The ‘Prodigal Son’ Returns

HEAR YE HEAR YE! All bow on your faces as ‘King James’ makes his return to Cleveland.  If I close my eyes I can imagine LeBron being carried by 4 servants in one of those chairs in the air, wearing a purple royal robe, looking down on the peasants he used to rule. I envision Mo Williams and Anderson Verajao trying to steal bread from him like Aladdin in the Disney film’s  first scene, only to get their wrist cracked by LeBron’s whip. Coach Byron Scott sings in a alleyway, “Street rat, hood rat, I don’t buy that”.  All kidding aside the anticipation for pre-game introductions hasn’t been this high for a game I can remember since MJ came back with the Wizards. How far will the Cleveland fans take it? Will they just boo him or will batteries fly? Will LeBron continue to throw chalk in the air making himself look like that majestic/angelic figure that he hopes we see him as? We won’t find out until game time, but lets beat a dead horse to even further death and recap why Cleveland SHOULD be mad at Lebron, and it has nothing to do with him leaving for South Beach. I wrote about this in the Times Union a few weeks ago and said, LeBron doesn’t owe Cleveland anything besides respect. He didn’t owe them another contract, one more title run, one more triple double or one more chalk toss. He played for Cleveland for 7 long years. He has more 40 point games than all other Cavs players in team history, combined. Same goes for 50 point games. His contract was up, why should he put other peoples opinions and priorities above his own? Only LeBron knows what’s best for LeBron. Bill Cosby said it best: “I dont know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everyone”. That being said, the manner in which LeBron went about his ‘decision’ was very disrespectful. It seemed that every other NBA mega star did just fine announcing their decision of free agency without a hour long special on ESPN. If you think about it, LeBron called a nation wide meeting to break the news to Cleveland. You were watching, so was I. He wanted it that way.
I want so bad to like LeBron. I want to feel good about the guy who just made me hop up off the couch and rip at my roommates shirts with excitement because of what I just saw him do in traffic.


"...You probably think this song is about you"

The fact is, I can’t keep ignoring my conscience. If I’m honest with myself, I don’t like the fact he throws chalk in the air before games and non-verbally saying, ‘look at me’. We see you. Let us call you ‘The Chosen One’ without getting it tattooed in large letters across your back. Let us be the ‘witness’ to your greatness without getting the word ‘witness’ tattooed on your leg (Think about that, dude got a NIKE slogan inked on him). Tell us where you’re going to play next year instead of announcing a week in advance that you have scheduled an announcement. (Announcing you have an announcement?) If you look at one of these examples by itself, its not that bad. But when you add all these pieces of the puzzle together it begins to create a picture that I don’t care much to look at.
The Game itself is probably the least intriguing component of the whole story.  I may have one quarter in me before I turn the channel to another NBA game, a college game, or maybe ‘The Office’? It seems the story that is staying under the radar is the San Antonio Spurs, who before last night had rattled off 10 in a row. How are these guys still this good? Tim Duncan must be proud somewhere. Wait, what’s that? Duncan still plays for the Spurs? He had a triple-double 2 games ago? This guy must receive an IV needle full of finely-ground Wheaties for every meal because I could have swore this guy has been in the league for roughly 26 years. The Spurs are as fun to write about as they are to watch. Even though their games are as bland as say, Al Gore’s humor, the team from San Antonio Texas continues to play fundamental, team basketball, which almost always equals wins (Take notes Miami). Even though they dropped a game last night to the Little Sisters of the Poor Clippers, the Spurs are playing well, and if healthy will cause fits in the postseason.

Notes and Shoutouts:  I was searching Google Images for pictures of ‘sport fights’ to match the Andre Johnson/Cortland Finnegan story and stumbled across this picture.  These are Japanese professional wrestlers who have taken it to another level.  Neon Light Bulb matches (Yes, you read that right).  These guys in underwear slam thin glass all over themselves, and I think it’s awesome.  The images are too good to not post.   If we can’t make this happen on American television,  someone get me a one way ticket to the Land of The Rising Sun.


28 Responses to The ‘Prodigal Son’ Returns

  1. Rocco DiJohn says:

    WOW! This Message Board is as quite as those fans in Cleveland last night! LOL!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW LeBron took a huge Cavalier on the fans last night and didn’t even flush the Cleveland!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where’s Joe Harris??? Come out come out wherever you are!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Who isn’t Ready for the Game!!?!?!?!

  5. Rocco DiJohn says:


    Lebron isn’t perfect and cleary not the person Kobe is. But the Hate has gone to far and people are picking at every little thing he has done. As for the list of 14?? Theres highschool and college Basketball and Football players that are Loved from there town or city that get Basketballs or sayings on there bodys. Wings or Jersey #’s. It’s a much smaller scale but its the same thing. Ever Since his been 12 years old hes been hyped up to be the best player ever. He was on the front of SI when he was 16 years old!!!! Chosen 1? I think so… He had his Highschool games on ESPN!!! We as fans gave it to him we now can’t take it away because he left town.
    WITNESS? Nike made this up! Made T-Shirts of it. Made commericals of it. He can’t get it on his leg? Why? We were all witness of the greatest basketball “athlete” to ever come out of highschool. Have you ever had a nickname your friends called you and you like? You tell them to call you that? So he put it on his leg. Don’t take it away now. You loved it before b/c it was true.

    He can’t where is MVP T-shirt? What is the guy not aloud to sign his name on a girls breast? Or where his own clothing? What can Jordan never where his Sneakers? Boots? Belts? Jackets? Either? This is cleary nit picking and you didn’t hate on it then. (When he won his 2nd stright MVP)

    The guy can’t walk off the court after the magic upset them?? UPSET them! They were the best team from start to finish and suppose to go to the finals. If he was happy or smiling after he would have gotten hated on for during that too!!! (Derek Anderson) Kobe has walked off the court thrown his jersey from out of under his shorts? Does anyone remember when the spurs beat them in 2003? 2nd round of the playoffs? Well there you go. The hate has gone to far.

    Lebron has done a lot for his family. Who puts there boys on more than Lebron has? Gotten them in commericals? Gotten them jobs? Made a Movie about them! Just so everyone knows Lebron made them get there Degree in college before they became his agent! His crack head mother didn’t do shit for him when he was going up but make him leave schools and leave him home alone for days at a time! and he still is right by her giving her whatever she wants! Lebron could have easily left his Highschool girl but decided to give her 2 kids! (with him) and a house to live in, all the money she wants. She was there when he was young and he didn’t get rid of her now. Pregame Dance? How many teams and players do there own pregame dance or ritual???? Everyone! How many get shown? Not many b/c it’s not Lebron. So you know what he does? He puts on his TEAM! Doesn’t pull a John Wall! or a Paul priece. He had his BOYS! In every last one of those pregame dances or “photoshoots”! Who else does this? He does spoil his family! Its the truth man.

    What guy in the NBA can sit down at the press conference and just be himself and talk about the game and what was going on better than lebron? NO one in the league his better at this than him. He is himself (which kobe is not) and just acts like another 25 year old guy having a great time. I have never seen anyone handle there press conferences better than lebron.

    KING JAMES? YES! He made the owner of the Cavs Billions of dollars FACT! He made the city of cleveland Millions of dollars! FACT! Why isn’t he the king? Cleveland had nothing. Browns? Indians? Cavs before Lebron? He made B.Edwards get traded days after he got into a fight with one of his friends. This title was Given! to Lebron and he earned it when he was there. He didn’t give this name to himself. He made the city millions and made the city go crazy at games. You think he told the crowd to do the powder? No thats something they loved and they did with him. So many NBA players do that but none of the fans go along with it because there not Loved or were Loved like Lebron was in cleveland. Cleveland got to fuck a pornstar for the last 7 years and now their stuck with a dirty red headed freckles girl (Varejeo) and tiny flated chested twins ( Williams, Gibson) who can still stroke it actully, HA! of course there still going to be upset but the hate as gone to far, The hate should stick to Cleveland and Cleveland only. Us as fans build Lebron up to be the person he is and he always played up to that level. They guy left Stats and Money behind (Cavs) to try and Win a RING! You guys are the same people that hate the yankees for giving out money and the same people that hate on atheles for taking the money and runnning. But Lebron went for a RING and you guys still hate. Everyone hop on Clevelands bangwagon and go ahead and hate because its a city againts 1 man!

    LB23!! Holla!!!

    • Evan Lane says:

      Rocco, nicely written comment. I agree that the extent of Cleveland’s hate is too much. He owes them nothing. And he did always live up to the “lebron James” hype. He definitely did boost the economy of their city billions of dollars in 7 years. When push comes to shove they should give him a standing ovation for what he gave them. Even David Lee got that at the Garden.

      As far as he a Kobe goes Kobe does have his own own track record of immaturity and childishness. But Kobe reacts to failure by working harder and focusing more. Lebron hasn’t; at least as of yet. It’s real early in the season and its still early in Lebron’s career. Maybe tonight he will make a statement. Maybe he will turn the corner and get back to doing what he was put on this planet to do. But as it stands at the moment he has allowed himself to become distracted to become discouraged. I look at his face during some of the games and he looks like he is a complete loss and doesn’t know what he should do. Now I know he didn’t appoint himself “The Chosen One”. But putting it on his body surely suggests he believes he is indeed The Chosen One. Lebron’s actions over the last few months have not been one of divine rule. Could you imagine a roman emperor looking at the ground in despair during a battle when his troops are looking to him to lead? Basketball fans are looking to their general for orders in the middle of the battle and he is in despair and seems to be feeling sorry for himself. My only gripe with Lebron is that right now is the turning point of his career. He NEEDS to play the best basketball of his life right now and lead this team to the promise land…..and isn’t

    • Anonymous says:


    • Joe Harris says:

      WO WO WO..first of all, lets not glorify any NBA player who plays well againts Cleveland, it was one game. Lebron is a top ten player in the NBA easily, he is the best athlete in the NBA. But lets leave it at that for now..As I sat in Cleveland last night two main things I picked up on LBJ were A) he is a soft hearted person (unlike unconscious killers like Jordan, Bryant, and ANthony, Durant etc.) and two the guy has no basketball IQ. Having said that his talent is without a doubt one of a kind. He is massive, can run fast, jump, and move quickly. However, Lebron James will never win an NBA championship. Unfortunately he has no heart, plays with no passion, and is now in a position where he is sharing power instead of filling his full potential. I am on my way to UTAH vs Dallas tonight. Should be a good game , I am quite upset I will not be at Siena UAlbany tomorrow to see THe big guy RY Rossiter give UAlbany 43 and 20. None the less, some comments on this board continue to come at me, and the best thing I can say is just like King James, I have made you shut up (I correctly predicted the heat coaching debacle two days before it broke) and as far as the anonymous person hiding behind their allias who asked where I am, I am on this damn blog man! I am right here! you want some? COmmme type some!! I am right here and aint going nowhere, i don’t hide behind no aliases man! you want some , come way in, you want some , come type some !TIl next time – you know the routine (weigh in)- JH

      • JB says:

        Joe I agree with a lot of what you say. I think he is one of the top players in the NBA and, with his athletic prowess, has a huge advantage over 99% of the league. But he does have his flaws, mainly his post game and ball handling. My concern with LBJ is what will he do when he hits his 30s? He has the same style of play he had since he first entered the NBA. Kobe Bryant has ever so masterfully crafted his game according to what his body would allow, will LeBron be able to do the same? Or the better question as Evan Lane pointed out, will he have the desire to do so? He’ll have to step up his handling skills and work on a post game. Athleticism will fail him and he will have to have really improved his skill-set to be at the top. Only time will tell.

  6. BBALL GODS says:

    Kobe: Turns down movie roles to work on his post game with Olajuwon in the summer
    Lebron: Works on his movie productions, leaving his post game similar looking to a fish out of water

    Kobe: Polishes his 5 rings at night
    LeBron: Buys raffle tickets for Artest’s ring online at night

    Kobe: Focused, concentrated and looking like a killer
    LeBron: Dancing, shooting ‘photos’ and looking like a clown

    For the second year in a row (drumroll)…

  7. Evan Lane says:

    It’s hard not to have mixed feelings on this topic. In the last 7 seasons Lebron has led a charge in the NBA that had most people believing he had few weaknesses and was on pace to permanently change the game. The fact that he seemed to always play hard on both sides of the ball combined with unparalleled physical attributes had the whole basketball world waiting to see what king of ungodly accomplishments he would achieve. I mean the guy basically beat the detroit pistons in the eastern conference finals single handedly. In that last few years i have had many teammates held back from physically fighting one another debating who was better: Kobe or Lebron?

    First let me say that I still hope the best for Lebron. But I think that Bye raises great points listing all of the ridiculously vain things he has done. Particularly the self endorsing tattoos and leaving games early. I mean thats out of the Isaiah Thomas’ playbook which we know sucks. I think that the events between June and now have answered the question about Lebron vs Kobe. In my mind the key difference is this: Remember when Kobe was on trial for rape? And no one talked about how good of a basketball player he was but everyone talked about how evil he was. That Trial was during the playoffs and i remember a whole spring where he would go from court in the day to the games in evening and drop 40. He had some of his best playoff performances in the face of that adversity. It made him look inside to himself and transcend the things that may have held him back. He never talked about it or made excuses, he just went and did what he was born to do. Now Lebron has found himself in a similar situation where he has been made into a villain, whether deserved or not. Instead of a responding with his body and his game, he has responded with a series of actions that lead away from the focus, desire, passion, determination, and talent we all previously loved him for. That is the difference. At the level the best players in the world play at, these are the things that separate them. These are the differences between underachievers like Tracy Mcgrady, Vince Carter, Ricky Davis, Stephon Marbury, and legends like Kobe Bryant, Bill Russel, Reggie Miller, and Michael Jordan. Because what can Kobe do that Vince can’t? He can’t jump higher or run faster or bench more. But he practices harder, plays harder, leads harder, and understands his situation more clearly. Thats it! Focus and Determination.

    Time will tell which group of players Lebron will find his name in. I hope it is in the greater group of names. He is in a situation to do something never done before. But he better get to it because with the kind of talent in the NBA today, he could find him self on the outside very quickly. If that happens he will never be forgiven for not taking advantage of talents no one has ever had.

    • Anonymous says:

      very good comment, well thought out. i forgot about Kobe during his trial, damn the guy was lights out after he was in court that same day! he didn’t make commercials asking ‘what should i do’, he said fuck that i know what i should do – kill these cats on the court!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      to Evan Lane: If LEbron doesnt pan out it would be very similar to your career at that D2 in Albany. LBJ rules!!

      • Nigga Please says:

        If your gonna call someone out like that have the balls to put your name down. Scurred?

      • Anonymous says:

        No its just funny when a nobody trys to knock a somebody. Roman emperor references practically had me in tears!

      • The DR. says:

        Why is it funny when someone tries to do that? How do you think people become “somebodys”? And who are you to judge? Its called an educated opinion, and you’re sorely lacking on the educated part with “LBJ rules”!!

      • JB says:

        A ‘nobody’? Are you still in high school with that? Lane gave a pretty valid description of LeBron’s persona, it was pretty thorough and sounded well thought out.

      • Evan Lane says:

        Anonymous. Good name for someone with nothing of his own to speak of. I get paid to play basketball. What do you do?

  8. Anonymous says:

    A portion of the proceeds did go to boys and girls club, i believe it was like 3 or 4 million…thats peanuts compared to what the add revenue was for ‘the decision’…its an excuse to do what he did

  9. Rocco DiJohn says:

    This is before he even played an NBA game! He was 18 getting this hype. Now can you understand why he has done the things he did? On that silly incorrect list of 14 statements.

    JB – I never said he “Did it for the Kids” I said the money went to the kids. He did it for himself but atleast something good came out of it. The people of cleveland just need something to hate on because THE King left them.

    • JB says:

      Yes the money did go to Boys and Girls club. Also, you say the list of 14 things is incorrect. What is incorrect on that list? Aside from whoever wrote it thinking that he bumped his coaches on purpose, each of those are things that lebron actually did. I can’t think of a more arrogant athlete on the planet than LeBron James! The Decision may be the worst marketing move ever by an athlete of his public stature.

    • Joe Harris says:

      R Dijohn I believe your wrong and JB has proven it. In the educated world we can all admit to mistakes, do I sense your weaknesses in posting. Are you somebody who cannot admit to a wrongsdoing. Oh boy I could exploit you. I just hope that BYESLINE keeps puting out this poetic blogging so that I can let myself flow and express my thoughts. Im not afraid to make mistakes on here, but clearly you are. BYESLINE, lets have a type off me vs rob dijohn to decide who wins this, weigh in on this if you wouldnt mind, Id love to weigh in againts R Dijohn in an NBA topic, clearly JB and many others have sensed his weakness, im willing to not just sense it but exploit it. Its lunchtime, should you eat first or weigh in and then eat. JH

  10. Common Sense says:

    How can someone like this ‘prima donna’ again?

    1) Chosen 1 Tattoo on back
    2) Witness tattoo on leg
    3) Wore a Check my $tats shirt
    4) Wore a LBJ 4 MVP shirt – yes his own MVP campaign
    5) Walk off of court with 15 sec still on clock at end of a game (vs Hawks in 2006)
    6) Don’t shake hands with Magic
    7) “I spoil you all with my play”
    8) “I spoil my family with what I do”
    9) Dozens of 3rd person references
    10) The Decision
    11) “not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7…”
    12) “44 min is too much, coach spo knows that”
    13) Twice bumped his coach (if you think it was accidental, child please!)
    14) “I got coach spo’s back on whatever the case may be, this is who we have”

  11. Rocco DiJohn says:

    BYESLINE- Great work! Williams and Verajao stealing bread! LOL Watch out for Verajao giving lebron a hard foul tonight or a cheap shot for the Cavs fan! Hes a fan favorite there.

    I don’t think it was wrong for Lebron to make an announcement on TV. He would have been doing an interview on TV that night or the next day anyways. Who knows it would have blown up like this? You see highschool Football players do it on TV every year. ESPN has there own DAY for the Top highschool players to do it actully!!! The money went to the KIDS! That was gone unnoticed! Good Luck Lebron I hope you go for 50 tonight! (fantasy)

    Is there any chance me and Harris could have a Neon Light Bulb match someday??? LOL

    • JB says:

      Come on Roc, you can’t REALLY believe he did it for the kids!!!

      Also, there is a whole day in high school sports where kids from high school sign with the college they’ll go to. LeBron went out of his way to have his own “signing day”, complete with one full hour of coverage for a 10 second statement (BTW shame on ESPN just as much as LeBron for airing that garbage… but like Zach said, I WATCHED!… just like a car wreck).

      You sign a new deal? Do it KD style, a simple tweet thanking God, your family, ownership and the fans. Classy and humble. I know LeBrick is your boy, but try to see the light brother! lol

    • Joe Harris says:

      bad post Harris 1 Robby Dijohn 0

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