Home? Sick!

Jimmer Fredette returned to his hometown of Glens Falls, New York Wednesday as his BYU Cougars defeated Vermont 86-58.  The senior guard has BYU currently ranked 18th in the latest AP poll with 9-0 overall record.  For those who haven’t seen Jimmer play, go get your ‘youtube’ on.  The kid is such a pleasure to watch.  His stroke, ball handling, ability to make others better, and his flat out swagger on the court are some of the reasons why he was named a pre-season All American.  Fredette is averaging 22.7 points per game, while casually dishing out 4 assists, and 2 steals per game for the Cougars.  The amount of pressure leading up to a hometown return has to be unlike anything he’s ever faced, but in classic Jimmer fashion he nailed 26 points to the scoreboard.  Take a minute to understand how highly BYU must think of Jimmer.  They traveled across the country as a number 18 national powerhouse to play in the Glens Falls Civic Centre in front of roughly 6,000 fans against freaking Vermont (No disrespect), just so their senior could get a taste of home.  Minus the fact that Jimmer has poured in 1,735 points in his career through Wednesday, he has been a model citizen and an example for anyone at any age.  I had the pleasure of playing against Jimmer in some Foothills-Council wars between 2003-2005.  Even then we knew how special he was.  Far and away the most talented player, he was the MVP of the league as a sophomore.  I say fondly that Jimmer has lost as many games to Scotia-Glenville (My High School Alma Matar) as he has to any other team his entire career.  I speak for me and my teammates when I say it was a pleasure being a part in the process of one of the greatest players to ever come out of upstate New York, as well as one of the greatest to ever play in the Mountain West conference for BYU.  We will join the rest of the nation watching Jimmer rack up points, wins, and accolades this season. 

I used to hate Ron Artest.  Everyone remembers when he challenged an arena full of 20,000 people in Detroit to a fight, just dropping spectators from the ‘Motor City’ like he was back in Queens.  Remember in his first All-Star game with the Pacers, he didn’t have a shoe contract so he wore 2 different shoes on each foot?  He then switched more shoes on his feet, different product for each foot to show shoe companies what it would look like to have their product on his feet?  At that time I wish I had a Ron Artest Voodoo-Doll with my Grandmother’s sack of sewing needles.  Since then, he’s won me over.  Partly for his can’t-miss quotes, but for other things too. How about the story when Ron first got to L.A. and was in a chatroom asking people about what his new city had to offer and a random lady invited him over for dinner, and Ron showed up.  Full family of 6 about to eat dinner and Ron Artest is at the door.  And he kept coming back to that family’s house?!?  How about Ron winning his first world championship ring and having a raffle to give it away to charity?  Just this week Artest announced he would give away most if not all of his 2011-2012 salary to charity!!! Millions of dollars!?!  No complaints here, make it rain Ron!

Prepare yourself for this statement:  The New York Knicks are hot.  If you told me that statement last year, I’d ask if Madison Square Garden had a fire, because that’s the only way Knicks and hot were in the same sentence.  Attribute the 6-game winning streak to Amare, chemistry, coach Mike D’Antoni, or the weak schedule, but any way the Knicks can get it, they’ll take it.  Stoudemire has stringed 6 30-point games together, but more impressive is his 14 boards Wednesday night.  Amare has been often criticized for not showing enough effort on the glass, hopefully he has it figured out.  Basketball is a better place when the Knicks are good, and with nearly a decade removed from their last playoff appearance, both New York fans and the Association have fingers and toes crossed.

 I’m still on the fence when it comes to the number of years the Yankees should offer Cliff Lee in his new contract.  4, 5, maybe even 6  years could be rationalized, but I fear 7 may be too much of a gamble.  Granted, Lee could go ‘Old man’ Andy Petitte on the American League for the better part of the next 10 years, but he may not.  The original contract offer from the Yanks to Lee, 6-years $140 million seemed extensive enough considering the pitchers age of 32.  That much money for that length of time may tie future deals up for the Yankees if Lee should suffer an injury or decline marginally.  7 years? $150 million+?  I’m not saying Cliff Lee isn’t worth it, I’m saying I’m not sure anyone is.


37 Responses to Home? Sick!

  1. High School says:

    Haha get over it….

  2. Anonymous says:

    you have got to be kidding me with this blog. you went to scotia-glenville right? not only that but you played on the basketball team. how can you say, “the kid is such a pleasure to watch”. jimmer was the most hated person of all sports during my career at Scotia. all of us S-G fans came to the games to rip on jimmer and glens falls. for you as a former Scotia bball player to bring jimmer up in a positive way is a slap to the face to us Scotia fans back in the day. if you are going to have a blog about section 2 high school sports, why can’t you talk about another ncaa superstar from section 2. how about Taylor Battle? in 9 games this season, battle has only missed double digits in points once, and has gone over 20 in five of those games. to bring to light Jimmer losing to Scotia as often as any team he has played in his career is such a useless stat. that has nothing to do with him being the best player on a top 20 D1 team, mind you. and by the way, i’m about to lose it watching these stupid snowflakes on your website while i post this. that is all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey dude Glad you can look up facts and spit them out.But lets be serious battle isn’t on jimmers level. Numbers are Numbers I mean Battle plays for a bad team. Jimmers team has been ranked for the whole season thus far and they will be ranked all year. He is a top 20 NBA prospect.

      Wait Wait Wait first of all you say don’t talk about his guy and “how can you say hes a pleasure to watch” then you say losing to scotia as often as any team in his career doesn’t mean anything? Your not making sense there buddy o pal. Pick 1 or the other. Be happy for jimmer and his succes and you got to watch him in highschool or be happy that scotia always beat him. Dog POUND!!

    • NOT stuck in high school says:

      I’m going to try and comprehend your post, but I admit it will be difficult to sympathize with you since I’ve, like most Scotia alumni since the days when Fredette played, have moved on. As in graduated… not just High School, but COLLEGE. That’s a long time dude. You sound like you are just getting down from the Scotia bleachers after a Glens Falls win.

      Talor Battle is a great player, yes. But I thought you would realize that the blogger didn’t play against him, it was a different Council. If you are seriously going to try and compare Fredette and Battle, it’s not really close. Fredette has better numbers on a better team. Billy Donovan said he was the hardest guard they played all year – FYI that includes John “#1 overall pick” Wall. It’s also clear you missed the point of the writer bringing up his losses to Scotia – it was not listed as a stat. It was obviously clear that the writer was bringing it up as nostalgia, but also pointing out in an indirect way just how few losses this kid has taken at the highest college level. You missed that, miserably.

      If you were on a high school basketball team (which clearly you were not) don’t you think you would take pride in knowing you played against, and were successful, against a top NBA prospect? (CBS Sports, not the Times Union, CBS SPORTS, TheBleacherReport, and Yahoo!Sports have him listed as a FIRST ROUND PICK!!). Don’t you think the guys who laced up against Talor Battle are sitting back when they watch him with Penn State and brag that they defended him? Scored on him? Of course they are. Don’t you think guys that played against Kobe Bryant, LeBron, Duncan – Heck any player in the league, aren’t taking pride in knowing they had the special opportunity to play against an NBA player. A once in a million opportunity (don’t kid yourself, it is a 40 out of 10 million chance).

      I feel sorry for you, you posted at 4:12AM EST (I hope to god that is because you’re on the West Coast or overseas) to hate on this blog. The snowflakes? Really? I thought they added a nice Winter Wonderland touch. Come to reality Rip Van Winkle, it’s not 2005 anymore – we’ve all moved on… all except you.

    • SG Varsity BBall Alum says:

      LMFAO you can’t be serious! I was on the team two years against Fredette and love to see him play now! get over it!

      • ByesLine says:

        How could jimmer not be thought of in a positive light? Great guy, great player. if I stayed angry or even used the smallest mental space for things that happened over half a decade ago id go insane. Do you? Btw its not section 2 blog, if I’m not mistaken jimmer may be the first regional reference. O and the snowflakes are admittedly corny, I like them but that’s a preference. Taylor will also be on the blog soon, he’s a 2 time teamate of mine and great player/kid so look out for that. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. guy whose eyes are scarred for life says:

    I don’t know how gay michael s is but I did see a picture of rocco holding down a mean mangina on facebook! So maybe there is more to this story

  4. Brandon Jennings BobbleHead says:

    Mr. Harris Swallows me with his asshole everynight!!! Then doesn’t even clean me off.

    • Michael S says:

      You say I don’t talk about sports? Haha I take your latest comments as a sign of defeat. Now you are even posting under fake names and pretending to be me! You are not very bright

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Common dude! I’m better than that. You gotta be kidding me.. Defeat? Defeat over what?? You haven’t even bother talking about sports? What are we talking about? Look at fridays post on there. I said give me FACTS! Not your personal opion why Lebron is overrated you fucking idiot

      • Michael S says:

        He’s overrated because everyone acts like he is the best player ever and the second coming of Jordan and he is not! His body can’t hold up his style of play through his thirtys and he hasn’t changed his game!!! Kobe is better right now and so is durant, u think MVPS decide who is the best? Did u know larry birdsaid he felt like thjrowing away his mvp trophy because kobe didn’t have one at that point in 2007. Steve nash has two mvps do u really think he was the greatest player in the nba at that time when kobe averaged 35 5 and 5?!?!?! The award is tainted. Durant shoulda got it last year, paul in 2008. It goes on and on!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Whoa Whoa Whoa… Did you know Chris Paul in 2008 didn’t even make the All Star game? They didn’t make it out of the first round? Dude he is a great player Top 5 PG in the league. But A lot of great players have great second half of the seasons. MVPS Dude decide who the best player in the league is at that time. Thats why they do the award. Kobe is better than lebron but they both have MVPS… Doesn’t mean 1 is overrated? Right? yes correct. The MVP is always included in Team wins. Thats what voters vote on. Thats why Nash won it over Kobe. The lakers were the 8th seed that year. Don’t you remember Tim Duncan? People in the league had better numbers but weren’t the MVP of the league. Do you understand what the award is?? If not I can explain I have been watching the NBA forever now and can give you every reason why every person has ever won the award. I might not agree with all them but I understand it atleast…. (YOU DON”T)


        By the way Lebron is the youngest to hit every point milstone mark so fair in his Young NBA carrier!

      • Michael S says:

        Rocco d YOU are a fucking idiot!!! YOU not me!! You write all your fantasies all over these comments you homo!!!! I would gladly understand what you are saying but I can’t with lebrons dick in your mouth!!! Quit tugging him and face reality!!! And kevin greene I will say whatever I want about baboons!!! Fuck you man! Free speech in a free country!

  5. Michael S says:

    Joe Harris? i dont knwo whothat is personaly but i went back on these other good blog posts from byeslines and saw comments from him. i dont know how rocco d won that poll. he sounded like a screaming lunatic commenting while Joe just proved him wrong again adn again. I dont know why everyone was jumping on him! he just wanted to blog and blog! who are all these people who attacked him are. Brian Lindsay? MOre like LIndsay Brian from what I am reading! Hey Evan lane did you get to see any of those national geographic style flopping fun-bags over there? the ones that hang down to the nativse knees? how was it!?!?!
    and besides i never said pierce wasn’t good i said fredette is like him, he is somewhat unathletic but still scores and can’t jump like the rest of the baboons in the country!!!
    i apologize for the grammar and bad spelling but i am in a real hurry to go to work!! merry hanukah and a happy kwanzaa to all!

    • JB says:

      Are you kidding me? Do you know how to read? Do you even watch sports? Rocco destroyed Joe Harris on every imaginable level. If you’re not Joe Harris you must be his mother.
      Fredette is a joke? Let me reason this out, a guy who will make millions playing for the NBA is garbage because an internet comment says so? Good one.
      Do you know how good you have to be in high school to go and play D3? D2? Then D1?!?! Then to play at one of the best colleges out of those D1 schools? To play on one of the best 64 teams in the nation?! Be on ESPN and make sportscenter!? HA HA you’re funny man, thanks for you the laugh.

      • Michael S says:

        I see that you are another idiot commenter on this blog. All you have to do is have parents with money to get those schools and make a few lucky shots to get on sportscenter, we see it every night! Please don’t reply to me, you are not on my level JUNIOR!!!

      • JOEY BOY HARRIS! says:

        Michael I will be over tonight with a bunch of sexy toys! Just like last week. Lakers game and “toys” aka bananas

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Joe Why are you calling me a screaming lunatic? Have you realized I come on the blog and talk about sports and you come on and talk about bullshit? Get a life man… Your a fucking loser. Stright up a old fucking loser dude. I killed you in the Poll you literily were under %10 after the day closed. You got 1 vote man!! You come on here call out me? JB? Evan Lane? and Brian Lindsay for talking about sports? You have NO friends and drink by yourself at fridays and your on here trying to get people to talk to you because your a loney piece of shit. Keep googling more of your “friends” Till the next time you write and I correct -RD

      • Michael S says:

        that was really mean to say to Joe when i am not joe. are you blind can you read? I AM NOT JOE I AM NOT JOE why do peopple keep saying that/!??!?!! I love to talk about sports didnt you read my first comment! It was about fredette! and then everyone kept saying I was joe!!! just stop you are not on my level BITCH so stop trying BAHAHAHAHAHA michael s 2 rocco d 0

      • Michael S says:

        OKAY OKAY Everyone I am JOE HARRIS!!!! I do play with my asshole and love sticking TOYS up there!

    • Kevin Greene says:

      Baboons? This is a sports blog, not a KKK forum. You may not be Joe Harris but you certainly share his racist ignorance. Do you wave a rebel flag from your beat up pick up too? Black people read these comments, show an ounce of decency you simpleton fucker.
      Rocco Dijohn is cleaning house. Michael s brings up an OK point about the MVP not being a great indicator but there is a fountain of other evidence showing lebron is the real deal, if you don’t understand that you might want to look up “hater” on urban dictionary.

  6. Michael S. says:

    Jimmer Fredette? Dude is a joke, he is like a white Paul Pierce he can barely even jump plus he’s mormon so that’s two strikes right there. He is nothing more than another Adam Morrison! Good blog I just think Jimmer sucks. What do you guys think? Weigh in!

    • A guy who wont lie to himself & others says:

      Jimmer Sucks? Wrong use of the word. He just hoped a spot on BYU’s all time leading scoring list to 8…Were not talking Ualbany here, its fucking BYU, NCAA team nearly every year, and hes far and away there best player. People who get paid to make these kind of decisions named him 1st team all american. 1st team man. He’ll probably end up the schools all time leading scorer, know who has that spot now? Danny Ainge. Know who he is? Look it up, one of the best players to ever play basketball. Hes a white paul pierce? And what wrong with being a NBA campion/finals MVP/3pt champ/perenial all star/all-league player? He set the scoring record at ARIZONA!!!! 49 pts in their house!?!? its Zona! not quinapiac. 37 against Florida? Billy Donovan said he was the toughest guard they played all year…INCLUDING JOHN WALL!!!! I think what you ment to say is that you dont like him or his game, not he sucks.

    • Anonymous says:

      Is it just me or does this sound eerily similar to Joe Harris?

  7. JB says:

    I remember the crowds of Scotia used to chant “Little Debbie” when Fredette was playing. Now the guy is ripped!

    Love the Artest portion, he’s one of my favorites right now, so unpredictable. Rick Reilly has a great piece for ESPN.com out there, it’s full of classic Ron-Ron quotes such as him purposely over-working out so he can see if he can lock up other small forwards with half the energy!

    Also, in my opinion, Lee is definitely not worth seven years. As a Red Sox fan I’m already apprehensive about our 7 year signing today of a 29 year old Carl Crawford (that and the A-Gonz signing have me pumped for April). I can’t imagine inking a 7 year deal for a 32 year old pitcher, WAY too much risk in my mind. But then again if the Stanks, er Yanks, win another title with him in 2-3 years its worth it immediately.

  8. Nate says:

    Ive loved following Fredette through college. In High School I played in a Mormon church league and I had to match-up against him in the Finals. I scored 27 points against him…. Jimmer put up 41 and his team won big.

    Oh yeah, did I mention Jimmer was a Freshman and I was a Senior? As Byesline says, even then we knew how special he was.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Let’s all remember that it was the Byesline blogger who locked up Fredette in a key FootHills matchup years ago and made the winning shot to make the newspaper front page.

  10. Evan Lane says:

    Love the Ron Artest Story. I feel the same way. I’m not gonna lie i got a certain satisfaction watching him knock out those fans its just too bad none of them were the one who actually threw the beer at him. Haha
    All joking aside it is definitely inspiring when you can see someone progress and mature the way he has. I love the story about the family in L.A. i did not know that. Also i was disappointed when you made reference to his great quotes and didn’t post any. In peripheral African countries like Tunisia youtube is censored so do me a favor and post a couple i could use a laugh.

    P.S. The Knicks may be in the playoffs this year, basketball is a better place when they have a good team, and i have been wishing for a long time they could make it happen. But don’t count chips too soon. D’antoni with a much more talented team won 60+ games in Phoenix but couldn’t win when it mattered because his teams don’t play defense. And i remember the playoffs last season when Amare disappeared when the going got tough. His talent is proven but his character isn’t..

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