Week 13?  Book it Dan-o.  16 games up, 15 games down.  The Steelers-Ravens game Sunday night lived up to the hype of a defensive battle that took the whole 60 minutes on the clock to decide.  When it comes to defenses in the AFC, both of these teams find themselves in my short-term and long-term memory.  Who does Defense like the Ravens right?  When standing next to a juggernaut like Baltimore on D (No. 1 in the NFL), it may be forgotten that the Steelers have a top 10 overall defense in the League as well.  Every possession, down, yard, and inch is earned.  Man’s game.  It was no surprise at the halftime break just 7 points were up on the board.  It was so fun to watch the offensive and defensive lines clash every time the ball was hiked.  Ever seen the show Planet Earth on Discovery Channel?  In that series they show 2 Rams on the side of a mountain clashing heads over and over and over, until one walked away.  The only difference between that and the Ravens/Steelers, is that in the Sunday night game, no one walked away.  (And the fact that they’re not pounding one another to decide who will spill their seed into 10 female Rams).  At the end of the game, of course it was the defense that made the biggest impact when the Head and Shoulders Steelers’ Troy Polamalu sacked Joe Flacco and forced a fumble.  The Steelers returned the loose pigskin to the 9 yd. line, and 3 plays later Pittsburgh was celebrating a touchdown pass from Roethlisberger to Isaac Redman with under 3 minutes to play.  Game, set, match.  Pittsburgh jumped to 9-3 and muscled control of first place in the AFC North. 

Peyton manning’s struggles continued Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys as he matched last weeks interception total of 4.  Before last weeks 4 pick game against San Diego, he threw 3 int’s against New England in week 11.  I may be wrong statistically, but I can’t really recall Manning making this many mistakes, this many weeks in a row.  These are not ‘tip drill’ interceptions.  These are ill-advised passes that are being snatched out of the air by defenses outright.  The injuries are well documented in Indy, but even Jerry Rice wouldn’t get to some of these prayers Manning is heaving into the open field.  It’s bizzare even thinking that the Colt’s may not make the playoffs for the first time in nearly a decade.  Dallas is somehow turning their abortion of a season into a tear jerking feel good story. (Ok maybe that’s going to far, but that is 4 wins for ‘the Boys’.  It was just a few weeks ago I would have taken the Cowboys team from the movie ‘Little Giants’ than the real life Dallas Cowboys.  Spike was for real). 

Do any other families out there open one gift before Christmas morning, just to hold off your excitement?  Well that gift gets opened tonight when the New York Jets travel to Foxborough to play New England.  Both teams fighting for supremacy in the AFC East as well as bragging rights.  The Jets beat the Pats week 2, 28-14, but New England has won 25 in a row at Foxborough with Brady starting at QB.  It doesn’t get any better than this baby, on a Monday night no less!?!  This is what Heaven must be like.  Streets of gold?  Jets and Pats!  Land of milk and honey (Exodus 3:8)?  Couch of Chips and cold beverage (Byesline 1:1).  Enjoy.


2 Responses to

  1. Peyton Manning says:

    I’m glad Byesline can’t remember my rookie season (28 ints)

  2. Will Monica says:

    I love it… keep it up buddy

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