‘Fat Albert Haynesworth-less’


“Hey Hey Hey!”   Albert Haynesworth’s situation has gone from bad to worse as he was suspended for the remainder of the season by the Washington Redskins for “Conduct detrimental to the team.”  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be.  Haynesworth has been literally pouting for months because the style of defense the Redskins play doesn’t showcase his talents.    Since the summer months, Albert has hogged headlines for skipping off-season workouts, showing up out of shape to training camp, taking 10 days to pass a conditioning test (A test that sports talk show host Mike Golic passed on the first try.  Golic retired from the NFL in 1993), being accused of coming to practice hung over, being late for meetings,  and this week claiming he would no longer have verbal communication with head coach Mike Shanahan.  Got all that?  This is all since this summer!  Dude is raking in a contract worth over 100 million dollars! 
 Fat Albert has been a poster child for spoiled rotten athletes.  Of course the Redskins haven’t been perfect in the handling of the situation, but the overall blame lies directly on Albert’s oversized dome.  I guess I’m old school in the regard that the player should adjust to the coach.  Coach Shanahan shouldn’t have to adjust to the desires of Albert Haynesworth and his goals of sack totals and Hall of Fame aspirations.  It’s not just the coach doing the calling out either.  Phillip Daniels and Vonnie Holliday, teammates of Haynesworth on that very defense put him on blast this week as well.  “…there’s certainly a credibility issue.  How many times can you cry wolf?”  Great question.  Naturally Haynesworth and his agent are appealing the suspension.  Haynesworth claimed this week he wanted to be “The best defensive tackle to ever play this game.”  Sure have an interesting way of showing that.  Haynesworth has all the physical talent in the world, but lacks the mental capacity to realize he stands in his own way.


The Syracuse Orange defeated Michigan State last night 72-58 in the Jimmy V Classic at Madison Square Garden.   I’ve watched ‘Cuse play a few times this season and truthfully, I didn’t think much of them.  Although they won games, I didn’t think their current roster provided enough firepower to win games against a team like Michigan State.  I certainly didn’t think that Rick Jackson was a 17 point, 16 rebound type of guy.  Here’s a Senior who has contributed 3 years for the Orange, but never like this.  In a college basketball climate where if you’re ‘that good’ more than likely you’re jumping to the NBA within a 2 year time-table, it’s nice see a hard-working senior have the years and hard work he’s put in pay off.  I’m curious how the Orange will stand the test of time when Big East play begins.  Until then, “All Aboard” the Syracuse bandwagon.

Notes and Shoutouts: Tennis legend Pete Sampras had his storage space broken into and raided as thieves stole olympic rings, trophies, and other memorabilia.  Sampras said he thought his things were “locked up tight” and was counting on non-existing security cameras.  Damn guy, I would have checked on that if I were you.  These aren’t childhood toys or an old recliner, these are freaking major championships!  Somewhere Andre Agassi is pumping his fist in between rips from his meth pipe, just kidding.  Speaking of hard drugs, it’s been 30 years since the death of the Beatles legend John Lennon.  Although I didn’t like everything Lennon ever said, I love his music and what the man stood for fundamentally.  Freedom, expression, human rights, and love.  Who can argue with that?  Sure the guy claimed he tripped on acid over 1,000 times, but I think society has given the folks from the 1960’s and 70’s a free pass.  Thanks John!


4 Responses to ‘Fat Albert Haynesworth-less’

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the funniest part of the Haynesworth’less’ story line is the agent saying he wasn’t aware that Albert had done anything out of line with his contract or upsetting to the team. Has he been under a rock the past four months??? What a joke!

  2. Jason Werth says:

    Albert talk about taking the money and running….

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