Attention: There’s been a Tiger Woods sighting. No, not on TMZ, Entertainment Tonight, E!NEWS, or in the Inquirer next to another sighting of ‘Bat Boy’. This time, Woods has been spotted where we haven’t seen him lately. The leader board. For Woods, this probably feels like the late Johnny Carson walking onto the set of the Tonight Show…sure he’d been there a thousand times before, just not in a long time. Tiger, who has a 4 shot lead going into this weekend looks to muster up a late season win in his last tournament of the year. If woods can pull out this win in Conejo Valley at the Chevron Classic it will certainly help his case for getting his career back on track. While that seems like an obvious and simple statement, until Tiger follows through and starts winning, it will remain the case. Winning does wash away sins. You never ever hear people bring up Kobe Bryant’s rape trial two championships and a MVP later. How fast did LeBron hush a whole nation dropping 38 in 3 quarters this past week when the whole world had a cross and nails in hand, ready to crucify him. Ray Lewis literally had a hand in murder (As in a human being was once breathing, now he’s not), but a Super Bowl and few pro bowls later and he’s back to being one of the faces of the NFL. Try to get someone to talk about Mike Vick attaching battery cables to dog’s ears and zapping them, drowning them, hanging them, click-clack blasting them with a gun. Who wants to talk about that? We want to talk about Vick’s comeback and MVP run don’t we? The list goes on and on, the point is for better or for worse this is the way it works in pro sports. It seems our memories in sports are shorter than that of a Goldfish (Fun fact: A Goldfish has a memory of 3 seconds). It’s funny because someone like Mark McGwire can admit to steroids and we still hold it against him because he can no longer play, so that’s the last taste he left in our mouth. The inverse, someone like Andy Petite can admit to the same thing, but continue to play and perform at a high level and it seems we’ve gotten past it. Rarely if ever does it get mentioned or referenced by major media outlets. I said all that to say if Tiger doesn’t win, we will ultimately remember him by prefacing his career with the disaster of a personal life. If he does win and redeem himself, that section of his personal life will be found in the post script. Until the wins roll in, the dark cloud of disappointment will follow Woods like his own shadow.


Notes and Shoutouts:  Everyone keep it real this weekend, be safe.  Enjoy your college football Saturday, your pro football Sunday.  Big changes to the blog coming within the next week or two.  Audio files, video files, and private internet space.  See you Monday. (VOTE ON THE POLL BELOW)


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  1. Will Monica says:

    As in a human being was once breathing, now he’s not… That is fucking halarious. U also should of brought up Donte Stallworth. This guy was drunk at 3 am driving a car and killed someone, funny thing is he sucks and never will be shit so everyone just forgot about him. I think he got 2 months in jail or something hahahah.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I just hope Joe Harris doesnt do anything drastic after the results of this poll. Joe please call the suicide hotline before making any final decisions ok? Because seeing the results of this poll could be severely psychologically depressing for you.

  3. Ken says:

    Tiger Woods is the PGA. I saw on SC this morning that he almost won & someguy knocked down a 20 footer to birdie to win the playoff. All I have to say is who was that.n I can’t remember & donot care to look it up. Tiger needs a nemisis (besides the ex)! Like Arnie & Jack; Arnie & Tom; tom and jack; those two guys from the will smith movie……

  4. mike says:

    Z great post. Everything you hit on couldn’t be more true. Tiger coverage starts at 3pm eastern time on nbc.

  5. Michael says:

    Tiger WILL win at least 2 majors next year, and we will all forget his past issues. He remains the greatest finisher in any sport except for maybe Michael Jordan. He will have all of Jack’s records within 3 years!!!

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