida and put his name on it to take the credit.  The kid who purchased a term paper off the internet and handed it in for credit.  The same kid who allegedly told Mississippi recruiters that he was attending Auburn because “the money is too much”.  I’m not at all saying Cam Newton personally took money, but he knows a hell of a lot more than he leads on.  If Newton didn’t come off so well, have that great smile, speak perfect English, and have so much damn charisma, it’s my personal opinion the NCAA would have shut him down by now.  Add sagging pants, a sideways baseball cap, and a few ‘no comment, next question’ responses, Newton would be training for the NFL combine instead of a national championship.  All that being said, if I had a vote I would still cast it in favor of Newton for the simple fact the kid has been ruled eligible.  In doing so, the NCAA opens itself up for a future blemish if more information comes out, more or less Reggie Bush all over again.  For Newton the on-field issue is black and white, but everything else is so grey I ‘can’t tell the forest from the trees’.

George Karl notched his 1,000 win Friday night when the Denver Nuggets beat the Toronto Raptors 123-116.  Karl is the 7th coach in NBA history to reach the milestone.  Karl, who used to coach the Albany Patroons on his way up the coaching ladder, beat cancer of the throat this past year while also beating prostate cancer in 2005.  The win came without Carmelo Anthony as Al Harrington dropped 31 points.  Naturally the points will probably go to Harrington’s head and he’ll be trying to take over games the rest of the season causing further confusion in Denver, but I’ll just let Karl enjoy this while it lasts.

The freaking New York Knicks won again!  Amare Stoudemire posted another 30 point game as the Knicks won their 7th straight, and 12th of the last 13.  It’s the longest winning streak for the Knicks since the early 2000’s, and Amare tied a franchise record for consecutive 30 point games set by Willie Naulls back in 1962.  Who cares that Amare had 11 turnovers, the Knicks won and Amare got his shine, which for those who don’t know Amare like I do, this is the only way to keep this train on the tracks. 

Minus 3 or 4 games of interest, the NFL’s week 14 seems only mildly intriguing.  While I always count my blessings and am thankful for what I have, this Sunday’s football schedule isn’t going to motivate me to roll out of bed and chew my morning-after pill (Extra Strength Aspirin).  I’m looking forward to New England at Chicago on Sunday afternoon, as well as Philly at Dallas, but I’m almost convincing myself on that one.  The Giants at Minnesota is usually fun to watch.  This week’s uncertainty of Brett Favre starting makes it slightly more interesting, but I’m on the verge of becoming comfortably numb to it.  As always, make the best of it.  Vote on the half serious poll.  See you Monday.


20 Responses to Heisman’s and Hotstreaks

  1. Ass Whooping Count says:

    Michael S – 1
    JB – 1
    Rocco – 1
    Tim – 1
    A Askew – 1
    Rocco Dijohns Rep – 1
    Joe Harris? … ZERO

  2. Michael S says:

    hey now, shiver me timbers so this is Joe Harris? I dont get it what was he suspended for? Getting his ARSE kicked in that poll? whoa that was bad. now i gotta say I dont get joe harris, what does he come on here for? he doesnt even say anything about sports he just says things about other people and about the blog. joe harris i must say i think this blog is really good, please answer my question pretty please – why are you here if you think the blog sucks? no comprende dipshit! Joe come on man you are making me look bad since i am also against rocco but you just sound stupid! help me out we are on the same side but you sound like someone performed that thing they did to jack nicholson in the cuckoos nest movie!

  3. Joe Harris says:

    This is great seriously, I did my suspension and now im back. DiJohn is getting rashed on this message board..hot damn! I love this!! BYESLINE- your blog sucks , always has, and always will. Any one can go on espn.com and give people their opinion on something, just like anybody can create a poll and vote ofr their butt pirate every time. GROW UP man!

    • JB says:

      Joe it was nice to see you back until you started ragging on Byesline again. You honestly don’t make sense. Some of your first comments were telling Byesline that a blog is 50 percent fact, 50 percent opinion. Now you criticize him for giving his opinion? I’m confused. He’s laid out facts for the story and gives opinion. That’s what a blog is.
      On top of that you keep coming back, even after a royal beat down in the polls. Byesline and his butt pirate? Dude there were over a hundred votes against you. That includes people who don’t know you, the blogger, or R DiJohn. If you’re gonna come back at least step up your game!

    • POLL says:

      DiJohn 82.69%

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Hahaha Harris your not allowed on here, your comments will be removed shorty… Thank you but your on suspension still.

    • Tim says:

      of course its a opinion, a blog is like the very definition of a opinion! lol what do u wanna see a box score? the blog sucks? just confirmation how fucking wacko u are, u r on the comment board every day which means u go to the site everyday lol u said anyone can go on espn and have a blog, go do it then instead of using this blogs comment board as ur stage lol last week u said u loved the blog!! haha and u begged for a poll and when u got one, ur ass got smacked hahaha fuckin tard, even when u say something good its surrounded by rascist comments, u have always been a nerd loser who still can shake that stigma from ur own mind no matter how hard u try!

    • A. Askew says:

      Joe you’re such a loser. You complain about the blog, while making up lies. But you can’t leave! You’re checking it every day. You beg the blogger to “weigh in” and then insult him. Once wrong Joe, mommy didn’t hug u enough? Keep it sports related and you will get clowned every single time by EVERYONE.

  4. Michael S says:

    Hahaha rocco where are u???? You are getting busted up in here! Favre number 2?!?! Wow that’s crazy maN, crazy bad foot ball knowldge! Ok ill settle down because I saw in previous comments byeslines said keep it sports related. Please explain Favre number 2 and peyton number 1. As ‘nate’ asked.

  5. JB says:

    Rocco, Favre is better than Joe Montana? Tom Brady? John Elway? Dan Marino? No way. His passing records are more a result of his longevity than anything else. Though he does share one thing in common with Peyton, he generally plays worse in the playoffs!

    • Nate says:

      Rocco, I’ve agreed with nearly all of your takes on the blog thus far, but Peyton and Favre 1 and 2 all time? Bold. At the moment I’m wondering if Peyton is even the best in the league right now. I’m so confused by him. I know I can’t overreact to a few bad weeks, but I think I would take Brady’s career over Peyton’s. I’m interested to hear your reasoning though, convince me I’m wrong.

      • JB says:

        Nate who are your top 5 best QBs, as in if you’re picking a QB to start a team with. I’m thinking:
        1 – Marino
        2 – Montana
        3 – Brady
        4 – Manning
        5 – Elway

      • Anonymous says:

        You want someone to convince you you’re wrong but haven’t even stated a case for who you think the best QBs are.

      • Nate says:

        Top 5 to start a team with:

        1) Montana
        2) Elway
        3) Brady
        4) Marino
        5) Manning

  6. POLL says:

    Dijohn – 82.69%

  7. JB says:

    Michael this is the first post I’ve actually agreed with you, about Favre. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great QB and a hall of famer who was able to play at a high level for an incredible amount of years through a great many injuries. To me his streak is more impressive than Ripkens. Just look at the hit he took against Buffalo to see my reasoning. Tell me when Ripken ever came close to playing with pain like that. However his being in the conversation for all time best in the media is too much. He has one superbowl title which he wasn’t even the MVP of. Sure he has all time TDs, but also all time INTs and may be more remembered for ending NFC title games with interceptions than anything else… That or his off season waffling. Again he is a great HOF qb but ends up being rated much too high with his “Favre Mystique”. He’s one tough guy though.

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Favre is the greatest QB in the history of the NFL! Only behind Peyton manning. 1. and 2

      • Joe Harris says:

        FARVE!? he has won one superbowl and has the record for most interceptiions? Explain your reasoning or I will never read your posts again, your comments are entirely bad

    • Rocco DiJohn's Rep says:

      Please JOEY BOY HARRIS if you would like to have a converstaion with Rocco on this matter, you can call us at 518 got fuck yourself. Rocco will comment when he wants to, not when hes told too. When he brings his talets on this blog its not because people are calling him out. He is above and better than that. Thanks again Harris and I was wondering how many games have the HEAT won in arow?

      LB23! hola!

  8. Michael S says:

    Hahahaha very funny blog! Very funn stuff byesline well done well done! I always look forward to nfl sundays and one player I think we can ALL agree on being overrated is Brett Favre, no????? I’m sick and tired of him in the news especially after he took a pic of his little pickle and sent it to that Jenn “stacked” Sterger! (Ill bet rocco “grey poupon” dijohn enjoyed googling it though)

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