‘The Fizzle’



The Big 3 Pep Rally

I’ve sprained both ankles from jumping off of the Miami Heat bandwagon.  In reality, my mental state is the most bruised because it was me who was on Rodger Wyland’s ‘Big Board Sports’ radio show (Fox Sports 980am) predicting that the Heat would win 65 games.  Doubt has crept into the mind of the Heat, which in turn creates panic.  It seems one week the ‘Big 3’ are talking about hanging a bunch of banners, the next week they’re dropping back to back games to Memphis and Indiana.  So why are the Heat losing?  A) Poor offense?  B) Lazy defense?  C) Lack of focus and overall intensity?  D) All of the above? If someone had a gun to the head of Wade, Bosh, and LeBron and they had to win a game, don’t you think that they could?  The statement seems so basic and elementary, but how in the world could a team with this much PROVEN talent (Not Dallas Cowboy speculated talent) be losing this much?  If that said gun was pointed at the heads of the Miami Heat and they had to win, who wouldn’t be boxing out every single possession?  Who wouldn’t be trying to get the best available shot?  Who wouldn’t be giving it all they had on defense?  Who wouldn’t be playing each possession like it was their last?  The Miami Heat neglect nearly all of these categories on a regular basis.  The point is, players with the mental makeup of  champions don’t need a gun to their head.   Champions win games because they do all the little things.  It is becoming more apparent as the days go by that this Heat team lacks a mental toughness that is paramount throughout the regular season, let alone in June. 

On Monday, ESPN’s NBA analyst Chris Broussard (seen left) reported that several anonymous sources from the Heat have already begun to leak statements about their disapproval of Heat Coach Erik Spoelstra.  C’mon man.  For real?  Were less than 20 games into the season! LOL.  The source is quoted that Spoelstra doesn’t let them “be themselves”.  Also, apparently Coach Spoelstra came at LeBron verbally in a shoot around because LBJ is never serious.  Could you imagine Kobe Bryant being so lackadaisical in a shoot around that Phil Jackson had to call him out in front of his teammates?  I really can’t.  LeBron was asked about this story and his responses are, well, questionable.  “…I have coach Spo’s back or whatever the case may be.  This is who we have.”  This is who we have?  What a classic back-handed compliment.  The other night in a Heat loss to Dallas, Coach Spoelstra called a timeout when Dallas was going on a run.  As LeBron was walking to the bench with a head of steam, the Coach and LeBron nailed shoulders like two rivals in a high school hallway.  Once again, LeBron coming up big with the response:  “Incidental contact I guess.”  You guess?  This guy doesn’t seem to sure about anything these days.  I’m sure LeBron thought the big 3 in Miami would be about 500 times better than Cleveland, instead they’re struggling to stay above .500 in the win/loss column.  They asked DWade if coach Spoelstra was ‘his guy’ and Wade responded:  “I’m not saying coach Spoelstra is my guy, hes my coach.”  (Could someone wipe the tire marks off the back of Spoelstra because he was just thrown under the bus!) I could have swore that last season Spoelstra was your guy.  What changed?  Either way, Miami better get it together sooner than later.  The big 3 now stands for 3rd place in the Southeastern conference.  I’m not ready to write off Miami entirely, but this much I know for sure:  Throwing in your coach will not help you win games.  Pointing fingers wont help your interior defense.  And having stand around ‘chill sessions’ on offense will never bring a championship to South Beach.  All the dry-ice smoke, pep rallies, and ‘decision’ interviews are over.  It’s time to man up and win basketball games.  In LeBron’s latest commercial he continually asks: “What should I do?”  Lets start with being the competitor that we all hoped you would be.

Notes and Shoutouts:  The University of Alabama public address announcer was fired yesterday for his choice of music this past weekend when the Crimson Tide played Auburn.  Auburn’s controversial quarterback Cam Newton seemed to be the butt of the announcers joke.  The announcer chose to play ‘Take the money and run’ and ‘Son of a preacher man’ in warmups.  Newton allegedly was part of a plan to receive money to play for Auburn.  His father, supposedly the one pulling the strings just happens to be a preacher as well.  What a pair on this announcer.  I love it.  What happened to a home field advantage?  If I go to a stadium and it’s against the rules to hear the Steve Miller Band, I want no part of it. 


13 Responses to ‘The Fizzle’

  1. JB says:

    Come on Rocco, defend your boy LeBronze!

    • Rocco DiJohn says:

      Alright, this is a clear case of winning fixs everything. Last season Lebron called out Mike Brown (who actully posted on the blog today) for not playing Big Z in a game, also some small minor stuff. Did anyone ever bring that up? No! Because they were winning. They had the best record in the NBA. You think coach Spo would really get on lebron for fooling around in a walk threw if they were waxing teams by 20 like they did last night? Like they should be doing. Don’t get me wrong Lebron is cleary in the wrong here for calling out his coach in the post game interview. How he answered his comments was just terrible! For the 25 year old Lebron taking stuff serious has been an issue people have hated on him for the past couple of years, I guess being around kobe didn’t help him on the USA team a couple of years ago. As 1 practice during warm ups lebron was making fun of Coach K in a joking way. Like I said winning fixs everything tho… I’m not a Heat fan but know that Lebron has changed his game more than anyone on that team. Does anyone remember when the heat were winning?? Preseason! Wade was hurt and Lebron was killing. Hes the best player in the game and holding back his talents for wade and Bosh. Hes still putting up great numbers and hes not even comfortable in the offense.

      Does anyone remember the 2004 Lakers? Shaq. Kobe. Malone, Payton? Terrible regular season turned it on very very late in the second half of the season to move up into the #2 seed. The spurs were cleary the best team in the league (MVP Time Duncan) Do you think Coach Pop wanted to play the lakers? Or anyone wanted to play the lakers? LA put it together crazy, malone made changes in his game to just play Defense and they went to the Finals. (Lost to Detriot) No one will wanna play the Heat in the playoffs. No matter what there record is or who there coach is! In a 7 game series lets be serious anything can happen.

      LB23! hola!

      • JB says:

        Rocco I think there is a fundamental difference in this team though, that being that LBJ and DWade have almost identical needs to succeed – each must dominate the ball. Cleveland thrived and Miami thrived (when they were good) because each player had the ball most of the time. Which player will wind up the side kick?

        The 2004 Lakers were able to ‘turn it on’ because they had players whose style actually could compliment each other. With Wade and Bron both in their primes, one will have to take a back seat. I don’t see LBJ doing that. They have no point guard and no rebounding (Bosh is a mid range PF), coincidentally those are strengths for Orlando and Boston, whom they will have to go through to get to LA in the finals. Besides those glaring weaknesses in their actual game, Zach has posted numerous pieces of evidence that this team is about to internally combust!

        Now I don’t have league pass, so maybe all of my concerns about this team are wrong…

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        JB- I’m sorry I wasn’t trying to compare the Lakers and Heat as teams. Just saying I wouldn’t wanna play them in a 7 game series. When players really put stats aside. They will also get Mike Miller back in about a month.(There 4th best player) If Bosh could do half the job malone in the playoffs. Specialy on Duncan! like BYESLINE said don’t count out the heat!

        Your 100% correct LBJ and Wade have identical needs to succeed. They have No point and No rebounding. Who knows what there going to do. Maybe they can sign Malone! he looked in shape in his latest skechers commerical (shape ups!) Hahaha

        (1-800-892-2253) This should take care of of your League Pass Needs!

      • JB says:

        HA HA HA I’m going to have to get League Pass just so I can be on Joe’s level, but I think my wife would go crazy with 82 Laker games a year. “Sorry honey but this game against the Timberwolves is a REALLY important must see game!”

        You’re right, Miller will be coming back and he is legit from beyond the arc (I think #1 last year from downtown??). Then again James Jones, another great shooter, is kind of filling in for him now and it’s not really working. Plus Haslem will be back from injury at some point, they’ve looked awful without him (who would have thought that this far into the season he was their most consistent player?). I’m not ready to say they’re done either. We all saw Boston just cruise through everyone in the playoffs last year after limping in. Plus LeBron can always go into “kill” mode and go off for about 20 straight points, which is scary. I honestly hope they fail, but I don’t see how they can’t win at least one or two titles during their contract stretch.

      • Joe Harris says:

        JB if you want league pass you could call that number RDIjohn gave you or you can call that number and set your own price! Offer them what you think it should be and watch. My buddy runs that company and they make a fortune off of people like R. DIjohn who are wiling to pay full price. LEt them know your financial situation and theyl work with you. Do me a favor and come back on the blog sometime and weigh in, let us know how it all works out. TIl next time -JH

      • Rocco DiJohn says:

        Hahaha JB we start talking in depth sports and Harris comes in about the cable!!! HAHA Classic!

      • JB says:

        Thanks for the advice Joe. Why don’t you weigh in on the Heat? Didn’t you say Lebron is one of the most overrated players of all time? This is the perfect post to tell us why! I’m anxious to hear… Till next time.

  2. Coach Spo says:

    I want Derek Anderson as my small forward not Lebron

  3. mike brown says:

    thanks lebron for costing me my job.i was onces a nba coach..now im coaching my sons highschool games. looks like ur gonna cost another man job as well. lebron they should call you”CoachKiller”

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