Jimmer Fredette Poll

After much debate about the Jimmer post yesterday, I thought I’d let you decide how well he will do at the next level.

Below is the ‘can’t miss’ video highlights of Jimmer Putting 49 points on Arizona last season.  Keep an eye out for the weekend post tomorrow!



7 Responses to Jimmer Fredette Poll

  1. Rocco DiJohn says:

    Haha Joey BOY! your not allowed on this comment board. Stop coming on under “michael” 2nd this post is about fredette and your trying to get me on Lebron Breeys? When the Heat are killing teams?? Really dude Lebron will once again be 1st team all NBA and again I proved your wrong go back and check out all my Lebron Love please b/c I was right about everything I said and Breezzyy is my boy. Can you please talk sports with me and tell me how Lebron is overrated atleast???

    • Michael S says:

      I promise I am not Joe I do not know who he is. I hope he even comes on this board to tell everyone this is not him. But he is right lebron is overrated. For one he quit. For two he can’t even post up. For three he crab dribbles and gets away with charges. Four he his hairline is badly receding. Five his mom banged delonte west. Six his mid range jumper sucks. Seven He went to miami when every other great hall of famer said no way they would not do that including Michael “gambler” jordan. Eight he couldn’t even get to the finals with the best record. And did I even mention he quit? Hahaha rob dijohn 0 michael S 1

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        JOEY BOY!!! Your a tool man. You gave me reason why you don’t like Lebron you idiot. I said reasons why he is overrated. Not why you dislike him… Like maybe he didn’t win back2back MVPs. Or he wasn’t rookie of the year (ROY) for NBA fans. I’m sure joe fucking loser harris will come on here and say its not him. B/c its you!! Just because jordan said he wouldn’t have gone to miami means lebron is overrated??? Yup that makes sense you fucking idiot! Go play with your toys you loser or atleast come on here and give me reason why you think lebron is overrated. Are you talking about all the trible doubles he has?? Wait is Jennings better than him? Is Jennings a top 10 point guard? Weren’t you at the game? Wait how was sitting in a empy arena in dallas that 1 night when the game was in utah??? And you said the game started in an hour??? Lol dude get a life and know your facts if your going to come on here and talk sports with the big boys. Do you need the number for NBA league pass too???? I want facts joey boy fucking loser harris! FACTS! Get it?

    • Evan Lane says:

      Whether Michael S is joe Harris or not i don’t care. I am just happy there is someone on here to say more stupid things because i love reading rocco’s responses. I love how they increase in intensity as the stupidity of joe or Michael persists.

      I’m not sure how a poll on Jimmer Fredette turned into an argument on Lebron but i’m happy it did. Although i’m from the same area I never got play with or against Jimmer but from what i see and hear he is the real deal. His consistent performance backs that up. Thats about all i can say about it.

      As far as Michael S’s eight reasons Lebron isn’t good, this only demonstrates that Michael’s mind isn’t good. Lets go through them one at a time. (1) I agree it is a major concern that he quit last year in the playoffs. This can’t be denied. Hopefully he responds well to this failure. (2) I also agree that he could dominate even more if he posted up. Just look at what Mello does to smaller forwards who guard him. Thats where the agreeing stops! (3) Crab dribble? since when was this a bad thing? its a great skill that many players could use more. Just about every big man ever has used it as well as many high flying wings gathering their feet getting ready to flush on someone. ( by the way.. ever touched the rim michael?) As far as him getting away with travels talk to the refs not Lebron. he certainly isn’t the only one. There goes point 3 out the window. (4-5) these have nothing to do with basketball and reveal your complete lack of understanding what is and isn’t relevant to a sports discussion. How many people has YOUR mom gotten on her back for? (6) No doubt his midrange jumper isn’t his strongest suit but it certainly doesn’t suck. There is a difference between not utilizing a skill and not having one. Same with post-up game. I think Lebron can post up just fine and that for better or worse he doesn’t focus on it. (7) This is a moot point. How many hall of famers would have told Jordan not to go try to play for the white-sox? People become legends for doing what everyone else tells them not to and still succeeding. (8) This of all your point proves your ignorance. The fact that they won all those games and couldn’t win the important ones is exactly why he left. They had 7 years to put another superstar around him and failed. The cavaliers had every chance and didn’t hold up to their end. No team has ever won a championship with one superstar. It seems like you don’t know basketball history so let me tell you real quick (Bird/McKale, Robinson/Jabbar, Fraizer/Reed, Champerlain/West, Johnson/Jabbar, Jordan/Pippen, Kobe/Shaq, D-wade/Shaq, Kobe/Gasol…. the list goes on. One superstar isn’t enough and the cavs didn’t want to spend the money, they just wanted to keep the money LEBRON made them. And i didn’t go to NBA.com/history to look those names up. They are in my head because i know basketball. It is clear you don’t and yet continue to make comments about it. All this does reveal your lack of intelligence and character. You are probably more like a ref then a player. Short and fat with stubby legs who hates to be challenged. Maybe I’m wrong but thats how you write bro. Come back when you have some legitimate info. Or do we need to have a Rocco – Michael poll now?

      • Michael S says:

        Fine Evan you win. I still say James is overrated with people saying he is going to be the GOAT. He isn’t THAT good and I would still take Kobe or DUrant before him! And I’d love to play you in basketball but i’m sure your busy with the drooping nat geo’s over there!
        PS I love this blog and i love rocco dijohn (mustard anyone??) he is good for kicking the shit out of on these comments and getting everyone to weigh in!!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        WOW! Michael this is the biggest ass kicking you’ve gotten! 1 I used to give that fag JOEY BOY HARRIS! LOL

  2. Michael S says:

    I’m sure Rocco d will find a way to praise his precious boyfriend Lebron james on these comments – one of hte most overrated players ever

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