"You can hate me now. But I won't stop now."

By the time the chalk cleared, seats were emptied, and TNT signed off and went to re-runs of Greys Anatomy, there was one guy who had no more questions to answer. If you can’t handle one more LeBron take, turn away now. Two things happened last night. The first is the Miami Heat left the Cleveland Cavs beaten, defeated, and disfigured beyond recognition. The second, LeBron james recieved validation that his move to South Beach was the correct choice.  Take away all the variables of the way he went about making his choice, or even where he went.  The fact of the matter is that Cleveland wasn’t the answer.  Did you see that team?  That was the squad Lebron had!! Those were the pieces he was playing with, winning 60+ games a year!  Seriously, did you see how bad they were?  It was never even a contest.   Mike Tyson fighting Christopher Reeves would have been closer.  (My bad, Reeves RIP).  What I’m saying is, who could blame LeBron for ditching those losers.  It’s like playing with Legos.  You have a certain number right?  Say 100.  You can build some cool stuff with 100 legos.  Couple cars, a jail cell, maybe a boat.  Those are cool, but you’ve built those things already.  You want to build a 3 foot lego mansion. (Who wouldn’t!) How could you expect to do that with the 100 legos you have! You can’t!  You need to get more legos! Better legos.  Bigger pieces that fit.  That’s what LeBron did.  Granted, LeBron’s new play-pals in Miami don’t know how the hell to build there little Lego fort/mansion/wonderworld, but at least he has the pieces to build it so when they do learn how, they can erect the Hugh Hefner of Lego mansions.  Follow me?  Here, let me make an anology with stuffed animals…just kidding.  LeBron handled himself before and after the game with grace and humility, something I’m not used to seeing out of ‘The King’.   But at least this a start.  He’s done several things that rubbed me the wrong way, but one thing that never gets lost in translation is his game.  So tight.  So smooth.  So nice.  All LeBron needs to do now is read the instructions and find out how the other sets of great ‘play-pals’ built there Lego mansions and do what they did.  One step at a time. 

Notes and Shoutouts: Michael Jordan will be inducted into the North Carolina Athletic Hall of fame on December 14th.  I never saw this coming….this freaking late!  It’s 2010!! Jordan was hitting national championship game winners decades ago!! (1982).  Apparently, and this is true, Jordan schedule has been to busy for roughly the past 20 years.  C’mon Mike.  This would be a situation where you dont ‘find the time’, you make the time.  Granted, he’ll probably just grab the microphone and start settling scores from years past, but it will be fun to see who he calls out this time.  Thanks for the memories.


26 Responses to Confirmation

  1. Michael says:

    Based on Thursday nights “quit” of the Cavaliers…I guess LeBron made the right choice, and the miserable owner of the team, Dan Gilbert, got his. First he loses half of his net worth in the real estate bubble by the collapse of the mortgages and banks (he owns Quicken Loans) then he loses at least half the value of his team by letting LeBron go. Take out another ad, Dan…

  2. steve doin says:

    Joe harris stretches the truth farther then i can punt a football..and we all know thats an average of 75 yeards and atleast a hang time of 10 seconds…on a bad day

  3. Anonymous says:

    Joe Harris is a Whisle Blower. yup,yup

  4. Rocco DiJohn says:





    FAKE!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!!!! FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!!!!! FAKE!!!!! FAKE!!!!


  5. Rocco DiJohn says:

    WOW WOW WOW!!!! Put you in your place JOEY BOY! Can you atleast please tell us you don’t work for the nba and you were wrong at every single 1 of those things byesline said?

    Joe How much did you pay to go to college? Please answer.. Because Evan Lane PAID NOTHING!!! ZERO dollars!! You know why? Because of basketball and for working his ass off, and when you go and tie your shoes everyday and get in your car and go to work. Evan Lane is playing basketball and getting paid!!!! Hahahaha your a joke Harris

  6. ByesLine says:

    ok. Ive been trying to stay off the comment board and just let the chips fall where they may, more or less letting the blog speak for itself. Joe Harris, you have been asking me day after day to comment so here I am. Let me start by saying I appreciate you coming to the blog, and your comments are always extra incentive to check out who’s saying what. Your asking for a type off? If you and dijohn havent been having a type off, what do you call the last couple weeks? Maybe I can put up a poll that lets everyone else decide who won. Today you said ‘we can all admit to our mistakes’. But literally i havent heard you admit it once. ever. Let me give a very quick rundown of what needs to be “admitted” before we go any further. 1) You said Pierce was in oakland when he was stabbed. That was proven wrong by major news outlets that I linked to the site. 2)You said you were in California when Pierce was stabbed and you remember it vividly. He wasn’t stabbed there, making that story a lie. 3) You said Kobe went 18th in the draft. 4) on november 18th you told me im a flame thats running out and to post once a week. When I continued to post 4/5 times a week, you found yourself leaving comments to every story. 5) November 21st you said the topic sucked and you were going to give it more chance before you take byesline ‘off your radar’. 6) on November 23rd you told me to stick to my strong suites, ‘writings not one of them’ and to write about more national topics, when I wrote about the NFL and NBA. What could possibly be a more national topic? 7) November 25th you claimed that Reggie Bush’s USC team had 4 first round defensive players. Not true. 8.) That same day you said Vince Young is Mike Vick on steroids! even though young has a winning percentage under 50%. Then you said: “THEY PROBABLY COME FROM SIMILAR GORILLAS IF YOU TRACE THEIR ROOTS BACK.” I highly doubt that a NBA employee would talk like that. 9) Nov. 26th you said spurs were 12-1. They were 13-1. 10) You said a inside source gave you the story that coach Spoelstra would be fired by cthe Heat and Jeff VanGundy would replace him. Im sure your a NBA employee that was the only one in the nation that got this info and YOU BROKE THE STORY ON A BLOG THAT HADN”T BEEN IN EXISTANCE FOR 2 WEEKS! Its nonsense. 11) On Nov. 27th you claimed our relationship was mended. What relationship? You never came to me with any offer of mending, let alone slap that statement on MY COMMENT BOARD. What did you think I was going to say? O, Joe wants to play nice now so I’m fine with you attacking me personally? Calling the blog shit? Cmon man. 12) Nov. 29th you said Andre Johnson was from Nyskayuna. Um, no. That brings us to today. Dec.3rd you claimed everything from your prediction of the Heat happened. In reality none of it happened. Spoelstra was not fired, Van Gundy is not the coach. So what did you get right? Who couldn’t have predicted there would be rumors and finger pointing when the most anticipated team in NBA history got off to terrible start? See how all over the place you are? The blogs been up for 23 days, in that time you’ve gone from ‘the blog is shit’ and telling me to stop writing to commenting every day and begging me to “weigh in”. Oh, and remember that opening sentence of the leftover turkey post, when i spoke of a former teamate over seas and they sacraficed a animal? That was Evan Lane. Now Evan will tell you himself, we don’t see eye to eye on many things, but never once did he speak out of turn and get nasty or malicious. Career at Saint Rose? Cmon, dude had a 30 point 17 rebound game, started countless games, and plays pro overseas. But why are we talking about athletic achievement? It means nothing when the final horn goes off. Joe, if you are a NBA employee, what is your position. One thing I love about the league is how transparent it is, so just tell us who you work for and we can pull it right up and you can laugh in our face! Now Joe, if you cop to half of what I threw at you I will be very impressed, not all but some of it. If we can all admit when we are wrong, do it. Walk the walk. And the fact is, I havent in this whole comment even really told you my opinion, I just recapped what you have literally said. If you dont pay attention you could get confused this with ‘hate’ but I havent even really expressed myself. Show me where you work and i will publically ‘admit’ you were right. As far as a type off between you and Rocco, keep doing it on the comment board. I will put up a poll and let the people decide. Like I said, I like that you like the blog, I really do man. You make the comments more interesting, both you and Rocco need to keep it sports related, I dont mind you going at each other, I love it, but lets keep it sports and keep it constructive if at all possible. As I’ve said before the numbers are strong either which way, I hope you can continue to come back and give feedback.

    • Anonymous says:

      *in slow clap rhythm*

    • Joe Harris says:

      Well put BYESLINE, like any great blogger I will have my self problems and doubters, as I do work for the NBA I really don’t have a way of proving it. Unless you want me to skype you from Dallas , were tipping of in two hrs. Anyways I would appreciate a poll, loser walks away fron the blog forever, a one day poll, who is a better blogger, me or R Dijohn ( I hope Rocco isnt his real name aha!) Either way the poll is accepted. I eat constructive criticism, shit it out, and weigh back in. I ACCEPT! If this is my last post so be it, the poll will tell unless DIjohns fairy shiht. EIther way you know the drill, weigh back in, TIl next time if there is one -JH – also would like to ackknowledge all the love and support bloggers have been emailing me and whatnot, I love all you guys and your words of encouragement against the uneducated is motivating. JH!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        HAHHAHA JOEY BOY Harris your a joke, and you know this is my real name b/c your google evan lane and you did the same for me! I can’t wait for the poll to come out. I have crushed you in every single thing you have ever said. You are always wrong and byeslines proved it. You had NOTHING TO SAY TO THAT?? Anyything byesline said?? You came back with nothing? After he and me have proved your wrong time and time again? You come Back with nothing? Dude your a joke and I can’t wait to see you at Fridays man.

      • JB says:

        Joe we do not want you to leave and we do not want Rocco to leave. Yes that is his real name and I think its one of the coolest names ever given actually.

        That was big accepting the constructive criticism, the board is better for it. What is your job title for the NBA? It sounds like you travel a lot to these various games. What exactly do you do?

        As far as your debate is concerned I’m honestly confused. You say Rocco”s comments are terrible yet you do not explain why. I don’t think I’ve heard one legitimate basketball argument made disproving Rocco. Him and I were debating on other posts about LeBron, both were using real life facts to state out opinions. You came on and just starting saying Roccos posts sucked and he was wrong or made a “bad post” without using EVIDENCE to say why. You gave your opinion but not facts – stats, actions LeBrons done, etc. Those are necessary to actually win an argument. I look forward to you weighing in. Good day!

      • Joe Harris says:

        Rokko , buddy what kind of name is that lol? I accepted the poll so lets weigh it in! And if I saw you at Fridays I can almost guarantee they wouln’t allow you in the same room as me, we take pride in our accomplishments!

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        JOE HARRIS IS A FAKE!!!!




        FAKE!!! FAKE!!! FAKE!!!!! FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!! FAKE!!!!!!! FAKE!!!!! FAKE!!!!


      • Rocco DiJohn says:


      • ByesLine says:

        I think a poll is in order. Loser will not have to walk away from the blog, that would be to close to a old western, ten paces then turn around and shoot scenerio. Both Joe Harris and Rocco Dijohn are good for byesline. As you have said in the passed, a comment board is a place where critisism is acceptable. I love it. Look for a poll this week.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Joe your an idiot make sure you get your times zones right next time your lying. Also your an idiot. How come you don’t wanna tell me how much you paided for college? Did you even go to college? Do you even have a degree????? You are that much of a idiot you really tired to go at evan lane and I just walked all over you like a piece of shit! Haha

      • Joe Harris says:

        Rocco Dijohn it looks as if the poll will be in place, say goodbye to byesline, although I dont think you have the balls to do so. Did you mention college? Funny I didnt think you went, although on google theres a nice photo of a young man cramming a rounball through a hoop on your head, it did not look like you lasted there vey long, the poll wont lie. UNTIL NEXT TIME -JH (notice how i said next time because I will be back .JH!

        -message to my supporters: I encourage all of you to continue to reach out, your warm comments and emails keep me going especially with all my travel.

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        HAHAHA JOEY BOY! Your an idiot! Thought you were in dallas tonight?? Wait theres no game in Dallas. You had nothing to say about that? Why not? LOL okay idiot. I never got dunked on in my in my life. Atleast I can be googled. Haha and yes i did play college basketball.

      • truth says:

        Been reading this blog since the start and I finally need to weigh in as JH says. I normally hold back, don’t spit my clarity on these boards, but this bitch Joe Harris needs to see things how they are, plus i had a few too many drinks so nothings holding me back1!!!!!
        Joe you’re a fucking fraud. I seen every comment you made, bullshit after bullshit statement out your punk ass mouth. You try to punk this blog and then get shit smeared all over your face by the writer and numerous comments then try to act like you guys are cool so it will stop. You keep trying to get at rocco dijon even though he is trying to talk about sports. He owns your ass you oxygen thief! After I saw you said you were in Dallas was when I’d had enough. THE GAME IS IN UTAH NUMB NUTS. You got asked a simple question by whoever JB is, what do you do for the NBA? You can’t even answer that because you know your too stupid to even come up with a real job description plus ill bet people would look it up within 5 minutes of your post to expose your lie with links to prove it.
        you cant argue with real shit so you gotta talk about what someones name is, that proves your failing arguments. ain’t nobody emailing you encouragement, everybody is laughing at you dude. you shoulda stopped with your crazy ass tales. every one on here gave you chance after chance to actually write about sports without being an asshole but you couldnt do it!!!!!!!! you had to keep going at rocco dijonn, at evan lane (and got proved wrong about that too). damn i wish i could write everything down but my head is spinning with this JACK DANIELS.
        hey joe what “WARM COMMENTS” are you seeing on these baords????? there are NONE! i dont know what world you are living in, maybe wonderland maybe Oz maybe you are a sleep walker who keeps typing on ur keyboard but u live in a fcuked up concept of what is really going on. you make up shit on every comment and you IGNORE EVERY POST THAT COMPLETELY DESTROYS YOUR ARGUMENTS. every lawyer wishes they went up against you in court because you would just try to ignore evidence and change the subject all day.

        hey joe, btw that was not constructive criticism byesline gave you. he didnt even criticize you all he did was list all your lies!!! you say you take constructive criticism like someone gave you a gentle pat on the shoulder and told you what you could do better. HELL NO JOE! he listed off like twenty things that you lied about and made up inyour crazy meth’d out brain!
        I cant wait for the poll i’m going to vote a million times for rocco dihjjon and i hope all of the loyal readers do to. but even if somehow joe blowjob harris hacks into the computer system to rig the vote rocco will never leave nope.
        im out yall im about to fall over not from the drinks but from my overloaded alchol soaked brain trying to comprehend the absurdness of joes comments, its too much – PEACE

      • JB says:

        “like any great blogger I will have my self problems and doubters”
        What? Joe I hate to break it to you but you are not the blogger. Byesline is the blogger, you are the guy that reads it and comments. That is not blogging. Besides that, even if what you did was considered blogging, it certainly cannot be considered ‘great’. You’ve yet to post a factual statement relating to anything sports. All you do is insult other comments and say they’re wrong… while providing no evidence to support your claim.

        “as I do work for the NBA I really don’t have a way of proving it”
        Again, WHAT!? You don’t have a way of proving it? State your position. What you do. It’s simple. Meanwhile I’ve just done a quick internet scan looking for any connection between a Joe or Joseph Harris and the NBA. Guess what came up? Nothing. If you did work for the NBA it would, in fact, be quite easy to prove.

        “Unless you want me to skype you from Dallas , were tipping of in two hrs”
        What were you doing in Dallas? The game was in Utah.

        “ackknowledge all the love and support bloggers have been emailing me and whatnot”

  7. THAT guy says:

    “So tight. So smooth. So nice.”


    Was this another analogy to something else… to… nevermind. LMFAO

  8. Joe Harris says:

    BYESLINE! well done, please weigh in on my previous posts on the previous blog. I have offeree R. Dijohn a type off , loser retires from the blog. Weigh in, JH

    • Evan Lane says:

      Joe Harris. Are you seriously so wrapped up in your debates with Rocco Dijohn that you are sucking up to byesline and looking for an ally? Thats weak bro. Your comments alone aren’t enough? Thanks for revealing your complete lack of confidence. I usually don’t engage in such things but you really just but the bait out man i couldn’t resist. And yes i know this opens be up to you scrutiny but if your arguments with Rocco are all you bring to the table i won’t lose sleep.

      • Joe Harris says:

        Evan LAne, do you dare call me out? Theres a slim chance you are smarter than Rob Dijohn. I did my homework and you are from the north country of albany ny!? Come on man , if your going to weigh in give us some substance none of this he says she says stuff. Im sure your back in your farmlands so you might not see this post for awhile but I suggest you read my comments and don’t get yourself in the same jam that RObert DIjohn is in. THe whole blog has turned againts him and I have publicly embarrased him. I work for the NBA, you play ass buddy! You played division two basketball I doubt your playing professionally. And last of all lets all begin to weigh in, BYESLINE, where are you ? I need your help to end this criticism, the haters are piling in let them know , weigh in. You already know- JH

    • JB says:

      Joe while your opinion in the last blog post were decent, overall Rocco has crushed your arguments. I don’t think you want to go there…

    • Evan Lane says:

      but at the same time joe, thanks for commenting on that story yesterday i don’t know who that guy is. This is a good venue for back-and-forth on heated sports issues apparently

  9. LeBron James says:

    Cleveland, tell me how my ass taste! hahaha (in million dollar man laugh)

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